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Genealogy Tidbits
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South Side Observer

Feburary 13, 1891

East Rockaway
A Lodge of the Ancient Order of Foresters of America has been formed here, to be known as Court Fidelity. At a meeting held last Thursday evening the following officers were elected: H. F. Johnson, C. R; Isaac Terrell, S. C. R.; W. E. Johnson, R. S.; H. Pearsall, Fin. Sec'y; S. S. Rhame, Jr., T.; W. Abrams, C. Abrams and J. Langdon, trustees; S. B. Simonson, J. W.; W. Wood, S. W.; L. W. Holmes, P. C. R.; H. L. New(ink smear), J. B. ; George Abrams, S. B.; Dr. Bulson, C. P. Representative were present from Court Peter Cooper, of Brooklyn; Court General Grant, of New York; Court Seaside, Pearsalls; Court Westville, Inwood, and the Freeport Court.

Alanson Abrams auction, Monday, February 23, Full particulars next week.

Smith Abrams is having the Charles Wright hotel remodelled and put in shape for conducting a first class hotel business. Ed. Valentine is painting and papering the interior, which presents a fine appearance.

October 30, 1891
(note: this page is in bad condition and has ink spots; I will omit the acres and amounts, any name that has an ink spot I will place a ? next to it.
Town Board Meeting
The Town Board met at Powell's hotel at Pearsalls on Tuesday, and granted Oyster Licenses as follows:

Lewis Pearsall
Nathaniel Pearsall
Charles DeMott and ?Alex Abrams
Eliza Jane Abrams
William Abrams
Daniel D. Thompson
James Watts
Valentine Watts
?Skureman Cornell
Elsworth DeMott
Joseph and Henry Wood
Joseph Wood
Tredwell Combs
Mathias Wood
John Bedell
Joseph Cornell
John Watts
John Abrams and Daniel D. ?Dorlan
Davison Langdon
Charles J. Watts
Oliver Francis
Oliver Abrams and Lorenzo Jackson
William J. Hall and Langdon Abrams
Richardson B. Combs
Robert Combs
George Mills
Jordan Carman
Henry Johnson
Jenny Johnson

December 11, 1891

John McKenna and family, who were rendered homeless by the burning of Wm. Wicke's barn, are now occupying Mrs. Mott's cottage near the post office.

Miss Katie Dardis, of Brooklyn, has been a guest of the family of Station Agent Booth for several days.

Howard Bishop has broken ground for the erection of a cottage on the Schmuck property.

There was a small attendance at the combination oyster supper, dance and raffle held last Thursday. Chas. Duncan was the unfortunate who won the horse.

Mr. S. P. Hinckley is again occuping his place on Central avenue recently occupied by Mrs. Van Nest.

Mr. Wm. Scott has been confined to his house for several days from severe illness.

John Quigly, of Brooklyn, has moved in the Cummings cottage on Lawrence Ave.

The annual election of Washington Hook and Ladder Company was held on Monday evening, resulting as follows: Chris Christensen, Foreman; Wm. Hoffman, Assistant Foreman; H. A. Fawcett, Secretary; Wm Scott, Treasurer; E. L. Smith, W. W. Jackson and E. E. Pettit, Trustees.

Protective Hook and Ladder Company met last Monday evening and nominated the following as candidates for officers for the coming year, to be elected at the annual meeting in January David Foster, President; J. Jos. Mott, Foreman; F. D. Doolittle, First Assistant Foreman; A. VanWagner, Second Assistant; D. L. Starks, Secreary; Wm. Roche, Treasurer, John Gaffney will be recommended to the trustees for Fire Warden.

Leander Pettit holds the record of champion eeler of the village. A few days ago he caught 18 pounds of the wrigglers, one of which measured 33 inches in length and dressed three and a quarter pounds.

Fred Mott, John Kane and Thos. Leech started Wednesday for Fire Island on a ducking expedition.

Mrs. Thos. N. Dutcher has been confined to her bed for several days past from severe illness but is now somewhat improved.

The funeral of Benjamin F. Norton was the first to take place from the Presbyterian Church which has been built about three years.

