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January 03, 1890, Friday

SIMONSON-LANGDON-At the F. M. Parsonage, by Rev. S. K. Spahr Dec. 22, Mr. Edward Simonson to Miss Esther Langdon, both of Pearsalls.

Mr. Jos. L. Ashmead and Miss Carrie Alice Crandal

Mr. Smith N. Carpenter and Lettie D. Frederick.

Rev. Joseph T. Duryea, the well know Presbyterian divine, was married in Omaha, Tuesday to Miss Anna S. Plumer.


Carrie Cornell, to Frank Thilberg The sudden disappearnce of Miss Carrie, the seventeen- year-old daughter of John Cornell, with Frank Thilberg has caused more than a ripple of sensation of late. It appears that the girl, who is highly respected, left home for the Presbyterian Sabbath School last Sunday, as her parents supposed, but instead rode off with her lover to Jamaica, and there got married by the Methodist preacher. Mr. John H. Bedell and Miss Sadie Amberman, friends of the contracting parties acted as bridesmaid and groomsman. The daughter afterwards telegraphed to her parents of the event, when Mr. Cornell, as every father would have done, went to Jamaica and called on the officiating minister in relation in the affair, but, contrary to the report in Monday's Brooklyn Times, did not weep, but after getting all the particulars told the Reverend gentleman that he should have been more careful. Then he left in pursuit of the couple, whom he failed to find. Mr. Thilberg is a young man of 24 years, a farmer by occupation with pleasing manners and a good reputation and the cause of their adopting this plan of marraiage was, as Mr. Cornell suspects, the opposition he had to his daughter marrying too young, which is still the gentleman's only and greatest objection. Nevertheless, under the circumstances, he accepts the situation, and agrees with the adage, "what will be will be."

RHODES-Rockville Centre, Dec. 31, Amelia, wife of Langdon Rhodes, aged 51 years. Funeral on Friday at 2 P.M. at the Protestant Methodist Church, Rockville Centre.

UTTER-Rockville Centre, Jan. 1., Geo. R. Utter, aged 53 years. Funeral on Saturday at 1 P.M. at the First Baptist Church, Rockville Centre.

TRUSS-Rockville Centre, Jan. 2, Isaac V. Truss aged 51 years, 3 months and 6 days.

Inwood-The infant son of Gilbert Cromwell died on Monday last.

Rockaway Beach-Martin Shultz who has been afflicted with puenmonia, died suddenly on Wednesday. Mr. Shultz was well know on the beach, having been in charge of the Seaside Landing since the summer of 1876. He was Foreman of Seaside Hose Company, and many friends here are greatly grieved to learn of his death.

Seaford: The services at the M. E. Church last Sabbath evening were in memory of Nina Wright, the young daughter of Mr. Caleb Wright, who died quite suddenly last week. Addresses were delivered by Mr. H. L. Foote, Superintendent of the Sabbath School, Prof. A. L. Foote, of the public school, and Rev. Geo. W. Servis, the pastor. The services were of a very Impressive character.

Long Island: Charles Smith, of Flushing, mate of the schooner George Crowell was drowned in Hell Gate Thursday afternoon. The vessel capsized and Smith jumped overboard. Captain Haines was at the wheel. He clung to the tiller and called to Smith to swim to him. He went down while making the effort. The captain was rescued by a boat that put off from the shore.


MRS. ELIZABETH T. HICKS, who died at Westbury on the 21st of December, was one of the well known and greatly respected residents in Queens County. Although born in the City of New York, she spent most of her childhood and all of her later years on Long Island. Her father Whitehead Hicks, was a substantial Quaker merchant and real estate owner in the old Seventh Ward of New York, and was descended from the original Hicks stock of Long Island. Mrs. Hicks had a large circle of relatives and personal friends by whom she was greatly beloved because of her genial desposition and many noble traits of character, but she was best known to the old residents of the county through her life long connection with public and charitable undertakings with many of which she was identified even during her declining years, maintaining her interest and activity to the last. She was a life member of the County Agricultural Society, and when it established itself in a permanent location at Mineola, she exerted herself to insure its success. Associated with other ladies of the county, she helped to organize and perpetuate the Festival Association, which has ever since held an annual festival during the Summer Exhibition, and thus added many thousands of dollars to the Society's treasury, besides erecting on the Fair Grounds large and handsome Ladies' Exhibition Hall. She was also actively interested in Mr. Bergh's Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and several other charitable institutions in the city. Endowed by nature with excellent intellectual abilities, she had cultivated her mind by varied and exetensive reading and at the time of her death, although in her eighty-seventh year, enjoyed her mental faculties unimpaired. She was born in 1803, and in her twenty-first year married Benjamin D. Hicks, the son of Isaac Hicks, the wealthy Quaker merchant and ship owner of New York. Her husband died in early life, leaving her with one child, Benjamin D. Hicks, Esq. with whom she made her home, and at whose residence at Westbury she died.

