WELCOME to the New York Branch of the National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, a genealogical and patriotic society.



























Membership is open to men, women, and juniors. Our members are lineal descendents from immigrants who arrived in any of the American colonies prior to 1700. Other interested persons who do not meet the criteria of lineal descent may apply for Associate membership.


Our Objectives

We honor the memory of our Pilgrim ancestors who came to this country before 1700 by, among other things,:

 promoting the principles and virtues of the Pilgrims,

 commemorating principal events in the history of the Pilgrims, and

 encouraging the study and research of Pilgrim history, especially as it relates to the foundation of civil government on the principles of religious freedom.


Our Branch

The New York Branch has sixty members from across New York State and meets three times a year in New York City and in central New York State for business, fellowship, and educational programs on colonial history.

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Anne Farley

Governor, New York Branch, NSSDP





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BRANCH OFFICERS: From l-r, Branch Elder Mary-Lynne Bird; Captain Peter Hein; Governor Anne Farley; Councillor and Past Branch Governor Tom Bird; Historian Dan Harman: Registrar Marilyn Reagan; and Secretary Betsy Bloomer.


Not pictured are: Treasurer Shirley Dixon-Miller; Deputy Governor Mary Raye Casper; and Councillors John Mauk Hilliard, Susan Hopkins, and Janice Selage.



NATIONAL Society Sons and

Daughters of the Pilgrims