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Town of Fabius

Surveyed by Virginia Cameron, Fabius Village Historian, 1995 & 1996.

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Located about 1 mile east of Apulia on the north side of Rte. #80 just east of the intersection of Rte. #80 and Berwyn road.

1.  West side:  THOMAS E. VINCENT /died/Dec. 4, 1864/ae. 32 yrs. & 10 mos./HENRIETTA M./wife of/Thomas E. Vincent/died/Aug. 4, 1863/ae. 28 yrs. 5 mos. & 9 ds.

1a.  Small gray granite stone "ELBERT NASON"   Out of place; possibly moved.  Polished gray stone.

2.  West side:  NASON/1811 Isaac Nason 1844/his wife/1805 Euphema Beden 1889/their children/1843 Susan 1844/1844 Sarah 1848/1842 Charles 1916/1850 Sarah Rowley 1920/their son/1877 Elbert 1942.  East side:  BEDEN/1765 Samson Beden 1841/his wife/1767 Sarah Barnes 1851/their children/1792 Alma 1880/1794 Richard 1863/1802 Mary 1875/1796 William 1879

3.  Old, thin slab canted but firm.  Original stone for Susan & Sarah Nason children, and of Isaac & Euphemia NASON.  Note different spellings of Isaac's wife on #2 & #3.

4.  West side:  Henry H. Wells/died/Oct. 8th 1861/In the 28th year/of his life/(Verse).  Thin slab.

5.  West side:  John Wells/died/Mar. 16, 1850.  Thin slab, halfstone or broken.

6.  West side: PRESTON (on base).  Franklin/born/Sept. 26, 1839/died/Nov. 2, 1889/Annie Marie/born/Nov. 17, 1844/died/Aug. 6, 1848/Children of/Alanson & Ludia(?)/Preston.   North side:  Alanson/Preston/born/Dec. 10, 1820/died/Aug. 13, 1884/Ludia/his wife/born/Oct. 26, 1826/died/June 4, 1887.  East side:  (Verse).  South side:  Blank.  54" tall square obelisk - gray.

7.  In _____/William Lewin/The Beloved Son of/George & Harriett/Sharp/of ______/Cheshire  England/Born at Liverpool, England/________Apr. 27, 1861/Died at Apulia N.Y./Sept. 4, 1888/DEEPLY MOURNED.  Gray, close to "civil war" stones in shape.

8.  Laura L./wife of/Isaac Smith/died/May 15, 1866.  Small, old half-stone buried or broken.

9.  Frank Farley/U.S. Marine Corps/1877    1936.  Small, modern granite.

10.  MARY/wife of/George Carr/died/April 14, 1842/ae. 22 years.  Thin, old stone, partially buried.

11.  Thin, old stone very worn, unreadable.  Possibly French children; has to be re-read.

12.  Twin to above "  "

13.  SUSAN JANE/Daughter of /Stephen and/Charlotte/CARR/died June/5, 1831/aged 6 months/12 days.  Small, gray slab.

14.  In memory of/Harry, son of/Stephen & Char/lotte Carr/Died April 4th,/1821/Aged 10 months.  Small, thin slate or sandstone delaminating on back, but not in front.  Tympanum has incised weeping willow tree surmounted by bird.  Inscription still very clear with little lichen growing.

15.  Silence/wife of/Jonathan/BABCOCK/died J___ 15/1823 aged/42 years.  Marble stone with stylized weeping willow carved in rounded tympanum.

16.  West side:  WELLS (base).  George F. Wells/died/Oct. 24, 1881/aged 33 years/James Arthur/Son of George F./& Mary E. Wells/Died Dec. 11, 1882/Aged ___.  South side:  blank.  North side:  blank  East side:  DRAKE (on base).  Mary Emma/wife of/(?)Daniel Drake/died/May 7, 1890/Aged ___ years.  5' square gray marble obelisk.

17.  Arthur James/son of/G. G. Wells/1903-1906.  Small, slanted stone.

18.  Top only of marble slab with carved hand pointing toward heaven.

19.  West side:  "Our Henry"/no dates.  East side:  George Henry/son of/George W. & Mary E./Sherwood/Died June 2, 1861/Aged 5 years, 5 mos/&17 days.  2' 4" tall x 1' wide stone with flower carved on top.

20.  ______/______/______/Whitmarsh/died/Aug. 9, 1812/aged 8 mos. (rest buried).  Small marble stone, partially buried.

21.  Jesse Whitmarsh/Died/Sept. 24, 1853/AE 30 yrs.  Tall, thin marble slab.

22.  WHEELOCK (on base).  James H. Wheelock/1817-1895.  West side:  Almira his wife/1818-1902.  Polished granite on large base.