JANUARY 10, 1890, Friday

SPRINGFIELD-Last Sunday the funeral of Mr. Chas. H. Mills took place, the interment being in the village cemetery. At the time of his death he, with his family, was visiting friends in the city. His death, though sudden was not without premonition, as his health had been precrious for some time, but immediate danger was not apprehended.

SPRINGFIELD-Daniel Rumph, who has for some days struggled with typhoid pneumonia, and who at times has given signs of improvement, with the hope of ultimate recovery, at this writing it is feared will succumb to the destroyer. Later-Mr. Rumph died on Wednesday, aged about 50 years. His funeral will take place to-day at one o'clock at the house and two at the M.E. Church, of which he was a member and a trustee.

Hiram Howe-The New York Tribune of Friday has a report of the death of "Little Hiram", well known in this county as a driver of trotting horses. He died at his road house near Coney Island, from Bright's disease, on Wednesday. He was adopted by Hiram Woodruff, and after the death of Mr. Woodruff he assumed control of Woodruff hotel and stables at Union Course. He prepared Lady Thorne for her memorable contest with American Girl and Goldsmith Maid. He drove a numer of celebrated horses in exciting races. He was a small, neat, jaunty, attractive man. He kept a chop house at Jay and Willoughby streets, Brooklyn, at one time. He leaves a wife and daughter.

Hempstead- Mr. John R. Anderton died on Tuesday morning. He had been ill with influenza, which terminated in pneumonia. Mr. Anderton was a bachelor, about 60 years of age, and was hightly respected by all. His sister kept house for him and he leaves her and a hephew a valuable estate.

Brooklyn- Last Friday Frederick Pope of Brooklyn went to Jamaica to look for work. He was unsuccessful and took a rapid transit train to Adamsville, to look further. As he was crossing the track at the latter place he was struck by an engine and instantly killed. He leaves a wife and ten children.

Pearsalls- An infant child of Winslow Forbes died on Tuesday.

Long Island- Truss-The funeral of Isaac V. Truss occurred on Sunday and was largely attended at the Baptist Church, of which deceased was an active member. Mr. Truss was a genleman highly esteemed by all who knew him and great sympathy is expressed for the bereaved wife and daughter. He was a veteran of the late war, being a quartmaster, 25th Regiment, N. Y. Volunteers. His health was shattered by his army service and for some years he had been nearly blind. (note: no town, village or hamlet mentioned)

Smithville South: Daniel Spates, son of Captain Spates, formerly of this place, died in Brooklyn last week of typhoid fever.

Long Island- Mrs. William Catheart, a well know resident of Queens, died suddenly on Monday morning from heart disease.

Long Island- Townsend W. Leek, of Whitestone, died last week at the age of 71 years. He had been in the employ of the Long Island Railroad Company as a pattern maker for over 20 years, and was an elder of the Presbyterian Church, and an enthusiastic worker in its behalf.

SPRINGFIELD-The marriage of Mr. Leonard Mills and Miss Medora Mills took place on Wednesday evening of last week. The pleasure of the occasion was marred by the death of an uncle of the bride, almost at the eve of the event, causing the friends and relatives who attended to feel themselves more as if in the chamber of death than the bridal hall.

JANUARY 17, 1890

CARPENTER-FARRINGTON-Rockville Centre, Jan. 6, by Justice DeMott, Mr. Daniel W. Carpenter, of Merrick to Miss Catherine E. Farrington, of Freeport.

WEEKES-JOHNSON-Brooklyn, Jan. 2, Mr. Edward Ferris Weekes to Miss Edna Ruth Johnson.

VERITY-COMBS-Baldwins, Dec. 8, by Rev. J. S. Serence, Mr. Samuel Verity, of Baldwin, to Miss Phebe E. Combs, of Valley Stream.

LEWIS-DORLAN-Lawrence, Jan. 1, by Rev. E. K. Fanning, Mr. James Lewis, to Mrs. Delaphine Dorlan, both of Hempstead.

SOUTHARD-HULSE-At the F. M. Parsonage, Rockville Centre, Jan. 8, by Rev. S. K. Spahr, Mr. Leander Southard, of Oceanville, to Miss Matilda Hulse, of Norwood.

