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The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut
Albany, N.Y.; J. B. Lyon Company, Printers; 1913

Declaration Signed by Sundry Inhabitants of Queens County, New York.
American Archives, 4th Series. 4.858)
January 19, 1776

Whereas we, the subscibers, inhabitants of Queens County, on Long Island, in the Province of New York, have given great uneasiness to the good people of the neighboring Provinces and the Continent in general, by our not choosing a Committee agreeable to the orders of the Continental Congress, by our not paying that attention to the directions of our Provincial Congress, which we ought to have done, and by our opposing the General Instructions of the Continental Congress in almost all of our conduct and actions. Therefore, (In order to relieve the minds of the virtuous inhabitants of America, and those of this County in particular, engaged in the common cause,) we, the subscribers, do most solemnly and sincerely promise, that we will, hereafter, in all cases implicitly obey all orders and instruction enjoined on us by our Provincial and Continental Congresses, --that we will act in conjunction with the inhabitants of this and the neighboring Provinces, in the defence of American liberty,--that we never will take up arms against the Americans,--and that we will not, directy or indirectly, countenance, aid, assist, or by any means join with, any of his Majesty's troops in the present contest between Great Britain and America.
Given under our hands this 19th day of January, 1776:
Abrahams Daniel Bennett John R Cock John Davenport Francis
Adriance Elbert Bergen Derrick Cock Levi Davenport Lewis
Adriance Jacob Bergen Luke Cock Stephen Davenport Samuel
Albertson Daniel R Bergen Peter Cock Thomas Dean Jacob
Allen Andrew Bergen Richard Cock William Demott Abraham
Allen Baruch Bergen Tunis Colden David Demott Michael
Allen Daniel Birdsall James Coles Hubert Denton Isaac
Allen Darius Birdsall John Collins Nehemiah Denton Samuel
Allen John Birdsall Joseph Collins Thomas Detmars Douwe
Allen Robert Birdsall Joshua Collins Timothy Detmars Isaac
Ammerman Isaac Birdsall Oliver Colwell Harvey Dodge Joseph
Ammerman Isaac Jr. Birdsall Samuel Combs John Dorland Garret
Ammerman John Birdsall Thomas Coombes Nathaniel Dorland Thomas
Ammerman Nicholas Boerum Aury Coombes Samuel Dorlon Ellis
Ammerman Paul Boerum John Coombes Thomas Dorlon Joseph
Baldwin James Bond Jacob R Cornelius Jonathan Doty John
Barton Elijah Bond Peter Cornelius Moses Doty Samuel
Beagle Sylvanus Brewer Richard Cornell Charles Doty Downing
Beal James Brinkerhoff George Cornell Elijah Doty Benjamin R
Bedell Abijah Burns Michael Cornell Sylvester Doxsey Jacob
Bedell Benajah Burtis Benjamin Cornell Thomas Dulin Benjamin
Bedell David Burtis James Cornell Timothy Dunbar John
Bedell Doremus Callas Stephen Cornell William Dunbar Joseph
Bedell Jacob Callas Carman C Corsboom David Duryee George
Bedell Joseph Callas Israel Covert Johannis Duryee John
Bedell Silvanius Callas John R Covert Tunis Duryee Rulef
Bedell Silvester Callas Samuel Covert William Elder Luke
Bedell Uriah Carpenter James Curtis William Eldred Israel
Bennett Isaac Clement Stephen Dalon Benjamin Eldred James