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N. Y., 1793-1827.


Contributed by George D.A. Combes,
Rockville Center,L.I., N.Y.


SECTION A, 1793-1798

Jan. 15, 1797. Oliver Denton to Phebe Smith, both of Hempstead.
Jan. 29, 1797. William Seaman to Charlotte Degion, both of Hempstead.
Feb. 24, 1797. Peter Holmes to Nelly Langdon, both of Hempstead.
July 30, 1797. Jonas Abrams to Peggy Kile (Rile?), both of Hempstead.
May 19, 1798. Thomas Raynor to Nancy Smith, both of Hempstead.
June 21, 1798. Stephen Smith of Hempstead to Phebe Cooper of Westhampton, Suffolk County.
Oct. 21, 1798. Robert Wilson of North Hempstead to Nancy Patterson of Hempstead.

Section B, 1798-1805

June 24, 1802. Robert Collins of ________to Mary Hutchinson of North Hempstead.
May 22, 1804. Joseph Matthews to Martha Saman, both of Queens County.
Mar. 22, 1805. David Melvell to Abigail Veriety, both of Queens County.

Section C, 1805-1806. (no marriages)

Section D, 1806.

Sept. 2, 1806. Gilbert Johnson, Juner, to Elizabeth Mott

Section E, 1806-1808

May 10, 1807. Abraham Combs to Mary Langdon.
July 13, 1807. Thomas DeMott to Rebeckah Veriety
Aug. 24, 1807. George Nostrand of North Hempstead to Peggy Smith of Hempstead.
Feb. 29, 1808. Nethaniel Sands to Patty Lewis, both of North Hempstead.
Mar. 23, 1808. Charles Dorlon to Mary Mott, wd. of Benj.
July 6, 1808. Simeon Burtis to Fanny DeMott, both of Hempstead

Section F, 1808 - 1809.

Sept. 26, 1808. Harry Hagerman to Alice Shaw, both of Hempstead.
Mar. 4, 1809. William Combs, sener, to Philenor Mott, both of Hempstead.
Mar. 19, 1809. Timothy Smith to Hannah Pettit, both of Hempstead.

Section G. 1809-1815

Nov. 29, 1811. Thomas Ellison to Sally Smith Weight, both of Hemp.

Section H. 1815-1817

Oct. 7, 1815. Benjamin Denton of Hempstead to Deborah Manley.
Mar. 7, 1816. Lawrence Bond to widow Lettishe Pearsall
June 8, 1816. James Rhoades to Ann Raynor, of Hempstead.

Section J. 1817-1819.

May 29, 1819. Joshua Pettit to Elizabeth Pettit, both of Hempstead
Aug. 13, 1819. Samuel Johnson, Juner, to Martha Bedell, both of Hemp.

Section K, 1819-1821

Jan. 24, 1820. Benjamin Story to Hannah Homan, both of Hempstead.

Section L, 1821-1823

Mar. 20, 1821. Richard Carman, son of Elcana to Sarah Hutchens, both of Hempstead.
Oct. 31, 1821. Patrick Hulce to Maria Doxsey, both of Hempstead.
June 11, 1823. Walter Wailey to widow Mary Southard.

Section M, 1823-1826

Mar. 4, 1824. Micajah Raynor to Ruth Baldwin, both of Hempstead.

Section N, 1826-1828

May 6, 1827. Thomas Dorlon to Elizabeth Wood, both of Hempstead
May 19, 1827. Ezra Petit to Sarah Brewer, both of Hempstead.

*"In searching some of the older records in the Town Clerk's Office at Hempstead, N.Y., I came across a bundle of papers which are apparently the Court Minutes of Justice William Mott, and which give a record of his acts while in office a period of over 30 years, from 1793 to 1828. The papers a5re arranged in small book form, sewed together, and each bundle is marked with a letter, from A to N, evidently for reference, as there is also an index, which, however, I found to be somewhat incomplete. The matter contained in these papers consists mainly of the petty trials in Justice's Court of the period, but there are a few marriages, which I think may prove of interest to genalogists, as they are probably unknown. I therefore copied off all the marriages to be found in the records, and enclose a copy of same herewith. There is also a Marriage and Birth Register, beginning in 1847 and ending in 1849, which, as it antedates the present existing Vital Records by some 35 years, contains valuable data. (Sgd) George D. A. Combes."
Source: CD #173 Long Island Genealogies; FTM