Springfield- The marriage of Mr. John Watts to Miss Minnie Bownes occurred on Wednesday evening, Rev. Mr. Graham officiating.

ANDERTON-Hempstead, Jan. 6, John Anderton in his 62nd year.

GRIFFITH-Barrington-R.I., Jan. 14, Robert Feseaden, infant son of James H. and Mary W. Griffith. Interment at Barrington, R. I.

WRIGHT-Seaford, Dec. 25, Nina Adelaide, daughter of Caleb and Annie Wright, aged 10 years, 7 months and 3 days.

(1)-VOORIS-Springfield, Jan. 5, Alonzo S. Vooris, formerly of Seaford, aged 26 years, 3 months, and 20 days.

VOORIS-Merrick, Jan. 13, Jacob Vooris, aged 76 years, 6 months and 2 days.

Valentine-Merrick, Jan. 12, Mrs. Eliza Valentine aged 75 years.

AMBERMAN-Jamaica, Dec. 27, Leonard B., beloved son of Benjamin C. and Hattie A. Amberman, aged 6 months and 25 days.

McDERMOTT-Pearsalls, Jan. 7, Willie W., son of Walter W. and Nonie J. McDermott, aged 5 months and 14 days.

BOTHMANN-Rockville Centre, Jan. 10, Adolph, son of Adolph and Augusta Bothmann, aged 1 year and 4 months.

(2)-DIBBLE-Pearsalls, Jan. 12, Marshall C. Dibble, aged 73 years, 11 months and 12 days.

WOODSBURGH-Mrs. Sarah A. Abrams aged 41 years died Sunday night of puenmonia after a brief illness. The funeral services were held in the M.E. Church on Tuesday afternoon and the remains were interred in the Rockville Centre Cemetery.

WOODSBURGH-Miss Susie Ike, daughter of Charles Ike died of bright's disease on Thursday last after a lingering illness. The funeral services took place in Trinity Church, on Sunday, Rev. Mr. Martin officiating. The young lady had attained the age of twenty-one years. She was a member of Trinity Church and holds a sacred place in the memory of many friends.

Jamaica: Henry Cooney, of Queens, who was injured by being thrown from a horse some weeks ago, died on Sunday. His skull was fractured.

Long Island:
*Stephen Rushmore, aged 76, died at his home in Westbury, on Monday last, of cancer of the face. He leaves a widow and two sons; Dr. Edmond Rushmore, of Plainfield, N.J., and J. Howard Rushmore, formerly Secretary of the Agricultural Society.

Long Island: The wife of John Fogarty, of Bay Shore, died in the insane asylum at Yaphanks.

The wife of Hon., James Otis, died in New York January 4. She had been in poor health for several years and had only returned from Europe, where she had been traveling for her health, about four weeks ago. The interment was t Bellport, where Mr. Otis has a beautiful summer residence.

Franz Jann, a German aged about 60 years, while walking on the railroad track near Maspeth avenue crossing at Maspeth, last Friday morning a little before 7 o'clock, was struck by a locomotive and instantly killed. Jann was employed near the new tin factory at Laurel Hill and was on his way to his work when killed.

Jonathan W. Huntting, one of the oldest residents of the town of Southold, died at his home, Thursday, aged 87 years. He was one of the prominent men of the town, having held the office of Justice of the Peace three successive terms. He was also United States internal revenue assessor for some time and postmaster of Southold. He was active in every good work and was highly esteemed by his fellow citizens.

JANUARY 24, 1890

Woodsburgh: Mr. Chas. Brower is indulging in a little quiet smile over the arrival of a daughter.

PREHL-ABRAMS-At the F. M. Parsonage, Rockville Centre, Jan. 20, by Rev. S. K. Spahr. Mr. John W. Prehl, of Valley Stream, to Miss Mary E. Abrams of Woodfield.

North Hempstead: H. A. Berger, the station agent at Westbury, was married to a New York lady last week.


VETTER-Coe's Neck, Jan. 20, Stephen S., son of Clemence and Hannah Ann Vetter, aged 4 mos.

(3)HALLOCK-Baldwins, Jan. 17, Christiana, widow of the late Thomas Hallock, of Mattituck, aged 91 years.

MULHEARN-Far Rockaway, Jan. 18, Harry F., youngest son of Lawrence T. and Lottie Mulhearn, aged 1 year ad 22 days.

DAVISON-Freeport, Jan. 21, Percy son of Wilson T. and Jessie Davison, aged 2 years, 21 days.

