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                                                                    Queens County Sentinel

                                                                       Real Estate Transfers

                                                                           March 10, 1892

Transfers of property in the Town of Hempstead:

Carman, Elizabeth to George Eldridge, Carman AVe., ajoing land J. Dorlan.

Van Nostrand, Daniel F. to Charles Boyle, Bedford Ave., Bellmore.

Atkin, Joseph to George A. Carman 7 3/4 acres at Lawrence.

Althause, Samuel B. Jr., to Henry Pearsall, Jr., 75 x 100. Far Rockaway.

Stebbias, George L. to Carrie L. English, Central Ave., Ocean Point.

Smith, George D. to Ruth A. Abrams, land at Pearsalls.

Abrams, Ruth A. to Calvin Abrams, land at Pearsalls.

Abrams, Hiram to Charles L. Pearsall, Grand Central Ave.

                                                                                          April 07, 1892

Laubenberger, Philip to Frank Place, Main st, w s, Kellum pt. 200x100 Hempstead.

Place, Frank to Ruth J. Place, Main st.  w s, Kellum pl, 200x100, Hempstead.

Laubenberger, Philip to J. Emory Barker, Franklin st., 1.750.6x270.6, Hempstead.

Hendrickson, Sarah J. to James F. DeBeau High st, n w cor Front st., Hempstead.

Wilson, Andrew F. to Charles W. Smith, Valley Stream.

Rider, Gilbert to Thomas P. Mulligan, 10 acres at Fosters Meadow.

Furman, Mary J. to Walter B. Wood, Morris av. adj. land W. W. Wod, Inwood.

Thomas, John T. to Harriet C. W. Thomas, 7 acres.

Stebbins, George L. to Peter C. Vandewater, Bay av, s e corn Grove av, Cedarhurst.

                                                                                           April 14, 1892

Bedell, Wm. to August Belmont, Columbia st, s s, Bennett av. Hempstead.

Same to same. Park ave. w s, 600 n Fulton st, 150x100. Hempstead.

Same to same, Bennett ave, s w corn Jackson st. Hempstead.

Same to same, Bennett av, n e s, 220 s Jackson at, Hempstead.

Duryea, John, et al, to Patrick J. Sullivan, Remsen st., 50x100, Hempstead.

Duryea, John et al, to Henry Smith. Dartmouth st, n s 50x 100 Hempstead.

Lane, Maria E to John H Van Nostrand, 38 acres at Franklin Square.

Abrams, William J. to Agnes Reyburn. 4 1/2 acres.

Schooley, George W. to William Longman, 1/2 acre at Rockville Centre.

DeMott, Crusilla F. to Frederick C. Dilthey, Nassau av. s s, Rockville Centre.

Palmer, Mary A. to Mary E. Gardner, Ocean av. Cedarhurst.

Binckley, Samuel P to Timothy Miskell, Lots 6, 7, and 8 block B map Cedarhusrt.

Homan, Adaline extrx to Daniel Lewis, 3/4 acre at Hicks Neck, Hempstead.

Same to same. 1/2 acre at Hicks Neck.

Randall, Mary A. to Jeromus Vanderveer, 25 acres at Hempstead.

Smith, Charles W. to James L. Abrams, Elizabeth av., Inwood.

                                                                                               April 21, 1890

Barnum, Sarah A. to Joseph Boyes, 14 acres at Hempstead.

Baylis, John C. to Jacob J. Verity, Jr. acre at hempstead.

Dietz, Mary to Julius Buttner, Daniel Mott road, Far Rockaway.

Duryea, John et al to Edward F. Cordett, Union Ave, 25x100, Hempstead.

Frost, Charles L. to Mary E. Davis, Plot at Hempstead.

Heubach, Amada W. to David V. Horton, 1 acre at Valley Stream.

Holloway, Cecilia to Randall & Miller, about 2 1/2 acres at Freeport.

Horton, David to William P. Horton, 1-2 acres at Valley Stream.

Same to Amandato Heubach, 20 108-1,000 acres at Valley Stream.

Horton, William P. et al, to same 18 795-1,000 acres at Valley Stream.

Jackson, Edgar, ref., to Bernard Jonas 36 acres at Hempstead.

Jackson, Mary to George W. Smith, Jackson Ave., Hempstead.

Musson, George T. to the Standard Land Co., About 7(? smear)9 acres at Fosters Meadow.

Neilson, Alfred to Margaret S. Hughes, Roanoke St., Far Rockaway.

Simis, Adolph, Jr. to William Kurtz, Bay View Ave., Far Rockaway.

Veckley, Margaretta to George T. Musson, 19 9-10 acres at Fosters Meadow.

Vernam, Florence G. to Benjamin W. Downing, Potter Ave., Hempstead.