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August 04, 2003
LynbrookSome old pictures (courtesty of Jim Pearsall) Can you identify anyone in these pics?

August 04, 2003
MinistersMinisters of the Sand Hole Church and its successor Church

August 03, 2003
WOODMERE Short History of Woodmere, plus some old pictures (courtesy of Jim Pearsall) can you identify anyone in these pics?

March 16, 2002
Civil War-Two flags were presented to Co. H 119th Regiment. A letter from a soldier tells of their travels. Some abstracts from the Queens Sentinel regarding the war. A muster roll of the men who volunteered in Co. H.

February 03, 2002
Robert Williams-Robert Williams purchased on May 20, 1648, from Pugnipan, Sachem of the Matinecock Indians, the plains area known as the Williams Plantation for a quanity of trading cloth. Hicksville, Plainview, part of Jericho, Woodbury and Bethpage.

February 03, 2002
Hicksville - History of Hicksville

Ocotber 24, 2001

Inwood-Directory of Inwood abt. 1898

The Rev. Dr. Roby F. Day of Inwood's St. Paul's church

Article of Rev. Dr. Roby Day's 25th Anniversary at St. Paul's church

October 23, 2001
DECEMBER 1890- South Side Observer-marriages & deaths

October 5, 2001
NOVEMBER 1890- South Side Observer-marriages & deaths

October 4, 2001
BIOGRAPHIES of some Nassau County people.

October 4, 2001
OCTOBER 1890 South Side Observer-marriages & deaths.

October 3, 2001
SEPTEMBER 1890 South Side Observer-marriages & deaths.

October 2, 2001
AUGUST 1890- South Side Observer-marriages & deaths.

January, 2001
Revolutionary Incidents of Queens County -> Henry Onderdonk, Jr., in numerical order, not page numbers, but each number is an 'incident'.
Under "Provincial Forces of North America"; I've added a page for Col. Birch of the 17th Regiment Light Dragoons, and the way he treated the people of Hempstead.

Elias Hicks-Elias Hicks was born on March 10, 1748, at Rockaway, Long Island

Nov. 26, 2000
THE SEABURY FAMILY -Associated w/ St. George's Church

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, JAMAICA -The First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica was organized in 1662. They had settled first in Hempstead, but moved to Jamaica in 1656.

South Side Observer October 29, 1886-Marriages & Deaths

Obituary of the Rev. S. F. Johnson- April 30, 1886

QUEENS SENTINEL March 03, 1892-March 31, 1892; Marriages & Deaths

THE NASSAU DAILY REVIEW Dec. 24, 1929; Jan. 03, 1930- Marriage licenses & deaths.

The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut -January 19, 1776 New!

REAL ESTATE--On the page LAND SALES are lands that were auctioned due to non-payment of taxes. Owners names are listed as well as those names whose land borders the property that was being auctioned. See page 1892 Census for Dist. #'s. The District Nos. may not correspond exactly because of the date of the land sales being 1886 and the Census enumeration Districts date is 1892; the polling Districts are for 1891. See POLLING PLACES

If you would like to view maps for areas in the Town of Hempstead please see the Brooklyn Information Pages: MAPS FOR HEMPSTEAD
Some of these maps have the names of the people and what street they lived on.
For Ex.; P. C. Barnum (under Bedell, Green M.) the Dist. # is No. 2, Smithville South was/is Bellmore and part of Merrick. See Map MERRICK
Here you will see how much land P. C. Barnum owned.

Over the course of time names of some of the hamlets, villages or areas changed.
See L.I. Towns, Villages & Hamlets for name changes.

The above section was added in October of 2000.

Remember-Half the fun is in the search.

Next is the Early Vital Records for St. George's Church; Hempstead. Vitals-1704-1784.

The above was added Nov. 06, 2000.

More additions have been made to the South Side Observer for January 1892

Addtional page to St. George's The Rectors of St. George's- Also Wardens & Vestrymen.

If you happen to be interested in the "Annals of Hempstead"; a new page has been added to that also.

Another 'new section' is ANTIQUITIES OF HEMPSTEAD CHURCH. Preface - A little history of the churches and faiths in Hempstead.
Part II, starts with the introduction of the Friends.


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