The slack season for business in Far Rockaway now being at hand, the sports and many others, who during the summer have no time for recreation, are seeking various forms of diversion. A popular one among some of those who own horses, with a reputation of being fast, is the frequent trails of speed possessed by their respective animals. Several races have taken place lately and two more are arranged for. One is a race to come off tomorrow at Reservoir Park, Pearsalls, between Richard Wynn's Banana Boy and Cornelius Craft's bay colt. Terms -two best in three, mile heats to road wagons. Stakes- Thirty large bags of oats. It is expected to be an exciting race. Both horses are considered fast and closely matched. Another trot to take place in a few days will be between Louis Pearsall's Last Chance, Theo. Pettit's Neversweat and Smith Decker's Bullrush. Mile heats, three in five, for a pair of heavy all wool blankets.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pretz returned on Tuesday from a week's western trip. They visited Mr. Pretz's old home at Allentown, Pa., where he had not been in nearly 20 years. Also spend a day in Chicago, where Mr. Pretz inspected the stock yards and great slaughtering establishments.

Joseph Brower, Del. Brower and Ed. Pettit returned from a few days gunning trip east in the Great South Bay. They bagged 101 ducks and Del. sho6t a noble goose. They report plenty of game.

December 25, 1891

Mrs. Smith Abrahams has sold her house on Denton Avenue to Mr. Calvin Abrams.

Accident- A serious runaway accident occurred on Saturday in which Mrs. J. Frank Fowler and her sister, Miss Ella Abrams, were the victims. They had been calling on their sister Mrs. J. A. Hutcheson, and were about to drive away when the pony took fright and rushed toward the railroad track when a freight was switching, Miss Abrams retained her presence of mind enough to realize that if the horse reached the track they might be killed and she managed to turn him sharply around. In doing so the cart was overturned and both ladies thrown to the ground. Mrs. Fowler's wrist was broken in two places and she was badly bruised. Miss Abrams escaped without any broken bones but it is feared that there are internal inujuries. She is suffering severely from the shock, but both ladies are recovering.

Mr. Arthur C. Smith has returned from Europe after an absence of five years.

Miss Wygant has been called away from school by the death of her mother. Miss Ada Conklin is teaching as a temporary supply.

Bowling-Another match game between the Freeport Bowlers and the Down Town Club took place Wednesday evening. The Freeport Bowlers had evidenly left their muscles or their skill at home, and although they won two games out of three, they lost the aggregate score, haveing only 1615 to 1721 for their opponents. Following is the score:
Down Town Club
C. D. Allee....131 96 149
Bert Smith.....169 135 157
M. W. Smith....128 128 177
H. E. Rider....150 119 182

Freeport Bowlers
C. W. Bedell....155 118 121
I. R. Smith.....143 130 122
H. Seaman......139 141 93
J. W. Rich.....166 137 150

The Freeport Bowlers go to Rockville Centre next Tuesday. They expect to make a better record then.

The coroner's inquest on the death of Elias Abrams was concluded Monday evening and a verdict rendered of death from paralysis.

James Sanford is paying a visit to his old friends hereabouts. Mr. Sanford is a war veteran and for the past two or three years has lived at the Soldiers Home at Hampton, Va. He says much in praise of the Government for the comforts and privileges provided at the Home for the old soliers.

Wood and Pearsall have bought a large sloop from Capt. Burr, of Oakdale. The boat was brought in the bay on Monday. It is nearly new and a well built craft. The new owners will use it in their oyster business.

Mrs. Miles Wood is about the first person here to be attacked by the grip.

Mrs. Wm. Hendrickson presented her husband a son on Tuesday.

Erreger's corner store opposit the post office, so long an eyesore, is being improved for the use of the new tenant, John Gibson.

H. F. Young has rented a cottage belonging to the J. M. Seaman estate.

Foster Smith has the contract to build the new school house.

Horace Seaman's hotel is being painted and repaired.

James Hoar is having a new barn built. William Abrams is builder.

William Wood Kinsey has rented and taken possession of Corenlius Amberman's farm on the Rockaway road.

William Mills is papa now. A young son.

A large balloon landed at Springfield on Tuesday about noon. A card bearing these words was attached to it: "Anyone finding this balloon please notify Prof. G. W. Larsen, Crandal's Corners, N. J." Samuel C. Styles, a local butcher, took charge of the airship and now has it on his premises.



Transcribed and Edited© by Linda Pearsall Harvey