GORMAN-Roslyn, Jan. 14, Thomas Gorman, aged 69 years.

HENDRICKSON-Hempstead, Jan. 15, Julia A. Henrickson, aged 81 years. Interment at Fosters Meadow.

HEGEMAN-Brooklyn, Jan. 10, Ann Eliza Hegeman, in her 81st year. Interment at Glen Cove.

MEIGS-Colorado Springs, Jan. 10, Marie Louise Meigs, daughter of the late Charles Austin Meigs. Interment at Manhasset.

(4)RAYNOR-Brooklyn, Jan. 6, Margaret Raynor, aged 47 years. Interment at Greenfield Cemetery.

*RUSHMORE-Westbury, Jan. 13, Stephen Rushmore in his 76th year.

SCHREBER-Westbury, Jan. 13, Mrs. Henry Schreber, aged 22 years.

SOUTHARD-Baldwins, Jan. 19, Maud L., daughter of Terry and Emma Southard, aged 5 years, 8 months and 17 days.

RAYNOR-Freeport, Jan. 19, Carrie R., wife of Martin T. Raynor, aged 30 years and 8 months.

(5)LANGDON-East Rockaway, Jan. 17, Agnes L., wife of Oliver Langdon, aged 26 years and 4 months.

BALDWIN-Baldwins, Jan. 18, Charles M., son of Charles and Eliza Baldwin, aged 2 years and 2 months.

(6)WATTS-Pearsalls, Jan. 16, Mrs. Lucinda Watts, aged 72 years and 3 days.

(7)ELDERT-Rockaway Beach, Jan. 19, Garret V. W. Eldert, in his 66th year.

Rockaway: The report that Daniel Spates had died of typhoid fever at Flatbush Hospital is confirmed by Supt. Arnold.

Mrs. Wm. Martin died on Thursday morning of consumption. She leaves a husband and seven children and was buried from St. Mary's Church on Saturday morning.

"Aunt Nancy Hubbard," a respected colored woman, died on Wednesday of last week, aged sixty-nine years. She was an earnest worker in the A. M. E. Church and had not missed a Sabbath service in thirteen years. Her husband was a soldier in the late war and a number of the veterans attended her funeral on Sunday.

Joseph Bernhard-The OBSERVER regrets to note this week the death of Mr. Joseph Bernhard, one of the most widely known and best loved citizens of this village. He was taken with the grip about three weeks age, but recovered. On Saturday last he determined to go to the city, and on Sunday afternoon he went to Sunday School. He returned home felling ill and grew steadily worse. On Tuesday he was unconscious all day and in the evening death came to his relief. Mr. Bernhard was Superintendent of the Presbyterian Sunday School for 21 years and has been Secretary of the Queens County Sunday School Association for many years. He was also a member of the Jamaica Rod and Rifle Association. He had been a resident of Jamaica for neary 30 years. His death has cast a gloom over the village.*(see Jan. 31, for more on funeral)

Wallace Curtis died Wednesday morning, Jan. 15, after a brief illness, from pleuro-pneumonia at his residence on Sea Side Avenue. The funeral services were held on Sunday at his late residence, Rev. John E. Fray preaching a very touching sermon. The interment was at Hempstead.

Long Island:
Luther Field, an old resident of Brookhaven town, and who had quite a reputation as a wood cutter, was found dead last Saturday in an old hut on the farm of Charles Randall of Ridgefield, near Yaphank. About a month ago Mr. Randall engaged him to cut wood and allowed him to live in the hut in the woods. He was sick with the grip for a week but refused to have a doctor.

Rev. Allen Bogart, pastor at Woodside, died of pneumonia on Wednesday afternoon.

Andrew Tappen, of Jericho, died last week at the age of 93.

JANUARY 31, 1890

Births/Christening Lawrence: Mr. John Boeth's little son was christened on Sunday at St. Mary's Star of the Sea, Mr. Riley and his wife standing as god-father and god-mother for the child. Mr. Cuncan's son was christened at the same edifice the day previous.

Mrs. George Ketcham made her husband glad within the past week by ushering into the world a girl of fine proportions.

SOPER-SMITH-Freeport, Jan. 26, by Rev. George S. Bell, Mr. Charles W. Soper of Rockville Centre and Miss Virginia Smith, of Freeport.

Dr. Philip M. Wood was married on Thrusday evening of last week to Miss Minnie Betz of New York, at the home of the bride's mother. Only the immediate relative of the bride and groom were present. Dr. and Mrs. Wood will reside in Jamaica.


