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Rochester, Monroe, NY
Democrat & Chronicle
Tue Jan 1, 1929
Captured by Woman but Mob Takes Him from Her, Put on Pyre Near Highway
    Rome, Miss., Dec. 31 - Charley SHEPHERD, Negro alleged murderer and abductor, was burned on a funeral pyre here tonight.
    After mutilating his body and firing several shots into it, the mob of several hundred men placed the Negro on a pile of logs, threw gasoline over it and set it afire.
    John OSBORNE, Associated Press staff correspondent, the first newspaper man to reach the scene, said the lynching occurred about 8 p.m.
    The Negro, he was informed, admitted he had killed J. D. DUVALL, employee of the state prison farm at Parchman, and abducted his 18-year-old daughter. He took all the blame, absolving two bunkmates who had been linked with the crimes.
                                        LYNCHED NEAR HIGHWAY
    The lynching took place about 25 feet from a public road, and when OSBORNE arrived an hour later the body was still on the pyre. He was told by persons at the scene that it would be left there.
    SHEPHERD, a convict, was seized by a mob near Cleveland today shortly after he had surrendered to a woman planter and she and several men had started to take him to jail.
    A posse of some 2,000 men, aided by National Guard officers, had been searching for the Negro.
    SHEPHERD had been hunted since last Friday morning when Mrs. DUVALL discovered that her husband had been stabbed and beaten to death and her daughter kidnapped. When the young woman stumbled into a prison camp Saturday morning with a story of mistreatment at SHEPHERD's hands, the number of men seeking him increased and authorities redoubled efforts to find him.
    This morning Miss Laura Mae KEELER received word from SHEPHERD's brother, who is one of her employees, that Charlie was on her plantation and wanted to surrender.
    Miss KEELER went unarmed to the cabin where the convict was hiding and he gave himself up. A few minutes later she and two white men, with Miss KEELER driving, started out to take him to some safe place to avoid any violence.
    "We got in a car and started for Parchman," she said, "but met such a mob that we tried to make for Cleveland to turn him over to the sheriff, but a mile and a half from Cleveland they took him away from us."
     The lynching occurred about midway between here and Camp 11 of the prison farm. OSBORNE said there were about 40 persons left at the scene when he arrived. Rain had been falling all afternoon but had ceased at the time of the burning.
    Estimates of the number in the mob ranged up to 2,500. Reports were that the men went quietly about their grim task.
    The mob kept him captive, riding him in a car for many miles until the lynching. He confessed to the crimes early it was said but his captors sought to get a statement from him implicating the other two negroes. He maintained to the last they were not implicated.
    Miss KEELER, captor of a man whom hundreds sought, is only five feet tall.
     Madison, Wis., Dec. 31 - Juneau County's boy sheriff, Lyall T. WRIGHT, found himself out of a job today after Gov. Fred ZIMMERMAN had heard charges that he attempted to bribe two Federal prohibition officers.
    WRIGHT, who is 27, is the third sheriff removed by the Governor this year. WRIGHT was accused of having offered $500 to prohibition agents to obtain the transfer to the state courts of charges against men captured in a raid on a still near Kilbourne.
    WRIGHT was an unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for Congressman from the Seventh District in the primary election in September.
At Preliminary Hearing, Justice Orders Case Taken Before Grand Jury
    Canton, Ohio, Dec. 31 - The Stark County Grand Jury next Monday will be called to consider the case of Wilbur O. HELDMAN, alleged "moral murderer" of his pretty 21-year-old wife Margaret.
    HELDMAN was bound over to the Grand Jury without bond today by Justice of the Peace Donald SMYTH after a preliminary hearing. The prosecutor read the 27-year-old Loraine, Ohio, Furnace salesman's story of how his wife took her own life after confessing to him that she killed Vernard E. FEARN, Canton coal dealer.
    HELDMAN brought his wife, dying from a bullet wound in her heart, to Sheriff Ed GIBSON the night of Dec. 13. She said she shot herself when they had reached the outskirts of Canton after driving from their home at Lorain. HELDMAN said he was going to turn her over to the Canton authorities after he had learned that she was the young woman who a week previously had called FEARN to the front of his home south of here and pumped six bullets from an automatic pistol into his body because the coal dealer had made life like a "hell on earth" for her.
    Coroner T. C. McQUATE, who filed the murder charge against HELDMAN on the contention that he was "morally responsible" for his wife's death, was the first witness at todays hearing. He told of his autopsy on the body of Mrs. HELDMAN here and a second examination, made at the request of her relatives, after her body had been taken to her former home at Dubois, Pa., for burial.
    Columbus, O., Dec. 31 - Fighting for his life in much the same manner as another baby at Cincinnati, Donald HETTICH, 19-months-old Perry county boy, was in Grant hospital here tonight awaiting an operation for the removal of a peanut from his lungs.
    The child, who is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert HETTICH of Corning, O., has been harboring the peanut in one of his lungs since Nov. 26. Influenza and pneumonia developed. The boy was brought here tonight to combat them, and it was then that the presence of the peanut was discovered.
    The case is a close parallel to that of Frank BROOKS, an 18-months-old baby from Asco, West Virginia, who lives in a Cincinnati hospital with a toy motorcycle in his throat and pneumonia developing.
    Bath, Dec. 31 - The Men's Club of St. Thomas Episcopal Church plans a dinner in the parish house Wednesday evening, Jan. 9. All men of the village will be invited. John COMOSH, a business man of Corning has accepted an invitation to be the speaker on this occasion. Mr. COMOSH in his youth was membered in the professional staff of the P. T. Barnum Circus and with that aggregation, for several years toured the United States and Canada, South America and Europe. His address based on observations and reminiscences in professional career will be on the subject. "A Day with the Circus."
    Albion, Dec. 31 - George Franklin CRAWFORD, 11, of Detroit, was saved from drowning in the Barge Canal by quick action of two local men today.
    The youngster visiting cousins at the DELANEY home on Liberty Street was on a tour of inspection and adventure with a couple of young playmates when he took his unpremeditated plunge from the cement wall bank on the towpath just east of the Main Street bridge .
    Philip FUMERAL, local shoe repair man, saw him splashing and called Casimir MAJEWSKI, a canal employee at the bridge. They ran to the spot but were unable to reach the boy because of the sheer three-foot face of the canal bank and the lad unable to catch hold of any projections was sinking for the third time when FUMERAL showed his resourcefulness by taking off his overcoat, which barely compassed the span to the drowning clasp of young CRAWFORD. He was taken to the home of his relatives.
    The incident again raises discussion as to the necessity of having a boat or small float moored conveniently along the canal bank for emergencies. The sheer concrete walls throughout this village would undoubtedly cause trouble to even the hardiest athlete trying to leave the water and if today either of the rescuers had jumped after the boy, it is doubtful that they would have survived with no rope or other support convenient.
Little Hope for Life After Crash; Waterloo Man Has Concussion of Brain
     Batavia, Dec. 31 - Sisters of Mercy at St. Jerome's Hospital to-day noted steady and decided improvement in the condition of Frances MISITI, 7, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MISITI, 15 Pleasant Street, Le Roy, for whom little hope was held after she was struck down Thursday night at Main and Bank Streets, Le Roy, by an unidentified hit-run driver.
     After the accident the child was rushed to the hospital, suffering from fractured skull, lacerations of the brain and bruises.
Waterloo, Dec. 31 - William VANGELDER, R. F. D. 5, Waterloo, was improving today at the Seneca Falls Hospital. VanGELDER, an X-ray picture disclosed, has concussion of the brain. He was injured early Sunday in an automobile accident on the Waterloo-Geneva road two miles west of this village.
    VanGELDER was injured when he and his two brothers, driving east, crashed into a standing automobile owned and driven by Charles WHITE, 783 Harrison Street, Syracuse. WHITE was slightly cut about the face while his companion, Miss Iva MAYKIAHS of Chittenango, sustained minor injuries.
    Geneva, Dec. 31 - William R. CARPENTER, Exchange Street printer secured a set of 1929 automobile plates today at a cost of $15 and took them to his place of business where a man immediately started changing the plates. After the first one was on and in less than fifteen minutes of the time he secured the plates, it was found that the other one was missing.
    A dollar an hour for motor plates is too much for the printing business. CARPENTER told the issuing clerk as he made arrangements for another complete set. At the same time he expressed the hope that the odd plate might do the party picking it up, a lot of good.
    Batavia, Dec. 31 - With the end of the 1929 automobile license plates not yet in sight, it looks as if some of the would-be late shoppers at the Genesee County Automobile Bureau office were destined not to drive tomorrow.
    The parade of the late shoppers started before 8 o'clock this morning, and continued until closing time, and after, this afternoon. County Clerk George MacDONALD estimated tonight his force of helpers, including a state trooper, had issued more than 1,000 pairs of plates today, but was unable to estimate the total issued, up to tonight.
Penn Yan, Dec. 31 - The final day of the license plate rush began at the Yates County clerk's office this morning when motorists were lined up long before the hour of opening. A line which took up all available space in the clerk's office, continued throughout the day and it was necessary for some persons to be disappointed in their quest for the orange and black plate, when the office closed tonight.
    County Clerk EMERSON was attempting to handle the peak of the rush with extra help engaged. The plates have been available since Nov. 19, but only 300 were sold before the final weeks's rush.
    Lockport, Dec. 31 - Mayor Frank J. MOYER, Jr. today announced the reappointment of all members of his City Hall staff for another year.
     Corporation Counsel George W. RILEY was reappointed as were City Clerk Frederick D. McLEAN and Deputy City Clerk Thomas F. FITZSIMMONS. The salary of the corporation counsel is $2,500 a year; the city clerk and deputy clerk get $2,800 and $2,400, respectively.
    Others on the City Hall staff, all reappointed for one year, with the salaries they receive follow: City engineer and building inspector, Ralph B. SMITH, $3,000; assistant city engineer, Albert S. WARD, $2,00; sealer of weights and measures, Bernard N. SMITH, expenses only; city marshall, Horatio H. WOODS, $500 and fees; superintendent of streets, Henry G. YATES, $2,200; assistant superintendent of streets, Joseph C. BETSCH, $1,800, city physician, Dr. T. E. O'BRIEN, $2,400 and inspector of lamps and gas, Duncan D. DURFY, $600.
    Lockport, Dec. 31 - New Year's presents in salary increases for a large number of county employees were voted by the Board of Supervisors as one of its final acts at the closing session of the year.
    The salary of County Superintendent of Poor Charles W. WALKER was boosted from $2,400 to $3,000, and that of County Clerk Jesse READ from $3,400 to $3,600. First Deputy T. Frank WALKER of this city received an increase from $2,400 to $2,600 and Second Deputy William G. MESSLER of Niagara Falls from $2,00 to $2,100. Raises of approximately $100 a year were given other employees of the county clerk's office and to deputy sheriffs.
    In the district attorney's office, First Assistant Harry L. GILRIE received an increase from $2,200 to $2,300; second assistant Edmund O'BRIEN, $1,800 to $1,900; stenographer and clerk, W. C. LAKE, $2,000 to $2,100.
    The salary of Edwin J. EMERT, deputy county treasurer, was raised from $2,484 to $2,600 and Deputy Election Commissioner John PROAST received an increase from $1,800 to $1,900 a year. All the raises are effective Jan. 1.
Rochesterians Remembered In Instrument of Late Penn Yan Woman
    Penn Yan, Dec. 31 - The will of Sarah A. EGLESTON, late of Penn Yan, was admitted to probate in Yates County Surrogate Court with Surrogate Gilbert H. BAKER presiding. More than a dozen people are named to receive portions of the estate which exceeds $1,000 in real estate and $1,000 in personal property.
