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Mrs. Metcalf, Mrs. Jenkins, Gail Metcalt and Mrs. P. WilliamsThe following photos have been donated to the Newport History Center in Newport, NY. Fortunately these photos either arrived with some identification or our volunteers at least partly identified them after they got here. We would be grateful for any additional information that you can give us.

This photo was dated Easter Sunday 1949 and it was taken on the lawn at Mrs. Jenkin's house. They are Mrs. Metcalf, Mrs. Jenkins, Gail Metcalf and Mrs. P. Williams.

a group of peopleThis is one of several photographs or cyanotypes of this group of people that have been donated to the Newport History Center. The back of the photo says Mr. and Mrs. John Brayton, Mr. and Mrs. William Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cruikshank, John Knight, Maria Fenner, Mr. and Mrs. John Fenner and Carrie Knight?

fieldstone building This is a photograph taken in 1930 of a fieldstone building. There is a date on the photo but there is no information about the building. If you recognize the building in the photo, we would like to hear from you.

Update: The building has been identified as Lowery Castle at White Creek. This fieldstone castle was built in the 1920's by Marklove Lowery, a landscape achitect from Utica, NY. It was built from local limestone salvaged from the foundations of abandoned buildings in the hamlet of Old City. The building became such a popular tourist destination that the Lowery family couldn't live in it. People picked flowers in the yard and walked in the house uninvited. The home was abandoned and eventually deteriorated.

small school buildingThis photograph shows the White Creek School. There is no date on the photo.

cider millThis is a photo of the Barney cidermill. If you think that you know who the woman in the photograph is, we would like to hear from you.

sawmillThis is a photo of the Fred Howe/Frank Fitch sawmill taken from the back of the Wooster home. The railroad station is to the left of the bridge. The sawmill burned down about 1900.

young man in Poughkeepsie NYThis photograph from a stereoview shows the Newport Cornet Band. If you recognize any of the young men in the photo, we would like to hear from you.

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