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Inno Di Mameli




  • History of the Catacombs ->In the first half of the second century, as a result of various grants and donations, the Christians started burying their dead underground. That is how the catacombs were founded

  • Roman Architecture -> Learn about -> Aqueducts; Public Baths; Theatres and Amphitheatres; and much more.

  • The Pisa ->-The History of Pisa

  • Italian Renaissance -> Renaissance Artists & History & their work

  • RAFFAELLO SANZIO ->Raphael -> best known for his Madonnas -> click on photos to see these beautiful pictures enlarged

  • Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)->Just a painter?

  • Leonardo da Vinci -> Mona Lisa a portrait

  • Leonardo -> art pages-> a list of the artist's work w/ pictures. Design for a Flying Machine -> bycicle -> clock mechanism-> Helicopter and much, much more.

  • Galileo Galilei -> proposed that the Earth and planets revolved around the sun for this he was critised and imprisoned by the Catholic Church.

  • The Risorgimento period=a time in the history of Italy of cultural and political change

  • The History of Rome ->Time-line format from 752->1960 The struggle for Italian independence

  • GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI ->The Anthony P. Campanella Collection of Giuseppe Garibaldi-> Giuseppe Garibaldi devoted his life to the cause of Italian unity.

  • Papal States -> also called the States of the Church and the Pontifical States

  • Vittorio Emanuele II becomes king of a new nation: Italy

  • The Columbus Navigation Homepage -> Examining the History, Navigation, and Landfall of Christopher Columbus

  • Emigration & Immigration -> Books on Ships arriving from Italian Ports to America

  • The Vatican Post -> Season of Gossip at the Vatican + links

  • Sicily -a Historical Review

  • Sicily - The early history


  • Sicily -> A very nicely done site with history & pictures here; the feast of Santa Rosalia, July 12-15

  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel -A history of Our Lady of Mount Carmel located on 115th Street -> the parish of the Italians in New York.

  • Italian Language Lessons Index- Also they have an Italian Surname collection-search or add your Italian surname----great!

  • Little Italy on-line- restaurant list and map; San Gennaro Festival

  • The Basics of Italian Cuisine->Many, Many, recipes
    Entrθe; Soups; Pasta; Main Course; Dessert; Salad/Side Order; Pizza;
    Sauces/Dressing; Snacks

  • The History of pizzaAn interesting story-> plus more*****

  • Pastry Wiz->Gelato-----!!!!! A little explaination of what a Gelato really is. Ever have one? --->It's delicious!!

  • The Italian Chef- Basic Marinara Sauce***
    Give this recipe a try, it's easy! Instead of using whole tomatoes,
    try using tomato sauce ex. Hunts.

  • Italian Cuisine-> To know and appreciate Italian food is to know the Italians, who have always been passionate about food.

  • Wine for Food
    *matching wine and food
    *Tasting Wine
    *Grape Varieties
    *Opening and Serving
    *Wine in Restaurants
    *Shopping w/ confidence

  • Italian Holidays- Festivals and Street Parties

  • Windows on Italy-
    Hypermap of Italy
    The Country
    The History
    The Constitution
    The Regions
    List of Towns
    Few Pictures


  • The Crazy Opera History-> Semiserious trip in Opera history. -> in 14 parts!! A must for Lovers of the Opera or those who would like to be. --> Don't miss this section: The collection of all the Opera of the Month Here you will find the story of each Opera -> Great Performers-> Curious things-> Musical Analysis-> Opera Sing-Along (Opera Karaoke?)-> and Discography.

  • Luciano Pavarotti-The Offical Website
    ->the association in our country, together with Luciano Pavarotti and the other great artists of this musical event, has decided to dedicate this evening of music to the War Children of these countries.


  • Italian-Americans-Famous Italian Americans + History of the
    Italian Language; Also great music!

  • William Paca -> signed the Declaration of Independence.-> Paca’s family was of Italian ancestry

  • PACA, William -> 1740-1799 From the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

  • Italian Tribube-featured stories on Frank Sinatra, etc.