    After providing for the payment of all debts, the will gave to Mrs. Blencoe WALRATH of Penn Yan, the sum of $100, the house and lot, occupied by Alvin MILLS, at 206 Lake Street and the household effects in the residence at 100 Liberty Street, on the condition that Mrs. WALRATH take care of the deceased during the term of the latter's natural life. This condition, it was adjudged, had been fulfilled.
    The house and lot, at 100 Liberty Street, the late residence, is divided equally between Iva Lamont HAUSE, of Rochester and Floyd LAMONT, of Penn Yan. Her niece, Coral F. BARNES, of Casper, Wyoming, receives an undivided half interest in the house at 210 Lake Street and the sum of $3,000; Nelson HAUSE, of Rochester receives $500; Ella May BARNES, of Casper Wyoming receives $500; the rest of the property going in shares of $100 each to Louise Bellis BURT, of Penn Yan; Ella Bellis BECKER, Penn Yan; Lee LAMONT, Lakewood, Ohio; Delos BELLIS, Crosby; Crosby LAMONT, Penn Yan; Sarah G. NELSON, Santa Anna, Cal.; Sarah J. EDWARDS, Casper, Wyoming; Frances E. TAYLOR, Penn Yan, and Ella E. MORSE, of Penn Yan.
    Leon CARR, son of the late Samuel CARR of Penn Yan filed application for the right of administrator in the estate which is said not to exceed $1,300.
    Letters of administration on the estate of Charles E. FIRES, late of Italy were issued to Myrtle I. FIRES, as administratrix of the estate which amounts to $1,000 in personal property.
    East Rochester, Dec. 31 - The Senior class of East Rochester High School has elected the following officers: President, James LYON; vice-president, Francis MILLIGAN; business manager, Harold ANDREWS; secretary, Una LUDWIG; treasurer, Mary FARWELL; class adviser, Mr. FRANKLIN.
Raymond T. MASTON, Jr., 44 Holmes Street, and Alice Beatrice PECK, Onderson, Ind.
Edward F. CUNNINGHAM, New York, and Doris GRAHAM, 36 Westmoreland Drive.
Earl REID, 15 Nassau Street, and Flora A WEAVER, 15 Nassau Street.
George SARKIS, 29 Holland Street, and Rose NASSAR, 86 Hudson Avenue.
Francis L. DENTINGER, 239 Roycroft Drive, and Grace E. MARTIN, 46 Jackson Street.
Joseph W. CARGES, 498 Emerson Street, and Evelena CASKEY, 95 Walbar Street.
Harry D. SHAY, Olean, and Julia G. OSTERMANN, 100 Jersey Street.
Stanley JASKOT, 24 Barons Street, and Gabriel KRAMARCZYK, 36 Merrimac Street.
John MELINO, 25 Renwood Street, and Marie BUTTADAME, 36 Hebard Street.
Sam MADDELENA, 314 Portland Avenue, and Rose Comella, 24 Renwood Street.
Clayton W. BAETZEL, 128 Plymouth Avenue South, and Esther STALKER, 650 Highland Avenue.
James B. McGURN, New York, and J. Evelyn EDGAR, 3 Regent Street.
George J. TORELL, 1357 Culver Road, and Edna L. TELLER, 328 Melville Street.
Robert L. HAY, 70 Troup Street and Iris E. LEONARD, 149 Plymouth Avenue South.
Lester FROST, 7 1/2 King Street, and Dorothy J. VALKER, 29 Bond Street.
Marvin BALABAN, 7 Rhine Street, and Betty SHUR, 7 Rhine Street.
Edward P. MEADE, 102 Vassar Street, and Betty J. FULLER, Haddon Hall.
Wilfred PEPIN, 111 William Street and Velva LUCIE, 67 Alexander Street.
Leon E. FALLON, 78 Middlesex Road, and Florence M. STEVENS, 78 Middlesex Road.
Clarence W. RAHM, 52 Holbrook Street, and Jacquitina M. FREE, 101 Presgue Street.
Clinton E. De WOLF, Coldwater, and Irene F. SHORT, 82 Chili Avenue.
George T. GRAMLICH, 24 Rustic Avenue, and Elizabeth A. MAXWELL, 201 Dickinson Street.
George E. ENGERT, Victor, and Ida(?) M. GRAHAM, 308 Andrews Street.
Walter F. NIELAN, 70 Beauford Street, and Mary A. La BEAU, 24_ Bronson Avenue.
    Pittsfield, Mass., Dec. 31 - Cristo MARRA, alias James MARRA, of New York and formerly of Rochester, was fined $200 by Judge Charles L. HIBBARD in District Court today on a charge of attempted larceny, in trying to work a short change game in the Liggett store the night before Christmas. On a charge of vagrancy, MARRA was sentenced to the State Reformatory at Concord. The sentence was suspended on condition that the defendant remain out of Massachusetts for two years, the period of his probation.
    Joseph MORTELLARO, alias Joseph LAROSE, of Rochester was fined $200 for attempted larceny in connection with MARRA's case, and was given a suspended sentence to the State Reformatory. The defendants say they expect to pay the fines.
    Firing of two shots, which tore through sidewalls and plastering of the home of Borislow CZERKAS, 110 Dayton Street, early this morning while the family was visiting a next door neighbor, is being investigated by police and detectives.
    CZERKAS told police of the Joseph Avenue Station that he and his family were next door but that lights were lighted in his parlor. Suddenly he heard two reports and hurried home to investigate them, he told police.
    Policemen investigating found two bullets from a .25 calibre automatic pistol in one wall and holes in the wall opposite. The shots were not fired from the sidewalk, but apparently from an angle and from the side of the house police report.
    Injured when the automobile in which they were passengers collided with another in Elmwood Avenue, near the University of Rochester Medical School, two women were take to the Strong Memorial Hospital last night by a passing motorist. They are Mrs. Flora SIPPEL, 40, 524 Caroline Street, fractured left arm, and Mrs. Mary SIPPEL, 38, same address, shock.
    The two were riding with Miss Barbara E. WIES of the Caroline Street address, who was driving west in Elmwood Avenue. The car collided with one driven by Frank J. GOSS, 706 Maple Street, going east on Elmwood Avenue, police report.
    Hornell, Dec. 31 - After months of regular work the Erie Railroad announced today that 75 men will be laid off at once but that the schedule of operations will not be changed. The shops resume activity on Wednesday after a few days vacation.
Has Covered 1,600 Miles in Three Weeks in Search of Lost Memory Victim
    Belief that his wife, Mrs. Irene C. MOHNEY, 23, brown haired and fair complexioned, who has been missing from her home since Nov. 26, is now in Rochester, was expressed last night by Grant L. MOHNEY of 1963 East Eighty-second Street, Cleveland.
    Mrs. MOHNEY disappeared from a theater in Cleveland five weeks ago last night, and her husband has since covered more than 1,600 miles in his search, aided by slight clues and a single letter from a sister. Amnesia is blamed for Mrs. MOHNEY's disappearance.
    Mrs. MOHNEY was seen boarding a Rochester trolley car in Syracuse three weeks ago, her husband said, and has since applied for two positions as a waitress in Rochester, and has been seen once on Monroe Avenue by a restaurant proprietor from whom she sought employment.
    Mr. MOHNEY said that his wife when she left home, wore a black broadcloth coat, with fur collar and cuffs, a gray jacket suit, black slippers, gray overshoes, gray cloth gloves, black velvet hat, white gold wedding ring, a silver ring set with an onyx, and a string of pearls. She was described as five feet, five inches tall, with gray eyes, medium brown bobbed hair and fair complexioned. She had $30 when she left home.
    Mr. MOHNEY, who asked to be notified at the Lincoln Hotel by anyone seeing his wife, said that on two occasions before Mrs. MOHNEY had suffered slight attacks of loss of memory after having taken gas for several teeth extractions, but that never before had she been away, except for a few hours. He gave the opinion that, if she has recovered from this illness, she fears to return because of her long stay from home.
    Today is more than New Year's Day to Mr. and Mrs. David AUGUST of 84 Milburn Street. It also is the fifty-sixth anniversary of their wedding.
    Mr. and Mrs. AUGUST were married on Jan. 1, 1873, by the late Dr. Max LANDSBERG, then rabbi of Temple B'rith Kodesh. The ceremony took place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leopold GARSON, 63 Clinton Avenue North, at that time a residential section.
    For more than 35 years Mr. AUGUST was engaged in the delicatessen business in this city, conducting a store in Main Street East and later in Clinton Avenue South, which was discontinued soon after the World War. Mrs. AUGUST was interested for years in amateur theatricals.
    The couple removed to Buffalo soon after their marriage, and later lived in Cleveland, where Mr. AUGUST conducted a store selling children's clothes. On their return to Rochester, Mr. AUGUST opened his delicatessen shop.
    Both Mr. and Mrs. AUGUST are in excellent health. They have three children, Albert of Fairport, and G. Edgar AUGUST and Miss Edith AUGUST of Rochester, and a grandson.
    All types of public day and evening schools will open tomorrow for the completion of the term which ends Jan. 25. The next holiday is Washington's birthday and the next recess, Easter.
    The Christmas vacation this year has been marked by remarkably mild weather for this climate, but that in itself has been a disappointment for young people for whom Santa left sleds, skates, skis and toboggans. There has been very little snow, and likewise very little ice, and that usually on shallow pools.
Pumping Engine Firm Enjoined from Moving Plant From Rochester
    The Luitwieler Pumping Engine Company of 123 Ames Street, in an order signed yesterday by Supreme Court Justice Marsh N. TAYLOR, was enjoined from moving its plant from Rochester to Fitchburg, Mass.
    L. Fred MYERS, stockholder in the company, plaintiff in the suit, was granted the restraining order. The defendants are the officers and voting trustees of the company. MYERS, representing a group of stockholders, asked for the injunction on the allegation that certain acts of the officers had not been clarified and explained. The list of defendants includes Henry L. MILLER, Mabel W. MILLER, Ernest C. FOWLER, William A. MINOR, and J. F. PERAULT.
    The injunction is temporary pending arguments on a motion to make it permanent. Andrew L. GILMAN is attorney for MYERS, and John D. LYNN represents the defendants.
WYLE To Head Atlanta Home For Children
Superintendent of Recently Closed Institution Here to Leave Next Monday
(photo of ARMAND WYLE)
    Armand WYLE, superintendent of the recently-closed Genesee Home, 1170 Genesee Street, during a quarter of its fifty years of service to under-privileged Jewish children of Western New York, and known as a leader in a number of Rochester civic and welfare activities, has been appointed superintendent of the Hebrew Orphans' Home in Atlanta, Ga., and will leave Rochester to begin his new work on Jan. 7.
    Closing Genesee Home followed section last October by the executive board of the Jewish Orphan Asylum Association of Western New York, by which the home was maintained. The board's decision was to line with the modern trend in child welfare work to place children in private homes instead of in asylums. The home cared for children from Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester. These children have been placed in private homes in the cities from which they had come, the Rochester children being placed and their welfare supervised in their new homes by Mrs. WYLE.
                                                                       Established 40 Years
    The orphanage to which Mr. WYLE is going was established forty years ago and has children from Florida, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, besides Georgia. It subsidizes children in their own homes in addition to caring for those whose home conditions prevent subsidization.
    Mr. WYLE is a former president of the Social Workers' Club, had a leading part in the foundation of the former Dorsey Home for colored children and served as its secretary for a time. He is credited with organization of a children's clearing bureau, which later was taken over by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children's Child Study Department, and he formerly was secretary of the advisory council of that department.
    He is a member of the board of the Jewish Welfare Council, a member of the Rochester Ad Club and at one time edited the Ad Club's weekly publication. The Bumble-Bee, and since has been a frequent contributor to its columns, is a member of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce and a former member of its Public Health Committee, and he is a former director of the Temple Club of Temple B'rith Kodesh.
                                                                    Has Won Recognition
    Mr. WYLE has attained wide-spread recognition for his work in his chosen field. He is retiring as a member of the executive committee of the new York State Conference on Social Work, and for four years he served as a member of that body's children's committee. He is author of articles in a number of periodicals, including the Survey Magazine, the Jewish Charities, now known as the Jewish Social Service Quarterly, and Anglo-Jewish publications in Rochester, Buffalo and Los Angeles.
