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town of Wheatfield, Niagara County.

Landowners as listed on the 1860 village map.

The map has a business directory listed, which I suspect was a paid advertisement type of thing.

Some names are listed more than once, indicating more than one establishment owned.

* = unreadable
** = unnamed
B.S. = Blacksmith
Est = Establishment
Res = Residence
S.H. = School House
S.M. = Saw Mill

Business Directory

Surname                 Name            Remarks

*                       *               Merchant Tailer
d Rohr                  *               Clergyman
Kendt                   Chas            Dealer in Groceries + Drygoods at St Johns Burgh
Leopold                 Aug             Merchant, Tailor + Dealer in Drygoods + Groceries
Sly                     J.              Postmaster + Justice of Peace
Wolf                    Christian       Dealer in Drygoods + Groceries

Marked on the map:

Surname                         Name            Street          Remarks

*                               Mr.             Niagara
*obengiesser                    A. G.           **
Albrecht                                        Washington
Albrecht                        F.              Niagara
Arms                            H.              **
B. S. Sh.                                       Luther
Beorold                         A.              Niagara
Beuter                          J.              Cayuga
Bitau*                          P.              Cayuga
Blum                            C.              Rohr
Bouning                         C.              Hunt
Bouning                         C.              Hunt
Cabin Sp                                        Cayuga
Cammear                         Mrs.            Niagara
Caving                          H.              Washington
Cem                             J.              Cayuga
Cemetery                                        Binkley
Church Property                                 Luther
Church Property                                 Washington
Cumbert                         C.              Washington
Cunrad                          C.              Washington
Cunrad                          C.              Washington
Engel Est.                                      Washington
Evangelican Luth Church                         Luther
Ferchen                         Mrs.            Niagara
Fisher                          C.              Washington
Goers                           J.              Cayuga
Gors                            W.              Niagara
Grosman                         W.              Cayuga
Hoffmeister                     D.              Washington
Hoffmeister                     D.              Washington
Hoffmeister                     F.              Cayuga
Hoffmeister                     T.              Washington
Jagow                           A.              Niagara
Kicnhobel                       J.              Cayuga
Klee                            F.              **
Krul                            F.              Washington
Logee                           P.              Niagara
Logee                           P.              Niagara
Mehwaldt                        *               Niagara
Meier                           C.              Hunt
Miller                                          Niagara
Moll                            F.              **
Moll                            F.              Washington
Moll                            L.              **
Neubauer                        *               Luther
Parchert                        E.              Washington
Parchert (Taylor)               E.              Niagara
Parsonage                                       Niagara
Plaster                         H.              Washington
Plaster                         H.              Cayuga
Probst                          C.              Niagara
Rossow                          Mrs.            **
Sack                            C.              Cayuga
Salenger                        J.              Cayuga
School House                                    Luther
Schular                         W.              Niagara
Schults                         C.              Niagara
Seeband                         Mrs.            Washington
Shop                            W. W.           **
Sly P. O.                       J.              **
Store + Tailor Sh.                              Niagara
Store Wolf                                      Niagara
Strange Est.                    Dr.             Niagara
Strasburg                       G.              **
Vulker                          C.              Washington
Wagere                          W.              Niagara
Wegert                          W.              Cayuga
Wolf                            C.              Niagara
Wolf                            F.              **
Wolf                            G.              Niagara
Zabel                           A.              Cayuga
Zabel                           C.              Niagara
Zabel                           W.              Cayuga
Zahl                            F.              Niagara
Zahl                            F.              Niagara
Zimmenzorf                      P.              Niagara
Zimmerman                       W.              Niagara

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1860 maps of Niagara County transcribed by Gail Allore. (Please thank her for her work!)