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March 03, 1892, Thursday

MURPHY-BEIRN-At the Church of our Lady of Loretta. Feb. 29, by the Rev. Father Boyce, Mr. Joseph Murphy and Miss Anna Beirn.

CARNRICK-Pearsalls, Feb. 22, Sadie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Carnrick, aged 10 years.

ELDRIDGE-Freeport, Feb. 23, Nellie M. Eldridge, daughter of John and Julia Eldridge, aged 6 months.

ENO-Wantagh. Feb. 19, Caroline F. Eno, aged 62 years and 8 months.

FISH-Bellmore, Feb. 18, Miss jennie Reed Fish, daughter of Elbert B. and Deziah Fish, aged 12 years and 11 months.

GILLEN-Valley Stream, Jan. 21, Charles Gillen, aged 76 years.

DORLAN-Oceanville, Feb. 4, Theodore M. Dorlan, aged 37 years.

MILLER-Baldwin, Feb. 23, Abram P. Miller, aged 49 years.

POWELL-Rockville Centre, Jan. 18, Elizabeth A. Powell, aged 62 years.

RHEINBERGER-Valley Stream, Jan. 11, Chas. J. Rheinberger, aged 77 years.

SUMPTER-Valley Stream, Jan. 26, Martha Sumpter, aged 5 months.

WARMUTH-Rockville Centre, Jan. 23, Jos. A. Warmuth, aged 5 years.

WOODWORTH-Hempstead, Feb. 29, Caroline R., wife of D. A. Woodworth.

MARCH 10, 1892; Thursday

ABRAMS-SCOTT-At St. George's Rectory, in this village, Wednesday, March 9th, by the Rev. Dr. Wm. H. Moore. Miss Mabel Scott, of Hempstead, to John Davison Abrams of Rockville Centre.

BRANTLE-WAGNER-Brooklyn, March 1, by Rev. Father Trankle, Miss Molly D. Wagner, of Rockville Centre, to Mr. Frank Brantle, of Brooklyn.

POWELL-BEASLEY-Brooklyn, March 7th, in the Sumner Ave. M. E. Church, by the Rev. J. O. Peck, D. D., assisted by Rev. James S. Chadwick, D. D., Emma Reynolds, daughter of L. W. Beasley, to Benjamin A., son of R. G. Powell, of Hempstead.

ZBOROWSKI-DESTUERS-Stous Falls, S. D., March 7, by the Rev. John A. Cruzar, William Elliott Morris Zborowski of New York and Meadow Brook, to Margaret Laura de Stuers, daughter of the late John Carey.

BROWER-Rockville Centre. Feb. 28, Catharine Brower, aged 56 years.

CONKLIN-Jamaica. March 4th, Adaline, widow of the late James Conklin, in her 80th year.

DAVISON-Pearsalls, Feb. 28, Mrs. Martha Davison, relict of the late Wm. Davison, aged 76 years.

ELLAMAN-Hempstead. March 5th, Barbara, daughter of Adam and Barbara Ellaman, aged 4(?) years, 4 1/2 months.

GRADY-Rockville Centre. March 1, Thomas Grady, aged 49 years.

HEGEMAN-City Island, March 3, Benjamin B., youngest child of Elizabeth and the late Benjamin Hegeman, in his 19th years.
Interment at Bayville.

LEWIS-Chaldingham, Eng., Feb. 26, Annie Maria, wife of Thos. W. W. Lewis, of Jamaica, in her 47th year.

O'BRIEN-Jamaica. March 7, Mary O'Brien, widow of the late Timothy O'Brien, aged 61 years.

*PETTIT-Hempstead, March 10th, Mrs. Elsie Pettit, widow of the late Charles Pettit, aged 93 years, 11 months and 23 days.
Funeral services, Sunday afternoon, at 2 1/2 o'clock, from her late residence, Milburn road, south of the village.

STORY-Rockville Centre, Feb. 25, Olive, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Story, aged 11 months.

WOOD-Amityville, March 7, Jonathan Wood, in his 75th year.

*PETTIT, ELSIE, widow of the late Charles Pettit, died this morning at her home on the Milburn road, in her 94th year. Her husband died about 10 years ago, in his 91st year. Mrs. pettit was a woman of well preserved mental faculties, excellent hearing and eye sight. She was born at Islip, and when about five years old moved to Hempstead, where she has ever since resided, occupying but two residences, 88 years in the home in which she died. She was married 75 years ago last June. The funeral service will be held on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, from her late residence, the Rev. S. N. Snedeker, officiating. The remains will be buried in Greenfield Cemetery.

MARCH 17, 1892; Thursday

BEDELL-WATTS-Rockville Centre, Feb. 23, by Rev. S. K. Spahr, Mr. Edward Bedell, of Hempstead, and Miss Francina Watts, of Woodfield.

HINGLE-COOPER-Hempstead, March 16th, by Rev. C. C. Smith, Mr. Richard Hingle and Mrs. melissa J. Cooper, all of Hempstead.

HENDRICKSON-ROECKEL-Fosters Meadow, March 9th, by Rev. J. H. Hobbs, Mr. James Hendrickson of Springfield, and Miss Clara Roeckel of Fosters Meadow.

SMITH-MOTT-At the home of the bride, March 16th by Rev. J. A. Davis of Hempstead, Frank G. Smith of Central Park, to Miss Mary Alice, daughter of Robert Mott of Merrick.

BROWER-Woodsburgh, March 8, Charles Brower, in his 81st year.

EDMONDS-Hempstead, March 13, Harriet Emma Louisa Edmonds, aged 17 yrs. 5 mos.

FICKEN-Jericho, March 11, Mary Ann Ficken, wife of Lewish Ficken, aged 80 years.