    Mr. WYLE first came to Rochester in 1915 from New York City to assume the superintendency of the Genesee Home, continuing to 1921, when he resigned that position to take charge of the Jewish Orphan's Home of Southern California in Los Angeles. After successfully conducting a campaign which had as its aim the boarding out of institutional children in private homes, he went to the B'nai B'rith Orphanage, near Erie, Pa., where he remained as superintendent for six months, relinquishing that post at the request of the directors of the Genesee Home who desired him to return to the Rochester institution. He again became superintendent of the Genesee Home in 1924.
    In the last 20 years, Mr. WYLE has served as a volunteer at the Educational Alliance, community center in New York City, as director of social activities of the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society of New York City; as statistician for the Industrial Removal Office of New York City, assisting in the work of placing recently arrived immigrants in less crowded cities than the metropolis; as head worker of the Emanu-El Brotherhood of New York and as superintendent of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum in Newark, N. J. For several years also he was associated in newspaper advertising work for the Munsey newspapers in New York.
                                                                    Mrs. Wyle Well Known
    Mrs. WYLIE also is prominent in community and club work in Rochester. She is president of the Rochester Section, Council of Jewish Women; a member of the board of the Association of Workers for the Blind and chairman of its case committee, and a member of the Women's City Club and of its social service committee, and a member of the committee of the Central Index of the Council of Social Agencies. She also is chairman of the Child Welfare Department of the National Council of Jewish Women.
    Mr. and Mrs. WYLE will be at home to their friends from 3 to 6 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Mr. WYLE will leave for Atlanta by motor the next day, and Mrs. WYLE plans to join him a week later.
    Batavia, Dec. 31 - Eugene KARNAFEL, 18, of 16 Howard Street, is a lucky chap. He fell about six feet into a shaft at the Grange League Federation fertilizer mixing plant in Howard Street late today and escaped uninjured.
    KARNAFEL was rushed to St. Jerome's Hospital after he fell into soft cement which he had been pouring in the shaft from a wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow remained aloft. When he was discharged from the hospital tonight, Sisters of Mercy stated he was "merely scared."
    Double funeral services were conducted yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Immanuel Baptist Church for Charles MUDGE, 75, of 75 Winton Road South, who died Thursday, and for his wife, Mrs. Geralding G. MUDGE, who followed him in death Saturday, both victims of influenza which developed into pneumonia.
    Rev. James James D. MORRISON officiated at the services. Burial was made in Mount Hope Cemetery.
                                                                   ACTIVE CHURCH WORKERS
    Both Mr. and Mrs. MUDGE were active in the work of Immanuel Church. Mr. MUDGE at the time of his death was one of its deacons, and Mrs. MUDGE had been its representative in the Council of Church Woman.
    Mrs. MUDGE was a daughter of Marvin J. GREEN, a pioneer Rochester banker. Mr. MUDGE's father was a Baptist clergyman. The couple had been residents of Rochester for the last twelve years, coming here from Olean. Mr. MUDGE was an organizer and for a number of years was active in the Buchanan Chemical Company of Buchanan, W. Va.
                                                                          MEMBERS OF D. A. R.
    Mrs. MUDGE was a graduate of the National Park Seminary, Washington, D. C., and also attended the Academy of Design in New York City. She was a member of Irondequoit Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution and of the committee on law enforcement of Rochester. Despite her advanced years, she was an alert member of the Friday Study Club, where her considerable knowledge of literature made her a valued adviser. She had an undaunted faith in the youth of today, and was considered a veritable mother to her younger friends.
    Mr. and Mrs. MUDGE leave three daughters, Mrs. C. E. BRETT of Brookline, Mass.; Mrs. Raymond Spencer CARMAN of Elizabeth, N. J., and Mrs. J. Raymond HANNA of this city, and four grandchildren, Mr. MUDGE also leaves a brother, Linus T. MUDGE of Buffalo.
Mrs. Emma GREIG died yesterday at 158 Averill Avenue, aged 47 years. She leaves a son, Wilfred A. GREIG of Rochester, and a brother, Charles DRAGGER of Chicago.
Mrs. Alice C. CROSS died Sunday at Strong Memorial Hospital. She leaves two daughters, Katherine and Mary CROSS, and two brothers, Frank and Jesse CROUCH.
Bernadine Dorothy MEYER, daughter of Albert C. and Elizabeth Oberst MEYER, died yesterday at the Strong Memorial Hospital. She leaves her parents and a brother, Bernard.
Mrs. Mildred F. WALKER, wife of Albert W. WALKER, died yesterday at the family home, 40 Belmont Street, aged 31 years. Besides her husband, she leaves a daughter, Vivian E. WALKER; a son, Albert W. WALKER, Jr.; her parents, George M. and Emma KENNOCK, and three sisters, Mrs. Edwin F. REDFIELD, and the Misses Ethel and Julia KENNOCK, all of Rochester.
Gertrude WATKEYS died yesterday in this city. She leaves four brothers, Luther C. of Los Angeles, Frederick of Oneonta, Frank B. and Charles W. WATKEYS of Rochester, and two sisters, Mrs. Mabel PICKENS of Rochester and Mrs. Marion W. JACKSON of Lexington, Mass.
Williamson, Dec. 31 - Death took two brothers, both prominent in this town, within two days. John PLASSCHE, 60, died Friday and his brother, Abram, 57, died yesterday.
    John PLASSCHE had been a successful farmer for many years and retired from farming a few years ago, removing to the residence on Prospect Street. For the past six years he had been a member of the Town Board of Assessors and acted as chairman of the board. He was active in Republican politics locally and promoted every public activity advanced for the betterment of the community.
    He is survived by his wife; one sister, Mrs. Ernest BOSS of Pultneyville; three brothers, Matthew A. PLASSCHE of East Williamson, Cornelius PLASSCHE of Sodus Funeral services were held at the home today.
    Abram PLASSCHE was a lifelong resident of Williamson and recognized as a successful farmer. Funeral services will be held at the home on Lake Avenue Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Wolcott, Dec. 31 - Ward came yesterday of the death of W. H. DEAN, 65, of Hastings, Neb. He had been in failing health for several months. He was a member of the local lodge of F. and A. M. Burial was made in Hastings.
Wolcott, Dec. 31 - The funeral of Frank CHAPIN, 76, was held from the home of his son, Harlow CHAPIN, in Huron Saturday afternoon. He is survived by two sons, Harlow S., with whom he lived, and Arthur CHAPIN, also of Huron township.
EDMUND B. PARKER   (Parker or Barker???)
Lockport, Dec. 31 - Edmund B. BARKER, 66, for many years foreman for the C. N. Stainthorpe Company, died today at his home, 68 Elm Street. He leaves his wife, two daughters and one son, May and Frank BARKER, of Lockport and Mrs. June SPALDING of Wolcott. Funeral Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from All Saints' chapel.
Albion, Dec. 31 - Charles FOSTER, 74, died here today at the County Home. He was born in Barre and had lived in this county all his life. No near relatives are reported as surviving. Funeral Wednesday at 10:30 o'clock.
Newark, Dec. 31 - Byron B. CHURCH, 68, died yesterday at his home, 216 West Miller Street. He was born in the town of Huron on Jan. 26, 1859. Besides his wife, Nina Z., he leaves two sisters, Mrs. Minnie HUNGERFORD, Auburn and Mrs. Anna FOSTER, Port Byron, one nephew and two nieces. Funeral will be held from the home Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Dansville, Dec. 31 - Robert Joseph HEIMAN, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. HEIMAN of Groveland, died last night. Besides his parents, Robert is survived by two sisters, Norma and Marian and one brother, William.
CROSS - Entered into rest, at Strong Memorial Hospital, Sunday evening, Dec. 30, 1928, Alice CROSS, aged 46 years. She is survived by her daughters, Katherine and Mary CROSS; two brothers, Frank and Jesse CROUCH.
-Funeral will be held from the Miller & Benn funeral home, 782 West Main Street, Wednesday morning, January 2, 1929, at 8:30 and at SS. Peter and Paul's Church at 9 o'clock.
DODEL - Ludwig DODEL, aged 81 years, at his residence, 59 Lisbon Street, Sunday morning, Dec. 30, 1928. He is survived by two sons, Frederick of this city and Ludwig DODEL of Elmira.
-The remains were removed to C. F. Scheuerman Sons, 230 Brown Street, from where the funeral will take place Wednesday morning, Jan. 2 at 8:30 o'clock and 9 o'clock at Holy Family Church.
GREIG - In this city, at 158 Averill Avenue, Monday, Dec. 31, 1928, Emma S. GREIG, aged 47 years. Deceased is survived by one son, Wilfred A. GREIG of Rochester, and a brother, Charles DRAGGER of Chicago.
-Remains will rest at Ward's Mortuary Chapel, 1103 Main Street East, where funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.
KRAMER - Entered into rest, Sunday, December 30, 1928, at the residence, 68 Hazelwood Terrace, Michael KRAMER. Survived by his widow Mrs. Martha MILLER KRAMER; two daughters, Mrs. Harry B. FAIRMAN and Miss Nettie M. KRAMER and one son, Andrew W. KRAMER.
-Funeral services at the residence, Tuesday, January 1, 1929, at 1 p.m. Burial in Oakwood Cemetery, Penfield.
LEEMING - Entered into rest at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ralph BARTLETT, 51 Clayton street, Saturday, December 29, 1928. Mrs. Jane LEEMING, widow of Edmond LEEMING, aged 85 years. She is survived by two sons, David and Harry LEEMING; one daughter, Mrs. Ralph BARTLETT; eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
-Funeral services from 51 Clayton street Tuesday afternoon, January 1, 1929, at 2:30 o'clock. Interment in Charlotte cemetery. Funeral private. Kindly omit flowers.
MEYER - Bernadine Dorothy, daughter of Albert C. and Elizabeth Oberst MEYER, entered into rest Monday, Dec. 31, 1928, at the Strong Memorial Hospital. Survived by her parents, an infant son, and a brother, Bernard.
-Funeral from the residence, 743 Meigs Street, Thursday afternoon, time announced later.
MOSS - At Indiana, Pa., Dec. 29, 1928, Montgomery C. MOSS, aged 56 years. He is survived by one son, William A. MOSS; two grandchildren, of Indiana, Pa.; two sisters, Mary MOSS, of Buffalo, N. Y., Mrs. A. F. TABER of Cato, N. Y.; one brother, Charles H. MOSS, this city. He was a member of Rochester Lodge, No. F. and A. M.
-Funeral from the parlors of Moore & Fiske, 105 Lake Ave., Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment at Riverside.
RUTTAN - Alfred A. RUTTAN died Sunday morning at the family home, 431 Linden Street. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Gertrude M. RUTTAN; one daughter, Miss Ethel RUTTAN; one brother, Charles Edward RUTTAN of Hollywood, California.
-Funeral will take place Thursday morning, Jan. 3, at 8:30 o'clock from home and at 9 o'clock at St. Boniface Church. Interment in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
WATKEYS - In this city, Monday, Dec. 31, 1928, Gertrude WATKEYS. She is survived by four brothers, Luther C., of Los Angeles, Cal., Frederick of Oneonta, N. Y., Frank B. and Charles W. WATKEYS of this city; two sisters, Mrs. Mabel PICKENS of this city and Mrs. Marion W. JACKSON of Lexington, Mass.
-Funeral services from the family residence, 5 Amherst Street, Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment at Mt. Hope.
WIEST - Thomas WIEST entered into rest Saturday morning at the residence, 775 South Goodman street, aged 61 years. He leaves his widow, Sophia SCHAUPP WIEST; three sons, George, John and Arthur WIEST; two daughters, Mrs. Fred BROWN and Miss Rose WIEST; six grandchildren; one brother and two sisters in Germany. He was a member of the St. Joseph's Benevolent Society of St. Boniface Church and the Maccabees.
-Funeral Wednesday morning at 8:45 o'clock from the residence and at 9 o'clock at St. Boniface Church. Interment at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
WALKER - At the home, 40 Belmont Street, Dec. 31, 1928, Mildred E., wife of Albert W. WALKER, aged 31 years. She leaves one daughter, Vivian E.; one son, Albert W. WALKER Jr.; her parents, George M. and Emma KENNOCK; three sisters, Mrs. Edwin F. REDFIELD, Ethel and Julia KENNOCK, all of Rochester.
-Funeral Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment at Riverside Cemetery. Kingston, N. Y., papers please copy.
MILLER - Gone, but not forgotten, Fred A. MILLER, Adams Basin, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1927.
                                Wife and Daughters.
SUHR - In loving memory of our dear sister and daughter, Cora SUHR, who passed away January 1, 1928.
   In the graveyard, softly sleeping,
   Where the flowers gently wave,
   Lies the one we love so dearly,
   Tried so hard, but could not save.
               Mother, Sister and Brother.