23.  West side:  Bradshaw Wheelock/died/Oct. 3, 1866/in the 79th year of/his age/Lydia/his wife/Died Nov. 13, 1860/In the 70th year of/her age/Erected by their children.  5' round top marble slab.

24.  ANNA ______.  One-third marble slab, other parts propped near it.

24a.  Marchant Gilbert/Died/Jan 14, 1850.  Directly behind #24 lying face up.  27" top of stone.

25.  BETSEY/_____ of/Stephen Miles/died/April 11, 1850/AE 43 yrs & 4 mos.  Approx. 2/3 of canted marble slab.  Epitaph does not seem to be carved in, but raised or applied.  Top letters have some missing.

26.  Cornelia/wife of/____ Miles/died/July 8, 1851/In her ___ year.  Thin, coffin-shaped marble slab with top carving.

27.  FRANK/son of/Philo & Mary Miles/Died Aug. 5, 1852/AE 3 years.  1' x 2' stone with curved tympanum.  Marble flow at top.

28.  ELECTA/daughter of John & Phila/HOSWELL(HASWELL?)/died/June 4, 1853/aged 38 years/1 mo, & 7 d's.  Oblong marble slab with plaque enclosing epitaph.

29.  ____.  Small marble child's slab; has to be read with chalk.

30.  ____.  Marble slab with top broken; has to be read.  A Russell?

31.  ____.  Marble slab with shaped top; has to be read.  Another Russell?

32.  In memory of/PLINY MILLER/who departed/this life April/15th  1818/in the 61st/year of his life.  Shaped marble slab with weeping tree on top.  Canted but firm.

33.  REUMA/wife of/Stephen Tripp/died/Sept. 25, 1819/Aged ___.  Marble slab with plaque.  2/3rds buried or broken.

34.  ____.  Half marble slab, very worn; try to read with chalk.

35.  STEPHEN TRIPP/Born Oct. 1, 1773(?).  Directly north of #34, half marble slab fallen from base.

36.  North column:  FIDELIA/wife of/Russell G. French/died/Mar. 1, 1859/age 42 years 9 mos.  South column:  RUSSELL G. FRENCH/died/Mar. 22, 1876/Age 59 yrs., 3 mos./& 23 days.  Ornate marble monument with two columns joined by curved top & surmounted by an urn.  "FRENCH" carved in top.

37.  MARY(?)/wife of Norman Mosher(?).  Top half of marble slab.  Has to be read with chalk after cleaning.

38.  ASMES _____/       /      / died 12 Dec 1856.  Partial marble slab.  Has to be read with chalk after cleaning.

39.  ______.  Partial marble slab directly east of #14 "Stephen Carr"

40.  George/son of/___ Bailey/died/July 22, 1812(?)/AE 13 years 4 mos./& 25 days.  Same as above.

41.  1812/DAVID BAILEY/Died/July 11, 1857.  Half marble slab, curved tympanum cemented!

42.  Margaret Clark/born/Dec. 17, 1827/died/Jan. 19, 1872.  Marble slab on limestone based with decorative outline.

43.  DIANA ADAMS/____/____/____.  Match to #42.

44.  West side:  AMOS BENEDICT/died 1818 Jan. 14/AE 91 yrs., 2 mos., 11 days/"A soldier of the Revolution"/ Polly Benedict/died 1831 Jan 20./Ae 81 yrs, 0 mos. 20 days./"God______".  East side:  "Parents of Roxenath Hitchcox"/"By whom we stand united."  Thick marble slab; surface eroding

45.  Roxenath/daughter of/Samuel & Roxenath HITCHCOX/died/May 3, 1811/aged 19 yrs., 3 mos. & 28 days/"Gone but not lost".  Marble (?) slab with shaped top.

46.  MARY/wife of/Col. A. M. Mighell/died/Oct. 8, 1886/Aged 68 yrs.  Medium scroll, limestone base; tilted, but firm.

47.  SAMUEL HITCHCOX/died 1867 Nov. 11/AE 75 yrs., 3 mos. & 22 ds./"He lived with his God".  Stone matches #44 with same crackling erosion.  Stone seems to have been coated with an unknown material.

48.  "DEAR MOTHER"/ROXENATH HITCHCOX/Daughter of A & P Benedict/born Aug. 19, 1797/died Aug. 15, 1882/Aged 84 yrs. 11 mos/27 days/"Jesus said unto her, I am the/resurrection and the life, he that/believeth in me, though he were/dead/yet shall he live."  Thick marble slab with curved top and decorative frame.  Tilted, but firm.  Limestone base.

49.  West side:  Rev. EGBERT PALMER/born/July 27, 1818/died/June 18, 1880/AE 62 yrs., 11 mos./22 days.  "Precious in the sight of/the Lord is the death of/his saints".  East side:  ELIZA PALMER/Daughter of S. & R. Hitchcox/born/April 9, 1820/died/____("Verse").  Small marble square stele surmounted by hand on book (Bible?) on flat top.