FUSSELL-Wantagh, March 12, Sarah G., wife of James A. Fussell, aged 56 years.

GILDERSLEEVE-Hempstead, March 12, Richard O. Gildersleeve, aged 74 yrs. and 4 mos.

HOMAN-Baldwins, March 5, Wilfred, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Homan, aged 6 mos.

MOTT-Valley Stream, March 8, Julia E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mott, aged 10 mos.

PINE-West New Brighton, S.I., March 7, Mrs. Elmira J., wife of Charles M. Pine, formerly of Hempstead, in her 77th year.

POWERS-Smithville South, March 7, Mrs. Annie J. Powers, widow of the late Bernard J. Powers, in her 58th year.

SMITH-Hempstead, March 10, Mahala Smith, aged 38 years and 10 months.

ST. PIER-Farmingdale, March 3, Samuel St. Pier, aged 66 years.

WOOD-Oceanville, March 8, Ann Eliza, wife of Matthias Wood, aged 55 yrs., 6 mos. 8 days.

MARCH 24, 1892; Thursday

CORSE-SMITH-Hempstead, March 19, by Rev. H. M. Cephas, Mr. David M. Corse and Miss Mary E. Smith, all of Hempstead.

CRAMER-HASEMANN-Elmont, Feb. 28, by Rev. J. P. H. Schweitzer, Mr. Henry Leopold Cramer, of Queens, and Miss Maria Emma Hasemannof Manhasset.

DOTY-SMITH-East Meadow, March 17th, by Rev. M. Y. Bovard, Mr. John Doty of Hempstead, and Miss Lydie Smith of East Meadow.

FENSKI-HASEMANN-Elmon, March 6, by Rev. J. P. H. Schweitzer, Mr. Carl Erdmans Fenski of Plattsdale, and Miss Minna Caroline Hasemann of Herricks.

GROVER-MULLER-Fosters Meadow, March 16, by Rev. J. P. H. Schweitzer, Mr. William Henry Muller of Valley Stream and Miss Regina Maria Muller of Williamsburgh.

KERNOCHAN-SMITH-Brooklyn, March 21st, by Rev. Charles E. Miller, Mr. George Kernochan and Mrs. Jennie A. Smith, formerly of Hempstead.

MULLER-BECKER-Elmont, March 14, by Rev. J. P. H. Schweitzer, Mr. Frederick Muller and Miss Eliza Becker, all of Hewletts.

VAN DEWATER-BURCHELL-Rockville Centre, March 16, by the Rev. George D. Hulst, Miss Ida B., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burchell, to M. Oakley Van Dewater, of Brooklyn.

BRUSON-Pearsalls, March 13, Joseph Bruson, aged 2 years.

CORNELL-172 Clermont Ave. Brooklyn, March 15, William Henry Cornell, in his 74th year.

DOTY-Merrick, March 15, John Doty, aged 75 years.

GILLARD-Freeport, March 23, Joseph Gillard, in his 62d year.

GILDERSLEEVE-Hempstead, March 20, Mrs. Elizabeth Gildersleeve, aged about 70 years.

HEWLETT-Merrick, March 19, Mary Elizabeth Clowes, wife of Whitehead H. Hewlett.

HEWLETT-Saranac Lake, N.Y., March 18, Van Wyck Hewlett, of Woodsburgh, in his 35th year.

HEWLETT-Woodbury, March 17, Miriam, daughter of the late John V. Hewlett, in her 79th year.

LYNN-Flushing, March 17, James R. Lynn, in his 63d year.

MANNERING-Rockville Centre, March 16, Edwin Hudson Mannering, in his 4(?)d year.

MURPHY-Queens, March 20, Thomas W., only son of Margaretta and the late Thomas Murphy, aged 21 years.

PEARSALL-Far Rockaway, March 14, Lulu, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Pearsall, aged 3 months.

RHODES-144 Putnam Ave., Brookly, Benjamin F. Rhodes.

WOOLLEY-Jamaica, March 19, Annie M., daughter of Josephine H. and the late William H. Woolley.

MARCH 31, 1892; Thursday

BRENKERT-VALTZ-Springfield, March 20, by Rev. J. P. H. Schweitzer, Mr. Henrich Brenkert of Springfield and Miss Caroline Valtz of Brooklyn.

LANGDON-MOTT-Rockville Centre, by Rev. S. K. Spahr, March 17, Mr. David H. Langdon, and Miss Alice Mott, both of Valley Stream.

LINDHL-AHLBURN-Roslyn, March 4, Oscar F. Lindhl and Josephine Ahlburn.

NASH-JACKSON-Rockville Centre, March 6, by Rev. S. K. Spahr, Mr. Lorin Nash of Queens, and Miss Agnes Jackson of Pearsalls.

BOND-Rockaway Beach, March 27, Thomas H. Bond, in his 38th year.

BULMER-Uniondale, March 25th, William F. Bulmer, aged 37 years.

CENTWELL-Great Neck, March 18t, Teresa Centwell, aged 16 years.

DELAMATER-Flushing, March 26, Mortimer Sterling, youngest son of Leander M. and Sarah E. Delamater, in his 8th year.

GILLARD-Freeport, March 22, Joseph Gillard, in his 62d year.

HEGEMAN-Baldwins, March 23, Elizabeth, widow of the late John Hegeman, aged 78 years.

LIVINGSTON-Far Rockaway, Isabella Livingston, aged 59 years.

MOTT-Westbury, March 14th, Julia A., wife of Benjamin T. Mott, aged 37 years.

STANTON-Queens County, Alms House, Barnum Island, March 23, Michael Stanton, aged 32 years.

WEEKS-Roslyn, March 20th, Homer W. M. Weeks aged 11 months.



Transcribed and Edited© by Linda Pearsall Harvey