Rochester, Monroe, NY
Democrat & Chronicle
Sun Jan 6, 1929
Suffering from gashes about the head said to have been inflicted with an ax in the hands an infuriated husband in the presence of three small children. Mrs. Mary ANGIOCOMO, 49, 42 Ellis Place, Charlotte, was taken to General Hospital last in a dying condition and the husband to a police cell after a chase of several blocks. Hospital authorities last night said the woman had little chance to live.
    The blows, according to police, were struck as the aftermath of domestic strife of two years' standing. Screams reported by neighbors to have issued from the house during the past week indicated the quarrels had increased in intensity in that time, they said.
    Sabatino SANGIOCOMO, 44, the husband, is lodged in a cell in the Lyell Avenue station, charges against him awaiting the outcome of his wife's condition. The children, Mario, 12; Flagio, 9, and Elsio, 6, were sent to the Shelter.
    Policemen DOANE and CLEARY, summoned to the house last night by excited neighbors, found the woman lying unconscious in the bedroom and the three children crying. Alarmed at the appearance, ANGIOCOMO dashed out the back door, clad only in his underware, they said.
    The policemen gave chase. ANGIOCOMO ran to Stutson Street and into the police station there where Policemen NEWTON and LAMPMAN seized him. Policemen DOANE and CLEARY summoned an ambulance.
    Police said ANGIOCOMO had been arrested two years ago on a charge of striking his wife with the butt of a gun. Quarrels since that time had been frequent, they said.
    At the hospital, Mrs. ANGIOCOMO was said to be suffering from nine gashes in the head. Detectives COLLINS and NORMAN and Lieutenant RUTHERBERG of the Lyell Avenue station were to question ANGIOCOMO further this morning.
Miami Beach, Fla., Jan. 5 - Tex RICKARD's resistance in his battle for life was slightly reduced to-night, said an official bulletin from Dr. H. E. ADKINS, RICKARD's physicians.
    The bulletin, the first to be given out since this afternoon, was issued at 9:15 o'clock and read: "Practically the same condition existed tonight as this afternoon. Mr. RICKARD's resistance was possibly slightly lowered. His temperature remains at 103, and his pulse has increased from 132 at 4 o'clock to 140 at 9 o'clock.
    Brooklyn, Jan. 5 - An ambulance in which Mrs. Mary GIBBON was riding today collided with a roadster, turned over and caught fire. Mrs. GIBBON was pulled from the wreckage and transferred to an automobile. An hour later she gave birth to an eight-pound boy at Kings County Hospital.
Washington, Jan. 5 - The influenza epidemic, now in its ninth week, has taken more than 12,000 lives in 65 principal cities, reports to the United States Census Bureau showed today.
    Weekly reports have shown a steady rise in influenza and pneumonia deaths since Nov. 3. The latest report, for the week ending Dec. 29, showed 2,957 deaths from both diseases.
    Additional deaths are expected before the epidemic has passed, since United States Public Health Service officials estimate more than 800,000 persons are now ill of "flu." Cases listed in official reports to the service total only 160,000 for the week ending Dec. 29, but this is said to be but a small fraction of the actual cases.
                                                                      BUFFALO SITUATION SERIOUS
    Buffalo, Jan. 5 - Health Commissioner Francis E. FRONCZAK said today Buffalo was confronted with the most serious situation since the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919. The commissioner's statement came when he announced a total of 211 deaths during the week ending at noon today. Of these 47 were from pneumonia, many of which followed attacks of influenza.
    Dr. FRONCZAK said respiratory diseases have been increasing and that a large percentage of the city's population was afflicted with bad colds and mild forms of influenza. This week's mortality rate was the highest in recent years, the commissioner said.
                                                                           NO EPIDEMIC IN GOTHAM
    New York, Jan. 5 - Fifty-six deaths from influenza were reported during the week ending today, an increase of 10 over the previous week. There were 315 pneumonia deaths, an increase of 92. New influenza cases reported during the week numbered 955 as against 441 the week before. There were 802 new pneumonia cases, compared to 632 a week ago.
    Dr. Charles BOLDUAN, director of public health education, said that these figures, although showing an increase, by no means indicate an epidemic. During the 1918 epidemic, he said, more than 12,000 cases of influenza were reported in a single week and the rate of mortality was much higher.
Man Found Frozen Died of Hunger, Coroner Says; No Clue To His Identity
    Geneva, Jan. 5 - As a result of an autopsy on the body of an unidentified man found frozen yesterday, Coroner George FLINT announces that the man starved to death, and that as a result of his weakened condition was unable to regain his feet after falling into a depression along the tracks of the Auburn branch of the New York Central Railroad about a quarter of a mile north of the plant of the Lisk Manufacturing Company.
    The body remains at a local undertaking parlor, while the officials are seeking identification. Fingerprints of the man have been forwarded by Frank E. FOLEY to the National Bureau of Criminal Identification in Washington, to the State Fingerprint Bureau at Albany and to the Army and Navy Bureau.
    Dr. H. D. HUBBS, who performed the autopsy, placed death at about 12 hours previous to the finding of the body and expressed the opinion that the man died where he was found from lack of nourishment and exposure. A watch in his pocket stopped at 12 o'clock.
    The man about five feet six inches tall had dark brown hair streaked with grey. He wore two suits of underwear, a tan and blue cotton work shirt, a suit of dark blue serge, a brown overcoat and gray cap. Scraps of clothing labels showed that the clothing originally came from Detroit or Wyndotte, Mich.
Octogenarian Philanthropist to Spend Winter in Warmer Clime
    Penn Yan, Jan. 5 - William N. WISE, one of Penn Yan's most active octogenarians, has left for Cuba to spend the Winter and a much-needed vacation. He plans to spend a few days in New York before sailing for southern climes and to return with the warm weather to the Lake Keuka region, where he at one time was known as the "Grape King."
    Since retiring from the grape business a few years ago, he has been giving a great deal of his time to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hospital, which now stands as the result of his efforts to establish
(part of article didn't get)
a donation by him, besides the building of several other smaller buildings, including a storage cellar and tool house.
    Mr. WISE is president of the Board of Directors of the hospital and chairman of the governing board. He is also one of the largest stockholders in the Baldwin's Bank of Penn Yan, being vice-president of that institution, as well as of the Watkins State Bank at Watkins Glen, which he was instrumental in founding.
    He was one of the original members of the Hollowell & Wise Hardware Company, which was established <snip> didn't get the rest.
Elba Youth Tells How He Accidentally Shot Self; Has Chance of Recovery
Batavia, Jan. 5 - Sisters of Mercy at St. Jerome's Hospital today reported slight improvement in the condition of Edward SHULTZ, 21, of Elba, who is in the hospital with a revolver bullet hole through his left side, half way between the heart and the stomach. The youth may live, despite expectations to the contrary when he was brought to the hospital late yesterday.
    District-Attorney Bradford J. BURROUGHS stated today he was convinced the shooting was an accident. BURROUGHS said: "I talked with SHULTZ this morning and he told me that he keeps a trap line and carries a revolver to use there. He had just come in from the trap line when this accident occurred and was changing his clothes to go to town. His suddenly decided he would better unload the gun, or he would get into trouble. So, he said, he was doing that when the gun went off. He was alone in his room at the time.
    Dr. August H. STEIN of Oakfield was called to the wounded youth's home, three miles east of Elba, and had SHULTZ sent to the hospital. STEIN said neighbors indicated to him there might be foul play connected with the shooting. BURROUGHS dismissed this today as "neighborhood gossip." SHULTZ has claimed steadily the shooting was accidental.
    Last night Drs. William D. JOHNSON and Stanley R. HARE operated on SHULTZ, but were unable to locate the bullet, which went through SHULTZ's spleen. The spleen was removed and a blood transfusion was given. SHULTZ scarcely was able to speak today, but Sisters of Mercy said he passed as comfortable a night as could be expected.
Driver Pleads Guilty To Being Drunk; Fined
Penn Yan, Jan 5 - Frank RINGER of Keuka Park, arrested last week on a charge of public intoxication by State Troopers GREEN and STEELEY of the Penn Yan outpost following an automobile accident in which he was involved, pleaded guilty to the charge at a hearing held before Police Justice John SHERIDAN and was sentenced to ten days in the Yates County Jail and to pay a fine of $10. Following payment of the fine, the jail sentence was suspended.
    RINGER was the driver of a car which crashed headon into a truck driven by Forest WAGER of Jerusalem on the Benton road. Three people were taken to the Penn Yan Hospital following the crash, which badly damaged the truck. WAGER swore out the warrant for RINGER's arrest following the accident.
Canandaigua, Jan. 5 - Canandaigua postoffice receipts for 1928 were the largest in its history and exceed those of 1927 by $2,220.84, according to announcement made today by Deputy Postmaster John W. NIBLOCK. Total receipts for last year were $53,913.70 as compared with $51,692.86 the preceding year.
    Huge volumes of election circulars, letters and the like passing through the office during the campaign last Fall, are largely responsible for the unprecedented increase, Mr. NIBLOCK believes. There was a normal gain of approximately $1,000, he states, due to increased business of local manufacturers.
    Canandaigua, Jan. 5 - Action on the application of the White Rapid Transit Bus Line to extend its service from the city limits to a downtown hotel will be taken by the Common Council at its next regular meeting on Jan. 18. Such action has been deferred by the aldermen from time to time over a period of several weeks.
Batavia, Jan. 5 - Valentine PRZYBYSZ, 52, of West Batavia, was taken to Rochester today after being adjudged mentally incompetent by a board of physicians. He was committed to Rochester State Hospital by County Judge Newell K. CONE.
    PRZYBYSZ was arrested by State troopers late yesterday, on complaint from his wife, Mrs. Frances PRZYBYSZ, and his son-in-law, John SEWERYNEAK, who said he threatened to kill himself and other members of the family.
Auburn, Jan. 5 - Another veteran of Seward-Crocker post, G. A. R., answered his last roll call at the Soldiers' home at Bath yesterday. Word was received here of the death of Miles DAKINS, 90, former Auburnian and a member of the 111th regiment in the Civil War.
-Funeral services will be held in Fair Haven Methodist Church at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The flag in Richardson Square was placed at half mast today in memory of Mr. DAKINS. Mr. DAKINS was for a time prisoner in the celebrated Libby prison of war fame.
Livonia, Jan. 5 - Mrs. Jeannette DOUGLAS BOSLEY died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles ARMSTRONG, in Big Tree Street, last evening. Mrs. BOSLEY was the widow of B. Richmond BOSLEY of Geneseo. She was born in Caledonia, Dec. 14, 1840, the daughter of Alexander and Christie MacCOLL DOUGLAS. She leaves her children: Edward R. BOSLEY of Portland, Oregon, and Mrs. Christine B. ARMSTRONG of Livonia. Funeral from the home of Mr. and Mrs. ARMSTRONG at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
Seneca Falls, Jan. 5 - Mrs. Susan A. GOULD, 79, widow of Samuel S. GOULD, died today at her home, 18 Mynderse Street, following a week's illness of influenza and pneumonia. Mrs. GOULD was born in the town of Seneca Falls and had always made her home here. She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Benjamin HALL of Camillus and Miss Susan A. GOULD of this village; a son, David A. GOULD of Syracuse; a brother, David H. RUTHRAUFF of Seneca Falls; a sister, Mrs. C. J. BAKER of Auburn. Funeral from the home at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon.
Dansville, Jan. 5 - Magdalene KIEFER, 72, widow of Charles KIEFER, died last night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Kate VOGEL, at Cohocton. Mrs. KIEFER leaves seven sons and daughters, Mrs. Frank E. WAGER and Miss Emma KIEFER of Cohocton, Otto F. KIEFER of Avon, George H. KIEFER of Chicago; Mrs. T. A. GILMARTIN of Southampton, Long Island; Mrs. Karl VOGEL and Herman F. KIEFER of Cohocton; one brother, Henry F. WEGMAN, and one sister, Mrs. Christian RITTER, both of Rochester. Mrs. KIEFER was a member of the Christian Mother's Society of St. Pius Church, Cohocton. Funeral from the home of Mrs. Karl VOGEL Tuesday morning at 9:15 o'clock.
Dansville, Jan. 5 - Mrs. Clarence LEE learned today that Harry Happy DAGON, 41, was found dead in bed last night at his home in West Palm Beach, Fla. Death was due to natural causes. Harry conducted a news stand there the past 12 years, since leaving Dansville, and is said to have done well, although his home was destroyed in the hurricane that swept Florida in September. Although he lost both legs in early life, as the result of an infection, leading to serious complications, Happy was of a jovial nature and pleasant personality befitting his cognomen. He conducted a shoe shine establishment here for many years. Prior to leaving Dansville he was employed by the F. A. Owen Publishing Company. He was the adopted son of the late Mrs. Mary WHEATON. The body will be brought here for burial.
Salamanca, Jan. 5 - Funeral services for John L. CURRY, whose death resulted from burns caused by scalding water while he was taking a bath, were held yesterday.
Waterloo, Jan. 5 - Charles CONKLIN, 37, died today at Waterloo Memorial Hospital following a short illness of pneumonia. Mr. CONKLIN had resided here only a few weeks. He is survived by his widow and two children of Geneva. Funeral at 1 o'clock Monday from a local undertaking room.
