in the town of Niagara, Niagara County.

Landowners as listed on the 1860 village map.

The map has a business directory listed, which I suspect was a paid advertisement type of thing.

Some names are listed more than once, indicating more than one establishment owned.

It must be noted that all buildings at the time are marked on this map, but only the following few were identified.

* = unreadable
** = unnamed
B.S. = Blacksmith
Est = Establishment
Res = Residence
S.H. = School House
S.M. = Saw Mill

Business Directory

Surname                 Name            Remarks

Atwood                  Amasa           Prop of Western Hotel
Barthan                 Ch.             Prop of Barthan House
Bates                   Wm. D.          Prop of United States Hotel
Behr                    T. C.           Prop of River Hotel and Bathing House
Brooks                  A. S.           Attorney and Counsellor
Chappell                E. T.           Prop of American Hotel
Cook                    R. D.           Prop of Mouteagle House
Cott                    L.              Resident
Fisk                    John            Resident
Hulett                  Theodore G.     Justice of Peace and Attorney
Moulton                 F. W.           Prop of American Hotel
Neff                    J. F.           Dealer in Hardware + c
Pool and Sleeper                        Editors of Niagara Falls Gazette
Quick                   Joh F.          Prop of Livery and Exchange Stables
Thomas                  A.              Physician + Surgeon
Tunis                   Wm. E.          Printer, Bookseller and Stationer
Witmer                  A. M.           Suspension Bridge Miller

Marked on the map:

Surname Name Street Remarks American Hotel Erie Behr F. C. River Biddle's Stair Case ** Binkley Steam Mill J. Erie Binkley Steam Mill J. Erie Buchman P. Erie Cataract Hotel Buffalo Cath Ch Fourth Clark H. Erie Clifton House Front Canadian side Dunbarton House Front Canadian side Engine House Bridge Canadian side Epis Ch First Ferry House River Franklin House Fall International House Fall Maricet Park Canadian side Niagara House Main Passenger Depot Erie Passenger Depot Bridge Canadian side Presbr Ch Main Prospect Place Fall Prospect Tower ** School Fourth St. Andrew Church St. Clair Canadian side Steamboat Landing Steamboat Landing Canadian side

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1860 maps of Niagara County transcribed by Gail Allore. (Please thank her for her work!)

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