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Abstracts of Wills Vol II 1708-1728

September 2, 1658. The last Will and Testament of NICHOLAS TANNER, of Rustdorp [Jamaica], made the day and date above written. Imprimis, my will is yf it please God to take me away, yf I doe not otherwise alter in ye meantime, that my son, John Tanner, living in Tolspidle, within Dorsetshire, England, shall have 30 sterling out of my estate. And my will is that if my son cannot be procured to come over, or not heard of,
the town where I live shall have the use of it for their general good. Provided they put in Securitie to send it to my sonn or as he shall come over to fetch it.
2. My will is that Thomas Ireland shall have five pounds. And Richard Everard's children, and Roger Lynn his boy, and John Rodes his youngest boy shall have ten pounds amongst them.
3. My will is that Bethia Mills shall have a cow and a calfe, and that she and her mother shall have ten pounds more betwixt them, to buy them clothes with.
4. My will is that Henry Pearsall's children shall have 5 shillings a peice. My will is that John Eazor shall have my share of the tackling and cart that is betwixt us, and my share of the hollowes. Henry Pearsall shall have my cloak, and Daniel Denton my suit of cloathes. Zacharias Mills shall have a calf. My will is that a beast shall be sold to buy some linnen to bury me in, and also a sheete and other things that shall be needfull; And the white faced cow killed at my burial and given to the neighbours. My will is that yf God take me away, and that I doe not otherwise alter in the mean time, that Henry Pearsall, of Hempstead, and Daniel Denton, of Rustdorp, shall be my executors. George Mills is to have all my cloathing except as above given.
Witnesses, George Mills, Timothy Halstead, Henry Pearsall, Daniel Denton. Quietus granted, June 23, 1666.
[NOTE.--An abstract of the above will is given in the preceding volume, but some fragments of the original will having been since found, it is here given nearly entire, as a curiosity.--W. S. P.]

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