Seneca Falls, Jan. 5 - Miss Alicia WILLIAMS, once a resident of Seneca Falls, died today in Rochester. Miss WILLIAMS was born in Rochester, but made her home at Seneca Falls the greater part of her life. She moved back to Rochester 13 years ago. She leaves four sisters, Mrs. E. W. BRIGGS of Barberton, Ohio; Mrs. C. F. LEE of Seattle, Wash.; Mrs. James WAYNE and Mrs. W. P. ELWELL of Seneca Falls. The body was brought here tonight and taken to an undertaking room in State street where funeral services will be held at 11 o'clock Tuesday morning.
Canandaigua, Jan. 5 - "Orthopedics" will be the subject of an address by Dr. L. A. WHITNEY of Rochester before members of the Ontario County Medical Society at a quarterly meeting at Florence Villa, this city, Tuesday evening. Dr. C. Harvey JEWETT of Clifton Springs, will deliver the annual president's address. The program opens at 5:30 o'clock with a business session, followed by dinner and the scientific meeting.
East Pembroke, Jan. 5 - Rex G. BARTLETT, district deputy grand master, installed officers of East Bethany Lodge of Odd Fellows this evening.
   A report which appeared in yesterday's newspaper of Rochester and other cities stating that the funeral of Carl V. ECKLUND of 44 Mayfield Street, Rochester, in Middletown Friday was marred by a quarrel between two alleged wives of the deceased was vigorously denied by Mrs. ECKLUND upon her return to Rochester yesterday.
    Mrs. ECKLUND, who visited the editorial office of the Democrat and Chronicle last evening to protest against what she declared was a wholly unfounded story, said that she had attended the funeral of her husband in Middletown Friday, but denied that she had seen any other woman claiming to be ECKLUND's wife or having taken part in and quarrel with such a woman.
    According to the report which appeared in this and other newspapers, City Judge H. M. STARR of Middletown stepped in when two women, each believing herself to be the sole widow of ECKLUND, endeavored to take charge of the funeral. The other woman was said to have called herself Mrs. Carl V. ECKLUND of Lynn, Mass. In her denial, Mrs. ECKLUND declared she had not appeared at police headquarters in Middletown and had neither appeared before nor talked with any judge.
    The associated Press last night said that its Middletown correspondent declared the essential facts in the original dispatches were correct, and referred to City Judge H. M. STARR as having commented on the incident.
Two Shops, Construction Work and Automobile Damaged in Fires.
     Attempt to rescue newly pressed clothes from a rack endangered by flames which broke from a wall after a furnace pipe had become overheated, yesterday cost Rocco SOLOMONE, tailor of 10 Ford Street, burns about the hands and face.
    Despite the scorching, SOLOMONE remained to place his shop in order after a fireman had treated his burns and firemen under Battalion Chief SLATTERY had extinguished the blaze at a loss of $250.
    Timely arrival of firemen under Battalion Chief SLATTERY yesterday saved timbers used to reinforce new concrete work at 76 Exchange Street after they had been ignited by a fire used to keep the cement from freezing. The fire, confined to the basement of a building under construction, was extinguished with $25 damage.
    Automatic sprinklers yesterday were credited with preventing damage to the DuBois Press, 151 Broadway, when fire, laid to a clogged fuel line in an oil heater, rolled clouds of smoke from the plant. Fire companies quenched what was left of the blaze.
    Flames of undetermined origin early yesterday caused damage estimated at $200 to an automobile in the yard of Mrs. Charles HOWE, Westfall Road, Brighton.
The Brown Derby Club met at the home of Mrs. Thomas PRIRES. Prizes were won by Mrs. SCHOOL, Mrs. M. REINSCHMIDT, Mrs. E. STEVENS and Mrs. M. KLINGER, Miss M. ALBRECHT of 289 Alphonse Street will be next hostess.
Responds to Frantic Call of Mother
    Given a new lease on life as the result of 12 ounces of blood given her by a healthy city fireman, Jane DUNIKOWSKI, 19, of 30 Reed Park, last night was declared on the way to recovery from an illness which at first was feared would cost her life.
    Miss DUNIKOWSKI, in Highland Hospital, owes her chance for recovery to Fireman Chris FLIAG of Hose 11. He responded to a frantic call from the girl's mother, Mrs. Adam DUNIKOWSKI, who called Fire Headquarters when told her daughter was in need of a blood transfusion. A fellow fireman also answered the call with FLAIG, but FLAIG's blood was declared the proper type.
Man Who Shook Hands Four Times With Lincoln Has 92d Birthday
Returned from War, Built House in Which He Has Lived ever Since
(photo of Dennis Kelly)
    Dennis KELLY of 489 Lyell Avenue celebrated his 92d birthday Tuesday in the little seven-room cottage which he built more than 54 years ago, and despite the fact that his hearing isn't what it was when he joined the colors in 1860 he is still able to hold his own with the youngsters.
    Mr. KELLY was born January 1, 1837, in County Leatrim, Ireland, close to the line which divides the North and South of Ireland. He emigrated to this country in the Spring of 1854, making his home in Syracuse, where he became an apprentice in the carriage ironing trade. Within two years his interest in politics led him to join the Fremont and Dayton Presidential Club.
                                                                          Raised Popcorn on Shares
    Mr. KELLY came to Rochester the next year, 1857, intending to finish his apprenticeship at the Cunningham shop, but he found the doors locked. So he made his home in Gates, where he raised popcorn on shares with James H. CURTIS of Gates until he enlisted in the Union Army.
    "In 1860 I joined the Ogden and Gates LINCOLN Republican Cavalry Company," he stated. "We participated in all the movements of the 'Big Campaign' and were conspicuous in the line of march in the great LINCOLN parade in Rochester. In 1862 I enlisted with Company F, 105th Regiment, N. Y. S. V., and was promoted to corporal. We were greatly reduced in numbers and were later consolidated with the 94th N. Y. S. V.
    "In the battle of Gettysburg I, with my Colonel and hundreds of others of the regiment were taken prisoner. We were marched two miles southwest of the battlefield and received by General LEE. I know he was delighted to meet his Yankee cousins, especially when they were so harmless. There was a double guard thrown around us and I went up to a tree top to see what was going on in front, when a Johnny Rebel yelled:
    "Come down from there, you LINCOLN hireling, or I'll send a bullet through your worthless body."
    "I don't need to tell you that I came down right then. In a short time a good many of us got back to our lines. I was promoted to sergeant in Company F 94th regiment, N. Y. S. V. I re-enlisted in 1864 and was wounded at Fort Hill. Va.
    "In the Spring of 1864 the government was very poor. The banks from Boston to Washington refused to loan any money. The government called on the soldiers for help with what little they could spare. They responded with over two million dollars. I chipped in my own mite of $1,300, and would gladly have given more if I had it. And I got it all back.
    Mr. KELLY has been a Republican since he cast his first vote for LINCOLN, with whom he had the honor of shaking hands on four occasions.
    After being honorably discharged from service, Mr. KELLY returned home and in 1866 married Miss Louisa VAHUE, of Gates, who died in June, 1927, shortly after the two had celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary. Of five children, all are dead, and Mr. KELLY's only relatives are two grandchildren and six great-grandchildren all of California.
Mothers Will Hear Medical Professor
(photo of Dr. Eric Kent Clarke)
    Dr. Eric Kent CLARKE, assistant professor of medicine and director of the Division of Phychiatry of Strong Memorial Hospital, will address the Mothers' Council of the Third Presbyterian Church in the parish house of the church Tuesday at 2 o'clock on "The Play of Grown-Ups." The council has invited all women of the community to come and hear him. A luncheon is served by the council at 1 o'clock reservations for which must be made with Mrs. Frank B. KELLY, Monroe 1724, on Monday.
    Evidence to disprove the contention of Rochester police that the gun whose bullet killed Charles MACAULSO, 40, of 85 Joiner Street, in a fight over a card game Nov. 22 is in their possession, yesterday was laid before the Monroe County district attorney's office by William J. JONES, New York ballistic expert, at the conclusion of an investigation.
    The report concluded that bullet which killed MACALUSO was not fired from the gun in possession of Rochester authorities, but was discharged from a weapon in possession of Charles W. MURPHY, attorney for Dante MULE, 35, of 36 Ward Street, accused of murder, first degree, in connection with the shooting. The report bore out MURPHY's original contention that he had the gun MULE was said to have used.
    The evidence will be placed before the Grand Jury tomorrow. MULE, who has contended MACALUSO fired at him first in a street altercation which followed a card game in the store of Sam JUNTA, 38 Ward Street, is expected to plead self defense.
    JONES examined the two guns, the bullet taken from the body of MACALUSO, and shells discharged by both pistols.
   Mr. and Mrs. John J. MOORE of 45 Burlington Avenue, the first couple to be married in the recently completed Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel, have returned to Rochester after a week's wedding trip.
    Mr. MOORE, manager of the Cantilever Shoe Shop, Inc., and Mrs. MOORE, who was formerly Miss Mildred C. NEILL of 579 Post Avenue, were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Donald CREVIER, brother-in-law and sister of the bride. Rev. Edward MEAGHER, rector of the new church, performed the ceremony. A wedding breakfast at Odenbach's followed the wedding, which took place on Dec. 29.
    The family of the late Margaret (Daisy) HARDING acknowledges with grateful appreciation your kind expression of sympathy. -- ADV.
    Spilled from his motorcycle in a collision with an automobile in front of 1595 Highland Avenue, Martin BORKEN, 24, of 244 Denver Street, was taken to the Genesee Hospital late yesterday suffering from bruises about the body and a possibly fractured ankle.
    Police of the University Avenue Station said the automobile was driven by Carl KELLER, of 926 South Avenue. BORKEN's injuries were said not to be serious.
    Fred LANCASTER, 25, of 313 Tremont Street, was treated at St. Mary's Hospital early yesterday for bruises to both legs, received when he was run down by an automobile in Chili Road west of the city limits. George LEARY, of 967 Chili Avenue, was driver of the car, deputy sheriffs reported.
Pedestrian Injured When Hit by Machine
    Although Fred LANCASTER, 25, 313 Tremont Street, received severe cuts about the head and a possible fractured skull as result of being run down by a motorist in Chili Road late last night, he refused to stay at St. Mary's Hospital, sheriff's deputies report, and was removed to his home.
    Deputies McCHESNEY and CLARK investigated. They reported LANCASTER was run down by a machine operated by George M. LEARY of 967 Chili Avenue, near Kolb's Inn. Witnesses said LANCASTER stepped from the rear of one machine into the path of that operated by LEARY.
Friends Give Luncheon For H. J. Haddleton
Flags Presented Chamber by Vacuum Superintendent Who Leaves Tuesday
    A testimonial luncheon for Harvey J. HADDLETON, assistant treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce and superintendent of the Vacuum Oil Company, who leaves Tuesday to take a new position with that company at Woodbury, N. J., was given yesterday noon by his friends in the chamber building.
    Mr. HADDLETON presented to the chamber on behalf of the entertainment committee, which he headed last year, two American flags and a flag of Rochester. The city flag and one American flag are to be placed in spots designated in the main lounge room, while the second American flag will be hung in front of the building.
    On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, Roland B. WOODWARD, general secretary, presented a mahogany thermometer and barometer set to Mr. HADDLETON.
    Speakers at the meeting included Frederick S. MILLER, president; Mr. WOODWARD, Elmer E. FAIRCHILD, past president, and Florian BAXTER, representing the Vacuum Oil Company.
    Captain Louis PULLING led the pledge of allegiance to the flag and Alfred E. HEGGIE was in charge of luncheon arrangements.
Services Conducted for Miss Julia MacNab
     Funeral services for Miss Julia JEFFREY MacNAB, for more than 30 years a teacher in the Rochester public schools, took place last Monday at her home, 84 Alexander Street.
    Rev. George E. NORTON, rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, of which Miss MacNAB was a lifelong member, officiated. Interment was made in Mount Hope Cemetery.
Mary Lay Paine Dies After Long Illness
Mrs. Mary LAY PAINE of 80 Clay Avenue, Rochester, died yesterday at her home after a year's illness.
    Mrs. PAINE was born in Greece on Dec. 30, 1880, the daughter of George S. and Puella F. LAY. She was graduated from the Rochester Free Academy with the Class of 1898 and from Elmira College in 1902. She was a member of the Elmira-Rochester Club and the Greece Baptist Church.
    In 1906, she married Herbert J. PAINE and the couple made their home in Rochester. Besides her husband, she leaves her mother, Mrs. Puella F. LAY of Rochester.
    The funeral will take place from the home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with burial in Riverside Cemetery.
" Live a Little Longer ' Night Class to Open
An evening class of the "Live a Little Longer" health instruction course will be opened at East High School tomorrow evening from 8 to 9 o'clock. All women over 18 years of age are eligible to attend. Those who wish to join the class are urged to come at 7:45 so that they may register before the class opens.
    Dr. William Alfred SAWYER, medical director of the Eastman Kodak Company, will teach the first lesson, which is on "First Aid in Emergencies," and will be illustrated by a motion picture on resuscitation.
