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Contributed by Frank Parise

Citizens Hose Co. No. 1

The First One Hundred Years

A brief history of Citizens Hose & Engine Company

Citizen Hose Company was founded March 24, 1902 by a group of younger members from Electric Hook & Ladder Company No. 1.

There first meeting was held at the Real Estate Office of Harry C. Davenport. This was the old Combs building on the corner of Lord and Bayview Avenue.

The fire fighting unit was name Citizen Hose and Engine Company. The first elected officers were;

President Harry C. Davenport
Vice President William F. Chave
Recording Secretary J. Frank Smith
Assistant Secretary Frank A. Craft
Financial Secretary Charles A. Schlief
Treasurer Alexander C. Wanser
Foreman Charles H. Bowker Jr.

The Company was very successful at tournaments and to this day holds the World's Record for Horse Drawn Hose, won at Flushing in 1917.

In March of 1910 the Citizens Hose & Engine Company and the Electric Hook and Ladder Company merged to form the Inwood Fire Department.

Charter Members Citizen
Hose & Engine Company No. 1
of Inwood

  • Theodore Bowker
  • Charles H. Bowker
  • Frank Bowker
  • Frank Craft
  • William Chave
  • Herbert Cromwell
  • J.D. Crosby
  • Harry Davenport
  • Burton Horton
  • George H. Mott
  • J. Frank Smith
  • Cavlin P. Smith
  • Arthur Schlief
  • William Wanser
  • Alexander C. Wanser
  • Lewis Zerrico
  • Julius Weston
  • Lewis Schlief

First recorded Foremans Report

Foreman's Report
July 14, 1902

Fire at Chas. A. Pearsall's residence on Grand Central Ave. Cause Gasoline Stove. Alarm was given by Electric Hook & Ladder Co's Bell. Citiz. Hose & Engine Co. responded, and were on the scene in five minutes from the time the alarm was given. On arriving found fire had been extinguished by the use of Kil. Fire dry powder extinguishers. No water having to be used. Company taken up hose and returned to fire house.

Roll Call
Frank A. Craft
Asst. Sectary
Chas. H. Boker Jr.

Excerpts of early minutes

Minutes 4/3/02
Committee be appointed to obtain sample hose and prices - carried
J. H. Cromwell
Calvin P. Smith
Harry Bowker
Next meeting next Monday at Combs Hall
Frank A. Craft
P. E. Sec.

Minutes 4/10/02
Amend to Section 1.
The entrance fee for active members shall be two dollars ($2.00) and monthly dues of ten cents ($.10)
Frank Craft
Frank A. Bowker
Arthur Schlief
Received prices and samples from Eureka Hose Co. Committee be appointed to purchase stationary using there judjment in regards to same
F. A. Craft
P. E. Sec.

Minutes 4/26/02
Committee received from F. H. Seaman that he will furnish wagon for $290.00 including gong and lantern
Motion made that a committee be appointed to wait upon Electric H&L Co. in regard to purchasing their hose and offer $10.00 for same and carried. Motion made and seconded that a committee be appointed to see what Hose Carriage and outfit can be secured for and also figures from other firms. Carried
Bert Horton
Calvin P. Smith
Wm. Chave
Wm. Wanser
Motion to pay for 1 doz. Hats $36.00
Motion to pay Andeerson S. James $9.58
Receipt of evening $1q9.30
Motion to ajourn until two weeks from date
Frank A. Craft
Asst. Sec.

Minutes 5/12/02
Motion to order 30 badges @ $.60 each less 10% and 3 extra gift badges @ $1.20 each less 10%
Motion made that 3 hat fonts be ordered @$1.00 each less 10%

Minutes 6/6/02
Motion to pay E.F.H. Co. $275 for 500 ft. of hose

Minutes 7/13/02
Meeting held in meeting room with President Davenport in the Chair
Harry Bowker reports that fire at Chas. Pearsall was damaged to the extent of $200.00
Motion to appoint a committee to purchase a Hose Carriage price not to exceed $170.00
Alex Wanser
Harry Bowker
Arthur Schlief
J. Frank Smith Sec.

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