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The 11th US Cavalry camping at Newport NYThis postcard is postmarked 1908. It shows the 11th U.S. Cavalry camping at Newport, NY. The message on the back of the card says: "We had a big time the day the soldiers were here. The crowd made a fellow think of the days when we had the Fair here. They camped down below the old Fair Ground. An Ideal place."

Memorial Park at Newport NYThis postcard shows the entrance to Memorial Park.

Newport Octagon House The Octagon House was built in Newport, NY, by Linus Yale for his daughter, Chlotilda and her husband, Ira Lillibridge Cady who lived in the house from 1850 to 1856. When this photo was taken, the house belonged to Clara Jones. It is one of several buildings in Newport that are on the New York State and National Registers of Historic Places.

Three Islands A postcard mailed in 1929 showing The Three Islands, one of twin Italiante houses designed by Alexander Jackson Davis and built in limestone by brothers-in-law Stuart Perry and William Sweezy.

The Green Teacup Inn A postcard mailed in 1924 showing The Green Tea Cup Inn.

Newport Graded SchoolPhotograph of the Newport Graded School taken by Henry M. Beach of Remsen, NY. Beach was a traveling photographer who documented many of the village streets and buildings of upstate NY in the early 1900's. No date on this card.

Newport Village School Children in 1914 The Newport Village School Children at the Centennial in 1914. This postcard was given to Shirley Mullen by her classmate, Elizabeth.

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