    Miss Lillian WANGMAN, head of the physical education department of East High School, is chairman of the committee which is co-operating with the public health committee of the Chamber of Commerce in obtaining attendance. Prof. Albert H. WILCOX, principal of East High School, and Melvin E. COON, principal of East High School night school are members of the committee, and Miss Melissa E. BINGEMAN, secretary of the public health committee of the chamber, is secretary of the committee, to which there have been appointed nearly 20 women from the vicinity of the school.
    The first "Live a Little Longer" class was opened at East High School in January, 1914, exactly 15 years ago. Women who joined "Live a Little Longer" classes last Fall, and who for any reason missed the first lesson in the course, will be permitted to attend that lesson at East High School tomorrow evening. They are asked to hand in their names on a slip of paper, with the school at which they took the course.
    The course consists of 12 lessons, one lesson a week for 12 weeks, and anyone may attend one lesson before deciding whether to join the class.
Brother Gesu To Speak at St. James' Church
    Rt. Rev. David Lincoln FERRIS, bishop coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of Western New York, will celebrate communion at St. James Episcopal Church this morning at 9 o'clock. Brother GESU of North Collins, member of a monastic order, who has a large Italian following, will deliver a sermon in Italian.
Arthur J. STENERI, Saranac Lake; and Florence E. GALE, 42 Harlem Street.
Albert H. REICHER, Cleveland, Ohio; and Eva GORDON, 107 Kelly Street.
Charles LOMONACO, 226 Whitney Street; and Josephine CROPO, 24 Lime Street.
Theodore H. KUEHNE, Jr., 15 Spencer Road, Irondequoit; and Jennie M. LENNHOUTS, 476 Melville Street.
Sydney E. ROSENBERG, 255 Pullman Avenue; and Viola M. PRIBUS, 30 Jackson Street.
Chester JONES, 40 Croydon Road; and Josephine HELMICH, 270 Milburn Road.
New Light Rates
Lyons, Jan. 5 - The Empire Gas & Electric Company has announced a new rate for lighting. The rate has been approved by the Public Service Commission and has become effective. The new rate is optional with the present domestic lighting rate and is 4 cents per killowatt hour plus $2 per month with a minimum charge of $2 per month. Under the optional feature of this rate the minimum length of contract is one year.
    The sum of money given to COLUMBUS by Queen ISABELLA is estimated in our money to be about $7,500, the cost of the discovery of America.
(photo of Mordecai M. Kaplan)
    Prof. Mordecai of New York will speak on "The Test of Jewish Loyalty" at the Jewish Young men's Association Building Tuesday evening at 8:30 o'clock.
    Professor KAPLAN, who was educated at the College of the City of New York, Columbia University, and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, is principal of the Jewish Teachers' Institute of New York, professor of homiletics at the Seminary, member of the American Jewish Committee, chairman of the national administrative committee of the Zionist Organization of America, and treasurer of the New York Bureau of Jewish Education. He promulgated the reconstruction of the Synagogue into the Jewish Center and helped to establish, and headed, the first institute in America by that name. In 1922, he founded the Society for the advancement of Judaism, and has been its leader since its inception. The purpose of the society is to interpret Judaism as a modern religious civilization.
Syracuse, Jan. 5 - Funeral services for George BAUSCH of this city, father of Carl L. BAUSCH of Rochester were conducted here today at 2 p.m. at the home, 400 Walnut Place.
    Mr. BAUSCH, who died Thursday after an illness of several months, came to Rochester in 1871 with his parents. His father was a brother of the late John J. BAUSCH, founder of the Bausch & Lomb Optical Company.
    He came to Syracuse after working in the microscopical department of the Bausch & Lomb Company for several years and founded the first optical company of this city.
Mrs. Fannie E. HOYT died Friday in this city, aged 49 years. She leaves her husband, Oscar S. HOYT; four sons, Floyd L. PHILIP, Oscar and Kenneth HOYT, and six daughters, the Misses Winifred, Bernice, Dorothea, Ruth and Doris HOYT and Mrs. Raymond GUENTHNER.
Elizabeth ARNOLD, formerly of Honeoye Falls, died Friday at the Presbyterian Home in Thurston Road, aged 65 years.
Christian NEIDHARDT of 119 Portland Avenue died yesterday in this city. He leaves his widow, Mrs. Ella NEIDHARDT; two sons, Benjamin N. and Charles C. NEIDHARDT, and two grandchildren.
Henry SMITH of 485 Tremont Street died yesterday in this city. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Lillian SMITH. He was a member of Sons of St. George, Foresters and St. Andrew's Brotherhood.
William JOHNSON of 51 Gardiner Park died yesterday in this city. He leaves his wife, Libbie A. JOHNSON.
Joseph P. GIROUX of 119 Bidwell Terrace died Friday in this city, aged 68 years. He leaves his widow, Mrs. Celia GIROUX; three sons, Joseph A., William P., and Cyril F. GIROUX; three daughters, Mrs. Louis SLATER, Mrs. James McKENNA and Miss M. Marie GIROUX; two sisters, and a brother in Quebec.
Mrs. Dorothy Louise WATERHOUSE of 415 Magnolia Street died yesterday in this city. She leaves her husband, Robert W. WATERHOUSE; a son, Lorance WATERHOUSE of Denver, Col.; a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth STALLMAN, and two grandchildren.
Mrs. Bertha MEYERS of 15 Baden Street died Thursday in this city. She leaves her husband, William MEYERS; four daughters, Mrs. Peter GOOSEN, Mrs. Fred ISENMAN, Mrs. Leo KOWALSKI, and Miss Margie MEYERS, and two sons, John and Edward MEYERS.
Mrs. Cecelia MAIER of 164 Bernard Street died Friday in this city, aged 86 years. She leaves four daughters, Mrs. Frank HAUS, the Misses Catherine and Celia MAIER and Mrs. Bertram GILBERT; a son, Joseph F. MAIER, and five grandchildren.
Joseph KOWALSKI of 1041 Hudson Avenue died yesterday in the Rochester General Hospital, aged 71 years. He leaves three sons, Joseph, James, and Stanley KOWALSKI; five daughters, Mrs. A. MIHALOWSKI, Mrs. M. KWIATKOWSKI, Sister M. COSMAS of the Order of St. Joseph, Mrs. R. C. CHIEBOWSKI, and Mrs. T. KERECKI, and 21 grandchildren.
Mrs. Margaret RUBADOU HILL died yesterday in Syracuse. She leaves her husband, Ray G. HILL, a daughter, Miss Irma HILL; her mother, Mrs. Margaret RUBADOU; a sister, Mrs. Alma MEYER; two brothers, George RUBADOU of Tecumseh, Mich., and William RUBADOU of Rochester.
Mrs. Elizabeth F. BRACONIER of 378 Ridgeway Avenue died Friday in this city, aged 79 years. She leaves four daughters, Mrs. F. H. HILLYARD of Irondequoit, Mrs. Cora MacDONALD, Miss Eva BRACONIER, and Mrs. Emma MacDONALD of this city; three sons, Edward BRACONIER of Buffalo; William H. BRACONIER of Nevada, and Clarence A. BRACONIER of Detroit, and a sister, Mrs. Mary FOSTER of Palmyra.
Mrs. Jacob KOERNER died yesterday in this city, aged 91 years. She leaves a brother, John C. BAUMER; two sisters, Mrs. Katherine NOTHAKER and Miss Clara BAUMER, and a foster son, Edward F. PILLOW.
Michael H. FLAHERTY of 129 High Street died yesterday in this city. He leaves a sister, Mrs. Patrick O'MALLEY; four brothers, Stephen FLAHERTY of this city, James FLAHERTY of Hamlin, John FLAHERTY of Minneapolis and Thomas FLAHERTY of Canada.
Mrs. Hazel NERI of 49 Herman Street died Friday in this city. She leaves her husband, Joseph NERI; three sons, Arcangelo, Joseph and Dominick NERI; her father, Peter HART, of Ontario; three sisters, Mrs. Myrtle JOHNS and Mrs. Mark AUSTIN of this city and Mrs. Claude PELTON of Ontario, and a brother, William HART, of this city.
Salamanca, Jan. 5 - The following officers of Salamanca Chapter, R. A. M., have been installed: High priest, Fred C. PIFER; king, Mahlon J. KELLAN; scribe, John SPENCER; treasurer, W. K. HARRISON; secretary, Henry C. WHITLOCK; captain of the host, Thomas B. PIFER; principal sojourner, Gilbert BUCKLEY; royal arch captain, Clarence N. FRANK; master of the third veil, Leon F. CARR; master of the second veil, Ralph P. HARKER; master of the first veil, Milo P. BANTON; organist, Guy H. PARKHILL; sentinel, Maurice STEVENS.
The ninth annual reunion and banquet of U. S. Base Hospital 19, will take place at Powers Hotel Saturday evening Jan 19. Reservations can be made by writing the secretary, 208 Goodwill Street, or calling Glenwood 5520-W.
    Charlie HAWKINS, as chairman of the entertainment committee, has promised an entertaining program. Dr. A. D. KAISER, a member of the association, will show the movies of his recent African hunting trip.
    Officers are: President, Dr. A. P. REED; vice-president, Dr. C. l. HINCHER; secretary, W. J. RYAN; treasurer, F. C. HUCK.
Your Canine With Genealogy May Be Mut, Dog Body Warns
Warning against many persons in Rochester who are dishonestly advertising pedigreed puppies has been issued by the Rochester Dog Protective Association through its secretary, Miss Mary FOUBISTER.
    "Several cases have been reported to us recently" Miss FOUBISTER stated "of dogs purchased as pure-bred, which in fact cannot be registered. It has been customary for the purchaser to give the fee for the registration paper which was to be sent to him later. After repeated delays he has learned that he has a 'mutt' on his hands. Usually he has not cared to bring the case into court, and there has been no way of discrediting the practice.
    The Rochester Dog Protective Association does not seek to advertise any kennels or dog breeders, but is glad to furnish the names of reputable persons on receipt of inquiry. Those who are not members of the association are welcome to make use of this service.
    Miss FOUBISTER states that there are still available a few holiday tags with the verses of a humorous turn depicting canine joys and woes. These may be secured at the Association office in the Terminal Building.
ARNOLD - Last evening at the Presbyterian Home, Thurston Road, Elizabeth ARNOLD, aged 65 years, formerly of Honeoye Falls, N. Y.
-Funeral Monday, at 10 a.m. from the home. Interment at Honeoye Falls.
BRACONIER - Entered into eternal rest, Friday evening, Jan. 4, 1929, Mrs. Elizabeth F. BRACONIER, age 79 years. She leaves to mourn her loss, four daughters, Mrs. L. HILLYARD, of Irondequoit, N. Y., Mrs. Cora MacDONALD, Miss Eva BRACONIER and Mrs. Emma MacDONALD of this city and three sons, Edward J. BRACONIER of Buffalo, N. Y., William H. of Nevada, and Clarence A. of Detroit, Mich., and one sister, Mrs. Mary FOSTER of Palmyra, N. Y.
-Funeral private, Monday morning, Jan. 7, at 10"30 o'clock, from the family home, 378 Ridgeway Avenue. The Rev. Wm. Long DOWLER, officiating. Interment in Lyons, N. Y. Please omit flowers.
CANAVAN - Sister M. Philip CANAVAN died Friday afternoon, Jan. 4, 1929, at the Nazareth Normal Convent, East Avenue.
-Funeral Monday morning at 9 o'clock, at the Nazareth Normal Convent Chapel. Interment at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
CARPENTER - Louise HUSS CARPENTER, wife of Clayton CARPENTER of Rush, N. Y., died suddenly Friday morning, Jan. 4, 1929, at the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore HUSS, 1043 Joseph Avenue, aged 31 years. She is survived by her husband; one son, Edward; her parents; four sisters, Irene HUSS, Mrs. A. ACKERMAN, Mrs. Harold BERTRAM and Mrs. Bert LONG, and five brothers, Louis, Joseph, Charles, George and Willard HUSS.
-Funeral Tuesday at 8:45 o'clock from the residence and at 9 o'clock at Perpetual Help Church.
DORN - Entered into rest on Friday, Jan. 4, 1929, Frederick C. DORN, aged 30 years. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Jennie DORN; one daughter, Shirley Jeanette DORN; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. DORN, and one brother, Ernest H. DORN.
-Funeral services will be held from his home, 93 Delamaine Drive on Monday afternoon, Jan. 7, at 2 o'clock. Burial will be made in Riverside Cemetery.
FERGE - Entered into rest suddenly Friday morning, Jan. 4, 1929, at his home, 621 Clinton Avenue North, George E. FERGE, in his 35th year. He is survived by his wife, Florence, and daughter, Madelin one sister, Mrs. Earl SMITH, and two brothers, Carl FERGE of El Sento, Calif., and Roy FERGE, of Honolulu. He was a member of the 310th Infantry, World War Veterans.
-Funeral Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the house, 621 Clinton North.
FLAHERTY - Michael H. FLAHERTY passed away, suddenly, at the home of his brother, Stephen J. FLAHERTY, 129 High St., Saturday evening, Jan. 5, 1929. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Patrick O'MALLEY of Rochester; four brothers, Stephen of Rochester, James of Hamlin, N. Y., John of Minneapolis and Thomas of Canada; also four nieces and four nephews.
-Notice of funeral will appear later.
KOWALSKI - Entered into rest at the General Hospital Saturday, Jan. 5, 1929, Joseph KOWALSKI, aged 71 years. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. M. KOWALSKI; three sons, Joseph, James and Stanley KOWALSKI; five daughters, Mrs. A. MIHALOWSKI, Mrs. M. KWIATKOWSKI, Sister M. COSMAS, order of St. Joseph, Mrs. R. CHIEBOWSKI and Mrs. T. KERECKI; 21 grandchildren.
-Funeral services from the residence, 1041 Hudson Avenue, Tuesday, Jan. 8, 1929, at 8:30 o'clock, and 9 o'clock at St. Stanislaus Church. Interment in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
GIROUX - Joseph P. GIROUX, suddenly Friday evening, at his home, 119 Bidwell Terrace, aged 68 years. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Celia GIROUX; three sons, Joseph A., William P., and Cyril F.; three daughters, Mrs. Louis SLATER, M. Marie, Mrs. James McKENNA; two sisters, and one brother, of Quebec.
-Funeral services at the residence, Tuesday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock. Interment at Riverside Cemetery.
HOYT - In this city, Jan. 4, 1929, Fannie E., wife of Oscar S. HOYT, aged 49 years. She is survived by her husband, four sons, Floyd L., Phillip, Oscar, Kenneth, and six daughters Winifred, Bernice, Dorothea, Ruth, Doris HOYT and Mrs. Raymond GUENTHNER.
-Funeral from the family residence, 18 Thorn Street, Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Riverside Cemetery.
HILL - In Syracuse, N. Y., on Jan. 4, 1929, Margaret RUBADOU, wife of Ray G. HILL. She leaves, besides her husband, one daughter, Irma; her mother, Mrs. Margaret RUBADOU; one sister, Mrs. Alma MEYER; two brothers, George RUBADOU of Tecumseh, Mich., and William RUBADOU of Rochester.
-Funeral will be held from the home of her sister, Mrs. Alma MEYER, 477 Glenwood Avenue, on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery.