(8)KEELER-Brooklyn, Jan. 26, Mrs. Mary A. Keeler, relict of the late Matthew P. Keeler, aged 71 years, 8 months and 2 days.

(9)GOLDEN-Freeport, Jan. 27, James K. P. Golden, aged 44 years, 8 months and 23 days.

(10)BUNKER-Norwood, Jan. 25, Charlotte, wife of Capt. Dumont Bunker, aged 49 years.

(11)PETTIT-Oceanville, Jan. 24, Stephen S. Pettit, aged 68 years, 11 months and 17 days.

(12)BAYLIS-Jamaica, Jan. 24, Ephraim Baylis, of Springfield, in his 55th year.

(13)WEBB-Hempstead, Jan. 29, Edwin Webb, M. D. in his 85th year.

Mr. Bernhard-A very large congregation attended the funeral services of the late Joseph Bernhard at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday afternoon last. Representatives from the various organization of the village and also from the Queens County Sunday School Association were in attendance. Appropriate remarks were made by Percy C. Bromfield representing the Association. Very great sorrow was felt thorught out the village and was manifested at the funeral. The children of the Sunday School feel that they have lost a friend. An eloquent memorial address was delivered by Rev. Lewis Lampman, who was for many years pastor of the church. An address was also given by Rev. J. howard Hobbs, the present pastor. The interment took place in Maple Grove Cemetery The pall bearers were John M. Crane, George L. Peck, Daniel Smith, Lewis L. Fosdick, Isaac C. Hendrickson, and John Fleming.*(see Jan. 24, for death notice)

John T. Bruce, one of the oldest residents of Woodhaven, died on Saturday afternoon. He was for years foreman of the Grosdean Agate Works. This is the fourth death in Woodhaven caused by the grip.

The grave was yet unsatisifed, and the demand came on Thrusday morning last for Voorhees Mount, after several days struggling with pneumonia. The following Sunday his remains were taken to the Elmont M. E. Church, where the funeral service took place in presence of a very large congregation.

The body of the man who was killed by a Long Island Railroad train at Blissville, Tuesday, was identified on Thursday last as William Quinn, of Springfield. His identification was established by Coroner Robinson through a letter found in the pocket of the dead man. He was a Carpenter, 36 years of age, and well known in Springfield.

The 12-year-old daughter of Capt. Baulair, of Ozone Park, had a fall on Saturday last while roller skating. Her head struck the walk, fracturing her skull. She died the same evening.

Much sympathy is felt for Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Johanknecht, whose three children were taken sick Saturday last with diphtheria. On Tuesday Ella, 16 years old, and Minnie, eight years old, died, Addie, 12 years old, is in a fair way to recover. The loss of the two girls, and both occurring in one day, was a terrible shock to the parents.

Westbury Mrs. Epenetas Lewis passed away last week at the age of seventy-seven years. She resided in Westbury more than thirty-five years. For many years she was an active member of the Methodist Church.

Mr. Edmund Rushmore, a wealthy Quaker, died at Westbury on Monday. He was two years older than his brother, Stephen P. Rushmore, who died a few weeks ago. The two brothers had lived together for many years, and it is thought that grief over the death of Stephen hastened the death of Edmund.

The two-year-old daughter of Mr. Julius Buttner, died on Saturday of bronchitis. Funeral took place Monday and the remains were interred at Lawrence.

John Southard, son of Henry B. Southard, of this place, died in Brooklyn on Monday. The funeral took place at his Brooklyn home on Tuesday, and the interment was at Greenfield Cemetery on Wednesday.

The little daughter of Alvin Rhinehart was called away on Friday. The funeral took place Monday at the Lawrence M. E. Church, Rev. Mr. Gillies officiating. She had reached the age of three years, was an interesting child, and her many companions are bowed in sorrow.

Long Island:
Mrs. Margaret Norris, wife of James Norris, who was formerly a slave, was buried on Monday last at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

Willie, the ten-year-old son of Herbert Hammond, a well known resident of Patchogue, was drowned in Perry's Pond Monday. The ice gave way under the skaters. George Kelly, of the same age as Hammond, also went down, but was taken out and resuscitated.

Edward Cowtan, an engraver in the watch case factory at Sag Harbor, committed suicide on Sunday of last week by cutting his throat. He was suffering from an attack of the grip and was probabily insane when the deed was done.

John Skidmore of Northport, who had a leg crushed and was otherwise injured by a falling log, died from his injuries last week.

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Transcribed and edited by ©Linda Pearsall Harvey