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                                               Queens County Sentinel

                                                     Real Estate Transfers

                                          The following recorded transfers of property in the
                                                            Town of Hempstead:

                                                    January 07, 1892; Thursday
Allahen, James R. to Anna H. Jenkins, Denton Ave.,

Althause, Samuel B. to John T. Forrest,
35x09(?), Far Rockaway.

Buttner, Carolina to Joseph Irving, Far Rockaway.

Cooper, Edward to Adelaide A. Sherlock, About
one acre at Uniondale.

Downing, Benjamin W. to George H. Schiff,
mach(?). Woodsburgh

Hendrickson, John A., to John J. Drake,
6 acres at Rockville Centre.

Jenkins, Anne H. to Hannah H. Kelly.

Seaman, Allen to Mary V. W. Pearsall,
Plot at Woodsburgh.

Smith, George W. to John P. G(?)nasly(?) can't read.

January 14, 1892; Thursday

Abrams, William J. to Anna MacGowan,
Railroad Ave., Pearsalls

Duryea, Jno. to Ida Hodgson, Princeton St.,
25x100, Hempstead.

Friday, William H. to George D. Smith,

Jones, S. Margaret to Clarence E. Thomas,
Rockville Centre.

Matthews, Clarence to Charles Hottenroth,

Schiermeister, Charles to Menia Quist,

Seaman, Joseph A. to Mary A. Seaman,
Grove St., Hempstead.

Smith, Emma F. to Lillian D. Sealey, lots
at Pearsalls

Taeterow, Louis to William Taeterow,
20 acres at Bethpage.

January 28, 1892

Bessler, Fred, to Barbara Ochs. Rockaway Beach

Corwin, Frank L., to Charles H. Ryan, Fulton
St., east Bell st., 130x252

Healy, Edmund H. ref. to Cecilia Holloway.
2 1/4 acres, Far Rockaway.

Kaiser, Katharine L., to Fred. Bessler,
50x100, Rockaway Beach.

Pettit, Jennette to Union Free School,
No. 18, Hempstead.

Smith, James K. to James A. Seymour.
1 acre at Wantagh

                                                            February 04, 1892

Brokensha, William E. to W. S., McPheeters
31 acres.

Eldert, Luke to Ferdinand B. Hauck,
Hammels Ave., Rockaway Beach.

Freeport M. E. Church to Morris Miller,
Main St., Freeport

Hickox, John H. to George T. Sprague,
about 7 acres.

Maier, Charles to John F. Main.
Atlantic Ave., adj. land C. Maier.

Peasell, Carman trustee to Morris Miller,
Main St., Freeport

Rhodes, Amietta to James S. Wright,
2 acres at Norwood.

Rhodes, William to Frank M. delly,
30 1/4 acres at Norwood.

Wright, James S. to same. 7 3/4 acres.

Wright, Maria to Frank M. kelly,
26 25-100 acres

                                                                February 11, 1892

Combs, Edward S. to Elisha Raynor,
10 acres.

Cornell, James to Thomas Cornell,
2 acres.

Henderson, Cornelius to Caroline Henderson.
3/4 acres.

Kernochan, Catharine L. to Susanne B. Carroll.
5 3/4 acres at Hempstead.

Mott, George A. to Henry Lotze.
Village Ave., Rockville Centre.

Mott, Harriet G. and ano. to John M. Smith

Sprout, Emma to Adolph Lowenthal.
Main St., Pearsalls.

                                                                      February 25, 1892

Althause, Samuel B. Jr., to Althause Pearsall,
Clinton St., Far Rockaway

Cachran, Thomas to Daniel Van Buskirk,
Scranton Ave., Valley Stream

Cornwell, Austin to Martha S. White,
10 acres at Oceanville.

Davison, Henry to Phebe A. Rider,
Rockaway Ave., East Rockaway

Duryea, John et al. to George F. Rundle,
Union Ave., 25x100

Hendrickson, Sarah J. to John R. McLean.
Franklin and Orchard Sts.

Hummel, Amelia E. to Absalom W. Dieter,
Franklin St., corner Dannat Place.

Same to Same, Dannat Place
corner Terrace avenue, 212x204(?).

Layton, Sidney W. to Henry W. Ketcham.
Bennett Ave., near Columbia Ave.

Jones, Walter H. to Ella L. Jones,
Rockville Centre

Ketcham, Nathaniel to Deborah Sargent,
Park Ave., Rockville Centre

Nostrand, Adelia to Thomas Henderson,
Centre Ave., Far Rockaway

Raynor, Elisha to John J. Randall,
86 acres at Freeport.

Raynor, Daniel B. to Samuel R. Smith,
rulton St., Freeport

Rhodes, Jane to Frank M. Kellogg
25 acres.

Rockville Centre Baptist Church to Carman Smith,
Rockville Centre

Rope, William W. to Rebecca R. B. Tracy,
Gorton Ave., Rockaway

Schmuck, J. Carl to the First Presbyterian
Church of Far Rockaway. John St.

Smith, Carman to George Wallace,
Village Ave., Rockville Centre.

Smith, Eugene P. to George W. Smith.
Grove St., adjoing land C. DeMott.

Smith, George B. to Julius F. Wiegel,
Main St., Freeport

Same to Same, Main St., Greenwich Point.

Van Deusen, Phebe to Joseph Schutz,
Centre Ave., Rockville Centre

Van Wahl, Eva H. to John H. Combs.
Laurel Ave., 78x141.

Wallace, Edwin to Julia H. Leighton,
Rockville Centre

Wood, Carman S. to John Lynn.
182-100 acres.

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