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January 17, 1890, Friday

The following is the roll of honor of the Baldwins Public School from the report of the five weeks ending Jan. 1, 1890:

Grammar Department

A Grade-The two pupils most regular in attendance were Alice Pettit and Ettie Thomas. The two who stood highest in deportment were Alice Pettit and Irving Pettit. The two who stood highest in scholarship were Foster Sammerville and Ettie Thomas.
B Grade-Attendance, Lidie Thomas and Arthur Smith; Deportment, Lidie Thomas and Eddie Sprague; Scholarship, Eddie Payn and Arthur Smith.
C Grade-Attendance, Edith Ackerly and Blanche Raynor; Deportment, Blanche Raynor and Mamie Davison; Scholarship, Mamie Davision and Blanche Raynor.

Intermediate Department

A Grade-Attendance, Clarence Bourdette and Belle Miller; Deportment, Nettie Cornewell and Frank Southard; Scholarship, Nettie Cornwell and Lillie Valentine.
B Grade-Attendance, Durnett Filmer and Mamie Southard; Deportment, Mott Bedell and Daniel Carman; Scholarship, Daniel Carman and Forrest Dunbar.
C Grade-Attendance, Arthur Thomas and Caly Homan; Deportment, Florence Southar and Bertha Morse; Scholarship, Tillie Frevort and Florence Southard.

First Primary Department

A Grade-Attendane-Winant Pettit and Madeleine Badetty; Deportment, Clara Miller and Bessie Ramsbottom; Scholarship, Emma Webb and Madeleine Badetty.
B Grade-Attendance, Maud Pettit and Sammie Ackerly; Deportment, Allie Carrand, Lizzie Jones. Scholarship, Sammie Ackerly and Maud Pettit.
C Grade-Attendance, Forrest Smith and Willie Murray; Deportment, Emily Badetty and Kate Lawrence, Scholarship, Emily Badetty and Forrest Smith.

Second Primary Department

As a whole-Attendance, Walter Murphy, Wllard Thomas, Daisy Baldwin, Josie Miller and Clara Rhodes; Deportment, Thomas Farr, Thomas Carman, Clarence Carman, Walter Denton and Jennie Schuman. Lidie Thomas has been present during the whole of every session since September 1.

Howard F. Wilcox, Principal



Transcribed and Edited© by Linda Pearsall Harvey