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COUNTY: A county is a municipal corporation, a subdivision of the state, created to perform state functions; a "regional government. All counties are divided into cities, towns and Indian reservations.

CITY:A city is a unique government entity with its own special charter. Cities are not subdivided, except into neighborhoods which are informal geographic areas.

TOWN:A town is a municipal corporation and encompasses all territory within the state except that within cities or Indian reservations. Towns can be subdivided into villages and hamlets.

VILLAGE:A village is a general purpose municipal corporation formed voluntarily by the residents of an area in one or more towns to provide themselves with municipal services. The pattern of village organization is similar to those of a city. A village is divided into neighborhoods, which are informal geographic areas.

HAMLET:A hamlet is an unincorporated area in one or more towns that is governed at-large by the town(s) it is in. A Hamlet is divided into neighborhoods, which are informal geographic areas.

Postal zone:
(City and Town)
A postal zone "City and Town" is an administrative district established by the U.S. Postal Service to deliver the mail. Postal zone "City" and "Town" may or may not conform to municipal or community borders. Thus, postal zone location does not always determine city, village or hamlet location.

Desiia ted Place:A designated place is a term derived from the term "Census Designated Place" or CDP in censuses beginning with 1980. It replaced the designation (U) or unincorporated. A designated place is similar to that of a hamlet.

When western Queens became part of New York City, legislation creating the independent County of Nassau was passed by the State Legislature and then signed by Governor Frank Black on April 28, 1898. It provided that Nassau be officially born on January 1, 1899 and the Towns of North Hempstead, Hempstead and Oyster Bay, including what would later become the Cities of Long Beach and Glen Cove, secede from Queens County to form Nassau County. The Horse's Head Peninsula, which seceded from the Town of Oyster Bay on June 15, 1886, was already part of Suffolk's Town of Huntington. Today it constitutes the northern half of the Village of Lloyd Harbor. Remaining with Queens was the Rockaway Peninsula. The truck ladder house of the Mineola Fire Department Hook and Ladder Company was selected as the temporary home of the county at the Board of Supervisor's first meeting. In 1900, Governor Theordore Roosevelt (an Oyster Bay resident) laid the cornerstone of the first Nassau Courthouse, now known as the 'Old Courthouse.' The Nassau County Seal, with its golden lion of Flanders, bestriding a field of azure, encircled by seven gold bars or billets, is an adaptation of the Duchy of Nassau coat of arms. (See- The History of Nassau County's Seal)

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Source:Population of Nassau and Suffolk Counties 1900-1990