1. Jermiah Wood
  2. Mr. Carman-SeeCarman Family History -Website
  3. Richard Gildersleve
  4. Mr Rainer
  5. Mr. Coe
  6. Mr. Tappen
  7. Mr. Ogden
  8. Mr. Stickling
  9. Mr. Fordum
  10. John Lawrence
  11. Jonas Wood Halefax
  12. William Washbourn
  13. John Seaman and
  14. Robert Dean
  15. John Roads
  16. Richard Ogden
  17. Stephen Hudson
  18. Thomas Irland-Ireland Family-website
  19. Richard Valentine
  20. William Thickstone
  21. Nicholas Tanner*
  22. Richard Willits
  23. John Cornis
  24. Edmond Wood
  25. Jonas Wood Orum
  26. John Smith Jun
  27. Thomas Armitage
  28. William Rogers
  29. --
  30. --
  31. --
  32. Simon Searing
  33. Timothy Wood
  34. John Smith Senior
  35. John Fooks
  36. Thomas Foster
  37. John Lum
  38. Christopher Foster
  39. Samuel Clark
  40. Robert Jackson
  41. Thomas Wilks
  42. Robert Williams
  43. Henry Pearsall
  44. Moyles Williams
  45. Daniel Whitehead
  46. Joseph Scot
  48. William Thorne
  49. Thomas Shearman
  50. John Hews

    William Lawrence, Rober Ashman, and William Herrick are believed to be the missing three.

    The above taken from THE NASSAU COUNTRY HISTORICAL JOURNAL/A Quarterly Devoted to Nassau County Life and Letters./ Vol.XVIII/ Summer, 1957,/No.3


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    ** RICHARD DENTON, the founding minister of Stamford and erroneously referred to as such for Hempstead, was termed by Cotton Mather a Yorkshire man who had previously ministered there at Halifax Magnalia Christi I:398). Hempstead's present- day expert, Arthur S. Wardwell, has kindly sent for this article the names of Yorkshire men from Halifax and vicinity who were among the fifty original proprietors of Hempstead: Thomas Armitage {Bradford}+, John Lum and his half-brother JONAS HALSTEAD, John Strickland, the five Woods (Edmond {Shelf} Jonas {Oram}, Jonas {Halifax}, Jeremiah, and Timothy), Robert Dean, and Stephen Hudson; among the later arrivals there were the Rev. Richard Denton and his three sons about 1656, Richard Brutnell, Jonas Holdsworth, and Alexander Knowles. The discovery of Rock Smith's 1674 deposition and the use therein of the Scottish term "liner" is perhaps suggestive of a similar origin near the English-Scottish border.

    + The names in Brackets refer to the town or parish from which they came.

    **Taken from From FTM CD #173 Genealogies of Long Island Families., Vol. II, John Smith of Hempstead, New York, Beginnings of the "Rock" Smith Family.

    *WILL of Nicholas Tanner

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