IRELAND - Entered into rest at the Episcopal Church Home, 509 Mt. Hope Avenue, Friday, Jan. 4, 1929, Mary Adeline IRELAND, formerly of Lyons, N. Y.
-Funeral services at the home, Monday morning, Jan. 7, 1929, at 10 o'clock. Interment in Mt. Hope Cemetery.
JOHNSON - Entered into rest Saturday, Jan. 5, William M. JOHNSON. He is survived by his widow, Libbie A. JOHNSON.
-Funeral from his home, 51 Gardiner Park, Tuesday, Jan. 8, at 10 a.m. Interment at Batavia. Batavia papers please copy. Please omit flowers.
KLICK - Entered into rest on Friday morning at her late home, 21 Barons Street, Wilhelmina KLICK, aged 74 years. She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Fred VELTE and Mrs. Charles SEEGLER; two sons, William, of this city, and John KLICK, of East Rochester; also seven grandchildren. She was a member of German American Ladies' society.
-Funeral services will be held on Monday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at her late home. Interment at Mt. Hope Cemetery. Rev. Dr. Carl N. CONRAD will officiate.
KOERNER - Elizabeth, widow of Jacob KOERNER <snip> didn't get the rest
NELSON - In this city, on Friday Jan. 4, 1929, Augustine E. NELSON, of 153 Comfort Street. He is survived by his wife, Lillian G. NELSON. He was a member of Genesee Falls Lodge 507, F. & A. M., Hamilton Chapter 62, Royal Arch Masons; a life member of Monroe Commandery 12, Knights Templar, Rochester Consistory, A. A. S. R., and Damascus Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.
-Funeral from the chapel of Ingmire & Thompson Co., 137 Chestnut Street, corner of Court Street, on Monday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. In charge of Genesee Falls Lodge F. & A. M. Interment at Riverside Cemetery.
PAINE - In this city, Saturday, Jan. 5, 1929, Mary LAY PAINE, in her 49th year. She is survived by her husband, Herbert J. PAINE; her mother, Mrs. Puella F. LAY, both of Rochester.
-Services from the home, 80 Clay Avenue, Tuesday, Jan. 8, 1929, at 2 p.m. Interment in Riverside Cemetery.
SHELLY - Entered into rest at the residence, 59 Earl Street, Thursday evening, Jan. 3, 1929, Ralph E. SHELLY, aged 55 years. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Minnie GILDER SHELLEY; one daughter, Harriet L. SHELLEY; his father, George W. SHELLEY of Albion, and a brother, Gordon W. SHELLEY of Waterport. Deceased was past councilor of Flower City Council, 203, United Commercial Travelers; past president of United Benefit Association, 1; past president of Rochester Commercial Travelers' Mutual Benefit Association; member of Ancient Craft Lodge, F. & A. M.; Hamilton Chapter, 62, R. A. M.; Monroe Commandery, 12, K. T., and Floral Lodge, 281, I. O. O. F.
-Funeral services at the residence, Monday, Jan. 7, 1929, at 1:30 p.m. In charge of Monroe Commandery, K. T. Burial at Mt. Albion Cemetery.
STEVENSON - Lois Jane STEVENSON, aged 8 months, daughter of George and Catherine SHORT STEVENSON, entered into rest, Friday, Jan. 4, 1929, at the home, 201 Marion Street. Besides her parents, she leaves a sister, Margaret, and a brother, Robert. Funeral will take place Monday morning at 9:30 o'clock from the home and 10 o'clock at St. John's Evangelist Church. Interment will be made in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
SMITH - Henry SMITH died at his home, 485 Tremont Street, Jan. 5, 1929. He leaves his widow, Mrs. Lillian SMITH. He was a member of Sons of St. George, Independent Order of Foresters and St. Andrew's Brotherhood.
-Funeral from the residence, at 3 o'clock, Monday afternoon. Interment at Mt. Hope Cemetery.
SULLIVAN - In this city Wednesday, Jan. 2, 1929, Julia SULLIVAN, aged 33(?) years. Deceased is survived by three daughters, Mrs. John DALY, and Mrs. John GOGGINS of Rochester and Mrs. William R. WALSH, of Portland, Ore.; three sons, Edward F. of Lawrence, Kas.; John G. and William D. of Rochester.
-Funeral from the residence of Mrs. John DALY, 1196 Main Street East, at 8:30 o'clock. Tuesday morning and 9 o'clock at Corpus Christi Church. Interment at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
WALSH - Patrick WALSH died at his home on the Rebman Road, Brockport, Thursday morning, age 76 years. He leaves his wife, Anna COONEY WALSH, three sons, Edward P., William J. of Brockport; John D. of Rochester; three daughters, Mrs. Henry MONNETT, Mrs. F. J. KERN, Mrs. Leo J. FLEMING; nine grandchildren, one great-grandchild, all of Rochester; also three brothers and three sisters of Grafton, Canada.
-Funeral from the late home Monday morning at 9 o'clock; at the Church of the Nativity, Brockport, at 9:30. Burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
WATERHOUSE - Entered into rest, at her home, 415 Magnolia Street, Saturday, Jan. 5, 1929, Dorthay Louise WATERHOUSE, wife of Robert W. WATERHOUSE, and mother of Lorance WATERHOUSE of Denver, Col., and sister of Elizabeth STALLMAN, and two grandchildren, Robert and Louise.
-Funeral service at the home, 415 Magnolia Street, Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 8, 1929 at 2:30 o'clock. Interment in the family lot in Mt. Hope Cemetery.
ALLEN - In loving memory of my dear mother, Susan E. ALLEN, who passed away Jan. 6, 1910
    You are gone dear mother, but your loving face and memory still lingers in our hearts.
                                 Daughter, Mrs. Lulu TITTER
                                 Husband, George P. ALLEN
KEELE - In loving memory of my little boy, John KEELE, aged 16, who passed away Jan. 7, 1927.
    Sadly missed by all who knew and loved him.
RADTKE - In sad and loving memory of my dear beloved mother, Mrs. Theresa RADTKE, who passed away January 6, 1918.
    Sleep on dear mother of mine and take thy rest.
    In Jesus arms forever blest.
    Sadly missed by daughter, Mrs. H. B. FOX.
RADTKE - In loving memory of our beloved mother, Theresa RADTKE, who passed away Jan. 6, 1918.
    Just a thought of sweet remembrance.
    Just a memory fond and true.
    Just a token of affection.
    And a heartache still for you.
                  Daughters and Sons.
SCHULZ - In loving memory of Fred G. SCHULZ who passed away January 4, 1916. Gone but not forgotten.
                   Wife and Son.
ORNST - In loving memory of my dear husband, Charles H. ORNST, who died Jan. 5, 1928.
    In my lonely hours of thinking,
    Thoughts of you are ever near;
    We who loved you sadly miss you,
    As it dawns another year.
AMMERING - With loving thoughts of my boy, Clarence F. AMMERING, who left me one year ago.
    Just a token of affection,
    And a heartache still for you.
AMMERING - In memory everlasting of our dear old pal, Clarence F. AMMERING, who went away one year ago, Sleep on Old Pal until we meet again.
                                  Maude and John.
The marriage of Miss Margaret Mary EAGAN, daughter of Mrs. Margaret EAGAN, and Carl VELZING, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. VELZING, took place on Thursday, December 27, at the rectory of St. John the Evangelist Church. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. John B. SULLIVAN.
    The bride wore brown transparent velvet, with a gold metallic hat. She carried yellow tea roses. Miss Agnes EAGAN, sister of the bride, was maid of honor and wore blue transparent velvet and carried pink roses. The bridesmaid, Miss Katherine VELZING, sister of the bridegroom, wore fuchsia transparent velvet and carried pink roses. Arthur EAGAN was best man and Elmer DeHOLLANDER was the usher.
    Following the ceremony, a wedding dinner was served to 75 guests at the Blarney Stone Inn.
    Prenuptial events were given by Miss Bernice NAAS, Miss Louise HENNER, Mrs. Joseph COLLINS, Miss Mildred ELDREDGE, Miss Katherine VELZING, Mrs. Sidney JONGEDYK, Misses Marcella and Colletta KUNZ, Miss Hilda KEATING, Mrs. Joseph STRICKLAND and the Misses Agnes and Ruth EAGAN.
    Mr. and Mrs. VELZING will live in New York City.
The marriage of Miss Bernice HERRICK, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. HERRICK of Pioneer Street and George Alexander GLENN, son of Mrs. Ellen GLENN of Aurora Street, took place on Saturday, Dec. 29, at 5:30 o'clock at the home of the officiating clergyman, the Rev. George MIDDLETON.
     The bride wore gray georgette and an orchid hat. She carried a bouquet of bride roses and heather. Miss Ethel HERRICK, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and wore green georgette, with hat to match, and a shoulder bouquet of sweetheart roses and lilies of the valley. Harold NICHOLS was best man.
    Following the ceremony, a wedding dinner was served to the immediate relatives at West Manor.
    Prenuptial events were given by Mrs. Leslie SHEARER, Miss Ruth SHEARER, Mrs. Burr NICKASON, Mrs. George COOK, Miss Doris ABRAMS and Mrs. Lyell CASSIN.
    Mr. and Mrs. GLENN will live at 1450 Winton Road after Jan. 1.
The marriage of Miss Jule OSTERMAN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. OSTERMAN of Jersey Street, and Harry D. SHAY of Olean, took place on Monday, Dec. 31, in St. John the Evangelist Church. The Rev. John B. SULLIVAN performed the ceremony.
    The bride wore amethyst-colored transparent velvet, with a silver hat, and carried orchid sweet peas and lilies of the valley. Miss Ceil OSTERMAN, sister of the bride, was bridemaid and wore cinnamon-colored transparent velvet, with a gold metallic hat. She carried yellow roses and babybreath. The best man was James OSTERMAN, brother of the bride.
    After the ceremony, a wedding breakfast was served at the Sagamore. Out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Daniel SHAY, Miss Anna PRIEST of Olean, Miss Marie SAVAGE of Cleveland.
    After an Eastern trip, Mr. and Mrs. SHAY will live in Olean.
The marriage of Miss Lydia M. SCHULTZ, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. SCHULTZ of Ridgewood Drive, and Carlton J. SIEBER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. SIEBER of East Orange, N. J., took place on Wednesday evening, Nov. 28, at 7:30 o'clock, at the home of Dr. and Mrs. George M. GORDON. Dr. GORDON of the Brick Presbyterian Church in East Orange performed the ceremony, assisted by the Rev. A. S. ZIMMERMAN.
    The attendants were Mrs. G. Elbert DUNN Jr., and William J. ROTH.
    Following the ceremony, a reception took place, after which the couple left for this city, where they were entertained at a wedding dinner at the bride's home.
    Prenuptial events were given by the bride's mother, by Miss Ethel ROBINSON, Miss Irene HEMMING, Mrs. G. E. DUNN Jr., the girls of New Jersey Council of Religious Education, the Brick Church Guild of East Orange, and the girls of the Young Women's Class of the Brick Presbyterian Church of Rochester.
    After Jan. 1, Mr. and Mrs. SIEBER will live at 548 South Clinton Street, East Orange, N. J.
    Mrs. SIEBER is at present church assistant in the Brick Presbyterian Church in East Orange.
The marriage of Miss Anita M. FOWLER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. FOWLER of Garson Avenue, to Gordon L. BANGS of Churchville, took place on Saturday, Dec. 29, at the home of the bride's parents. The ceremony was performed by Dr. Clinton WUNDER, pastor of the Baptist Temple. The double ring service was used. Preceding the ceremony, Miss Harriet WARDER sang "I Love You Truly," and Mrs. William A. CLARK sang "Oh Promise Me," while the bridal party stood before an alter softly lighted with candles, and banked with palms, evergreen and holly.
    The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, wore a gown of white transparent velvet, trimmed with rhinestones and caught with orange blossoms. Her vail of tulle and Spanish lace was made in Spanish coronet style and embroidered in pearls and rhinestones. She carried a shower bouquet of bride roses and lilies of the valley. The maid of honor, Miss Alvina E. FOWLER, sister of the bride, wore a gown of pale green lace and georgette, draped with rose tulle, and carried pink butterfly roses. The bridesmaids, Miss Harriet M. BANKS, sister of the bridegroom and Miss Kathryn MILLER, wore gowns of pale green and rose georgette of similar design, and carried pink butterfly roses. Eunice ADAMS of Adams Basin, cousin of the bridegroom, was flower girl. She wore a dress of white silk crepe and satin, and carried a basket of white narcissi, and scattered pink rose leaves in the path of the bride. Densmore FOWLER, nephew of the bride, was ring bearer, and wore a suit of black velvet with a white satin blouse, and carried a white satin pillow, on which rested the rings.
    William H. BANGS, brother of the bridegroom, was best man.
    Out-of-town guests included the following: Mr. and Mrs. Charles SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest STETNER, Mrs. Stella BANGS, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur KENYON and Mr. and Mrs. Flagg SMITH, all of Spencerport; Mr. and Mrs. William VOORHEIS, Mr. and Mrs. James VOORHEIS, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph SAGE, all of Churchville; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold ADAMS of Adams Basin; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. MORSE of Cleveland; and Milton K. PAINE of Ludlow, Mass.
    Prenuptial events included an aluminum shower given by the Friday Night Club; a bridge party by Mrs. Walter E. PAINE; variety showers given by the Alumnae Club, Miss Beulah SUTER, Mrs. Alton FRASCH and Miss Kathryn C. MORSE; and a dinner at the Princeton Tea Room, followed by a Theater party, given by Mrs. B. D. MORSE of Cleveland.
    Mr. and Mrs. BANGS left for Washington, D. c., and will be at home after Jan. 15, at 151 Alpah Street.
The marriage of Miss Ann L. McMAHON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John McMAHON of Arnett Boulevard, to Joseph J. DENTINGER, son of Mr. and Mrs. George DENTINGER of Frost Avenue, took place Nov. 29, in Immaculate Conception Church. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. L. SMITH.
    The bride wore a gown of white satin, with a lace veil caught with orange blossoms, and carried a bouquet of bridal roses and lilies of the valley. The maid of honor, Miss Edan J. HOGAN, wore independence blue, with velvet hat to match and carried pink butterfly roses and lilies of the valley.
    Victor DENTINGER acted as best man, and the ushers were Charles ZIMBER and Bernard McDONALD.
    Prenuptial events included variety showers given by Loretta, Florence and Edna HOGAN; kitchen shower by Mrs. T. WILEY; variety shower by Mrs. G. DENTINGER, Mrs. John WAHL, Katherine WIHER, Edna HOGAN.
    Mr. and Mrs. DENTINGER are at home at 154 Midvale Terrace.



