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Who is Ms. Cary?
Mrs. Constance Cary Harrison (1843-1920)
Constance Cary was born into an aristocratic family on Vaucluse Plantation in Virginia on April 25th, 1843. She lived in Richmond, Virginia during the American Civil War and moved in the same set as Varina Davis, Mary Boykin Chesnut, and Virginia Clay-Clopton.
(Personal Battleflag of Major General Earl Van Dorn. This flag was presented to General Van Dorn by Miss Constance Cary, while he was a division commander in the Army of Northern Virginia. Although Van Dorn had this flag with him at Pea Ridge,
it is unsure whether he used it here.
The original is in the collection of the Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, VA.
Image by Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr.)
In September, 1861, Constance Cary and her cousins, Hetty Cary and Jennie Cary, sewed the first examples of the Confederate Battle Flag following a design created by William Porcher Miles and modified by General Joseph E. Johnston. She later met Burton Harrison (1838- 1904), who was a private secretary for Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
In 1866 Harrison had settled in New York City. After they were married in 1867, she joined him there. He held various public offices and she wrote and was active in the city’s social scene. Among her other contributions to Americana, Constance Cary Harrison persuaded her friend Emma Lazarus to donate a poem to the fundraising effort to pay for a pedestal for the Statue of Liberty.
Among her more than twenty-five published works were the popular
"Recollections Grave and Gay", "Helen of Troy" and "A Russian Honeymoon."
Constance Cary Harrison died in Washington, DC on November 21st, 1920
at the age of 77 and was buried at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Alexandria City, VA.
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