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April 07, 1892

CORNWELL-Sands Point, April 4, Susan, wife of the late Captain John H. Cornwell.

DUNN-Albany, N.Y., Sunday, April 2d, Emeline, infant daughter of Rev. Charles E., and Emma Dunn, formerly of Hempstead.

LEGGETT-Hempstead, April 3d, Ames S. Leggett, aged 83 years.

McCARTHY-Mineola, April 6th, Kate McCarthy, aged 30 years.

PARMELEE-Port Washington, March 28, Horace J. Parmelee, aged 45 years.

STEGNER-Hyde Park, April 7th, Mary Stegner, aged 43 years.

SELEFF-Washington Square, April 7, William B. Seleff, aged 2 years.

THURSTON-Hempstead, April 6, John Thurston, aged 78 years and 2 days. Funeral on Friday, at 2 o'clock, from late residence, Fulton street.

TOWNSEND-Locust Valley, March 27th, Mirianna, daughter of William C. and Marianna Townsend, aged 6 months.

APRIL 14, 1892

FANCE-FREAM-East Meadow, March 27, by Rev. Wm. Platts, Mr. Alfred James Seymour Fance of N.Y. City, and Miss Sarah Elizabeth Fream, of East Meadow.

DENTON-Pearsalls, March 23, Robert S., son of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. H. J. Denton, aged 5 months.

JOHNSON-East Rockaway, March 28, Florence Edna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Henry F. Johnson, aged 1 year.

BOND-Rockaway Beach, March 27, Thomas H. Beond, in his 38th year.

JACKSON-Pearsalls, April 3, Mrs. Sarah Ann Jackson, aged 75 years.

POOLE-Oceanville, April 3, Evelyn, wife of Charles Poole, aged 22 years.

SCHLIMM-East Meadow, April 9, Martha C. Schlimm, aged 7 months.

SELUFF-Hempstead, April 6, William, son of Edward and Bertha Seluff, aged 2 years.

WALKER-St. Catharine's hospital, Brooklyn, April 10, Andrew J. Walker, aged 24 years.

April 21, 1892

ADAMS-EVERITT-Jamaica, April 17, by the Rev. Edgar Tilton, Jr., Carrie E., daughter of Benjamin F. and Mary E. Everitt of Jamaica, to Geo. L. Adams, of Freehold, N.J.

GILDERSLEEVE-SMITH-At the residence of the bride's aunt, the Misses Hall, Fulton street, Hempstead, April 20, by the Rev. Mr. Tracy of the Cathedral, Garden City, Mr. John S. Gildersleeve and Miss Maude E. Smith.

SHERWOOD-BADEMAKER-N.Y. City, by Rev. A. C. Morehouse, Mr. William F. Sherwood of Rockaway Beach to Miss Lucy Bademaker, of Sayville.

BLANKENHORN-Freeport, April 14th, Frederick Blankenhorn, aged 54 years.

BROOKER-Sea Cliff, April 15, Charlotte Emma Barding, wife of Albert G. Brooker, aged 28 years.

DAVISON-Brooklyn, April 11, Marion Catharine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Davison aged 1 year.

GILMAN-Flushing, April 17, in her 84th year, Julia Silliman, wife of the Rev. Edward W. Gilman, D. D., and daughter of late Professor Benjamin Silliman, Fr., of Yale College.

HITCHCOCK-Brooklyn, April 15, Margaret A. Hitchcock, widow of the late William H. Hitchcock, of Glen Cove.

NOSTRAND-Whitestone, April 13, John Nostrand, aged 81 years.

ROBERTS-Pearsalls, April 9, Maria, daughter of John Roberts, aged 3 years.

SOUTHARD-Seaford, April 13, Susan Southard, aged 85 years.

STORY-Oceanville, April 11, William Story, aged 70 years.

VORIS-Hollis, April 17, Carrie, wife of William Voris, daughter of late William Gregor.

WOOD, Amityville, April 13, Hannah, wife of Charles Wood.



Transcribed and Edited© by Linda Pearsall Harvey