Democrat and Chronicle
January 22, 1929, first page

Man Dies in Street After Heart Attack.
Seized with a heart attack as he walked into the yard of the home of a friend at 120 Randolph Street with his wife yesterday afternoon, Guy SMITH, 48, of 106 Terrace Park, collapsed and died before the arrival of the ambulance from the Highland Hospital.  His wife, although near collapse herself, was able to tell motorcycle policeman, FORD, of the Joseph Avenue station that her husband had been laughing with her and apparently in the best of health a few minutes before he fell to the walk in front of the home of Victor G. GYSEL whose house they were about to enter.  The body was removed to the morgue.  Mr. SMITH leaves his wife, Mable G. SMITH; two daughters, Mrs. Carl HALL and Miss Irma SMITH; two brothers, Jay G. SMITH and Ira SMITH, and a grandchild.  Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock from his home.  Interment will be made in Riley, N.Y. 

Coroner Richard LEONARDO today will direct a post mortem examination of the body of Frank STOLAR, 44, of 103 Barnard street who died at his home yesterday morning before an ambulance could reach him.  STOLAR is believed to have died suddenly from natural causes.  psm


22 January 1929
Page 30

BIONDO - In this city, Jan. 19, at the Lake Avenue Hospital, Giovanna BIONDO, aged 33 years. She is survived by her husband, Giacomo BIONDO; two sons. Thomas and Joseph BIONDO.
- Funeral this morning, at 8:30 o'clock from the residence, 190 Bronson Avenue and at 9 o'clock from St. Lucy's Church. Interment in Holy Sepulcher Cemetery; arrangements by The Funeral Service Inc.

CROWLEY - Sunday, January 20, 1929, at the family residence, on the Scottsville Road, Anne Davis CROWLEY, daughter of John C. and Anna Rossney CROWLEY, sister of John J. CROWLEY.
- Funeral Wednesday morning Jan. 23, 1929, at 9 o'clock from the family residence, and 9:45 o'clock at St. Monica's Church. Interment in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

DEAR - Otis A. DEAR, aged 54 years, died Sunday, Jan. 20, 1929. He leaves one sister, Mrs. Peter L. WEIS; one brother, Chester DEAR; two uncles, William BARNARD of Cleveland and Alfred BARNARD of Springville, N.Y. Deceased was a member of the Modern Woodmen and Rochester Lodge of Moose.
- Funeral Wednesday at 2:30 from the residence of his sister, Mrs. WEIS, 37 Nelson Street. Interment in Mount Hope Cemetery.

FANG - Entered into rest Sunday morning, Frank FANG at the residence, 22 Leavenworth Street, aged 79 years. He leaves two sons, Joseph and Frank FANG; three daughters, Mrs. Joseph REMILLARD, Mrs. Richard STANTON, and Mrs. William PETERS; one brother, Leopold FANG; nine grandchildren; two great-grandchildren.
- Funeral, Wednesday morning at 8:30 o'clock from the residence and at 9 o'clock at Holy Rosary Church. Buffalo papers copy.

KANE - Entered into rest at St. Mary's Hospital, Monday morning, Jan. 21, 1929, James KANE, aged 63? years. He is survived by two brothers, Robert and Patrick KANE, and one sister, Mrs. John MOONEY. The remains were removed to Culhane Bros. Funeral parlors, 1411 Lake Ave. Notice of funeral hereafter.

LERCH - Frederick LERCH entered into rest Monday, Jan. 21, 1929, at the family residence, 155 Hamilton Street, in his 89th year. Survived by his widow Verona; four daughters, Mrs. Lillian SMITH, Miss Bertha LERCH, Mrs. Herbert HILTS and Mrs. Victor HANLON; nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
- Funeral Thursday at 2 o'clock at the house and 2:30 at the Emanuel Reformed Church. Buffalo papers please copy.

VONHOLD - Entered into rest Sunday morning, Jan. 20, at his home, 947 Woodbine Avenue, George VONHOLD, aged 67 years. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Mary VONHOLD, two sons, John and Arthur VONHOLD and three grandchildren: three brothers, Phillip, John and Martin VONHOLD, and one..... (didn't get rest of article)

POST - William Franklin POST died Saturday noon, after a long illness. He was born in Pittsford, July 6, 1856. He is survived by his widow, Ellen Shepard POST, of Clarendon; two brothers, Frederick Taft POST of Holley and Edward Clark POST of Seneca Falls, and five nieces.
- Funeral services will be held from his home in Clarendon, at 2 o'clock, Monday.

RUNDELL - Entered into rest, Monday evening, Jan. 21, 1929, David Barton RUNDELL, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Herbert E. BAKER, 16 Lakewood Drive, Greece, N.Y., off Stone Road. He leaves to mourn his loss, besides his wife, Mrs. Anna L. RUNDELL, one daughter, Mrs. Herbert E. BAKER, and one son, Barton L. RUNDELL.
- Funeral Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the home of his daughter, 16 Lakewood Drive, Greece, N.Y. Interment in Falls Cemetery, Ridge Road, Greece, N.Y. Arrangements by Peters Funeral Director. Funeral strictly private.

SPICER - Entered into rest at the Strong Memorial Hospital, Jan. 21, 1929, William H. SPICER, aged 74 years. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Lena M KNAPP, four sons, Clarence T., George F., Delbert C. and Claude H.
- Services from the family residence, 187 Farragut Street, Friday morning, 10:30 o'clock. Interment Souls Cemetery, Auburn, N.Y., 2:30 p.m.

STEVENS - At the family residence on Fisher Road, Jan. 18, 1929, Louisa E. STEVENS, aged 69 years. She is survived by three sons, Joseph J., John E. STEVENS of this city, Edmond STEVENS of London, England; two daughters, Mrs. Royal ___WOOD of New York City; Mrs. Frank LEVETT of London, England; nine grandchildren.
- Funeral services from the family residence, Fisher Road, Cold Water, N.Y., Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock and from the Megiddo Mission Church at 2 o'clock. Interment at Mount Hope.

STEVENS - In this city, Jan. 21, 1929, Laura May, wife of Joseph J. STEVENS, aged 39 years. Besides her husband she leaves two sons, Kenneth F., and Joseph J.; one daughter, Shirley May; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.A. FLOWERDAY, one sister, Mrs. Rugbey(?) HUGHES; one brother Kenneth FLOWERDAY, all of this city.
- Funeral services from the family residence, Fisher Road, Cold Water, N.Y., Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock and from the Megiddo Mission Church at 2 o'clock. Interment at Mount Hope.

(NOTE: the funeral service note is the same on the last two notices. I am wondering if this was an error on the part of the newspaper type setter.)

SMITH - Entered into rest suddenly, Jan. 21, 1929, Guy M. SMITH, aged 48 years. He is survived by his wife, Mabel G. SMITH; two daughters, Mrs. Carl HALL and Irma, two brothers, Jay _. SMTIH and Ira SMTIH, also one grandchild.
- Funeral from the family residence, 105 Terrace Park, Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Interment at the convenience of the family at Ripley, N.Y.

SHEEHAN - Miss Marie SHEEHAN died Monday morning at her home, 31 Clifford Avenue.
- The body was removed to Ryan & McIntee Funeral Chapel, 207 Chestnut Street, from where the funeral will be held Wednesday..... (didn't get rest of article) so