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The following appointments have been made for this Town.

1Clinton JamesWantagh
2Alexander FowlerBellmore
3Charles SeamanSmithville South
4Sylvanus MottFreeport
5Richard De LapFreeport
6Townsend BaldwinHempstead
7James F. De BeauHempstead
8Peter BourdetteBaldwins
9Richard W. PooleRockville Centre
10Charles Van De WaterRockville Centre
11John CollinsHempstead
12Stewart CorneliusHempstead
13Henry A. GraefPearsalls
14George D. NortonHewletts
15Abram FurmanPearsalls
16William Smith, Jr.Valley Stream
17John W. BurtisElmont
18V. Frank KavanaghLawrence
19John R. DuffusInwood
20William J. HinesFar Rockaway
21William McVeyOceanus

*Source- Taken from the Queens County Sentinel; January 28, 1892.


About the 1892 Census.
For New York:
The LDS Library can look it up the area that you are interested in on their computer. The film that I was looking at was for south Hempstead. The film # is 1976731; title Queens, New York State Census. I believe the other one is 1976730 for North Hempstead or Oyster Bay...? You have to order it and leave them a deposit. It takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive but then they hold it for you for about one month. Be sure to bring the district #'s that I posted here because it will be a great help in finding the location that you're interested in.

On this film there are only names, occupation, & age...there are no relationships, etc. that you would find on other census records.
Most people don't find this census very valuable but I think it's according to your individual needs.
I never could find my ggrandparents marriage date anywhere. This census gave me a clue. We always thought that my grandfather was an only child until I read the 1892 census; I found 2 girls, ages 5 & 3 yrs. old. As there is 'no relationship' column; I guessed that these were other children of my ggrandparents. I then subtracted the date of the 5 yr. old + 9 mos. and then went to the 1886 newspaper to find a marriage notice for my ggrandparents!

Remember, half the fun is in the search.


transcribed by Linda Pearsall Harvey 11/06/00