50.  Polly A. Peckham/Dau. of S. Hitchcox/born/June ___ 1828/died/Feb. 4, 1909.  Matching stone to #48.

51.  In/Memory of/JULIA/wife of/Daniel Fellows/Who died June 7th/1831/In the 34th year/of her age/"My Lord hath called & I obeyed" (rest buried).  Marble slab with elaborate, curved top with weeping willow & _______.

52.  West side:  DANIEL FELLOWS/died/June 1, 1873/Age 77 yrs., 9 mos/& 29 ds.  South side:  FATHER.  Curved top marble tablet.

53.  ELECTA W. CROSS/wife of/Daniel Fellows/Died Mar. 23 1901/Age 88 yrs./Matching stone to #52.  Sunken or broken.  Tilted forward.

54.  ELVIRA JANE/HILLS/wife of/Renilo Smith/born/Aug. 10, 1829/died/Apr. 30, 1855.  Large, elaborate slab fallen on back, roof-shaped top with carved "A Tribute of Respect."  (Daughter of Joseph Hills, Jr.)

55.  MAJOR R. BARRY/Soldier of 1812/died/Mar 6, 1872/aged 89 yrs.  Marble "army issue" slab with flag in circle at top.  Tilted backward, but firm.

56.  GAY/Mary Ann Gay/died/Sept. 21, 1865/AE 49 Yrs./Emma Gay/died/Sept. 17 1865/AE 11 yrs.  Large, square granite monument on heavy base.

57.  HORACE GAY/died/Dec. 25, 1869/in the 18th y'r of/His age.  Marble slab with encased frame.  "He Lives" on book carved in circle at top.

58.  ELIZABETH BRIGGS/died/Jan. 17, 1872/AE 74 y'rs.  Elaborate, shaped marble slab with carved escutcheon containing epitaph.

59.  Little/MINNIE      This and #60 are small matching child stones.

60.  GRACE L./daughter of/Hiram & Mary/CLARK/Died Nov. 5, 1878/Age 3 yrs., 2 mos./& 5 d's.  This and #59 are small matching child stones.

61.  North side:  Daughters of/Hiram & Mary CLARK/Minnie B./1888 1889/Grace L. 1875  1878.  South side:  CLARK (on base).  HIRAM CLARK/1838-1907/MARY COLLIN/his wife/1841-1914.  Large, late polished granite monument facing N & S.

62.  ELIZA/wife of/Hiram Collins/died/Oct. 24(?) 1858/AGED/47 years.  Partial marble slab fallen on back.  Base remaining.

63.  East side:  SARAH KINNEY/born/Nov. 11, 1815/died/Feb. 6, 1872/aged 58 years.  Thick marble slab, a little loose.

64.  "LEON_______"/_______/________.  In memory of/Charles, son/of Nelson &/Asen'th Squire/who died Feb./11, 1842/Aged 4 yrs,/7 mos/& 17 d's.  Slate stone 2 1/2" thick, 1' w. x 2' h. with incised flower on top.

65.  BETSEY E./wife of/David Coats (or Coals?)/died/March 28, 1844/Aged 44 years/"My body______ (rest of verse unreadable)".  Limestone(?) tablet leaning against next stone, but firm with willow motif at top and decoration around epitaph.

66.  SARAH/Daughter of/Nathan (Nathaniel?) & Joanna/SQUIRE/died/Jan. 13, 1880/Aged 58 yrs. 5 m's/& 17 days/"At Rest".  Marble tablet with curved top.  Leaning back, but firm.

67.  In memory of/JOANNA/wife of/Jonathan Squire/who died Oct. 3/1835/aged 51 years.  Plain marble tablet learning forward, but firm.

68.  JONATHON SQUIRE/died/Jan. 15, 1857/AE 77 y'rs. 9m's/& 15 d's.  Marble tablet & base tilting on back, but intact.  Incised plaque around epitaph.

69.  POLLY/wife of/Jonathon Squire/died/May 6, 1874/AE 79 y'rs/"Mother most dear".  Marble tablet with curved top and incised border around epitaph.  (Widow of Joseph Hills, Jr.)

70.  EZRA KING/SON OF S. K./BORN SEPT./24, 1843/DIED Oct. 7/1843.  Small, very worn limestone tablet; tilted.

71.  ______/dau. of/John & M./FOSMER/DIED/Oct. 12, 1812/AE 8 yrs.  2/mos & 2 days.  Small, 18" wide marble tablet.

72.  FRANCIS/age 10 months.  Opposite #43-Footstone, Marble 6" x 12"

73.  ALMYRA/DAVIS/1841-1870.  Opposite #41-Footstone 12" wide with "MOTHER" on top.

74.  MARCUS/LAFAYETT/Son of Iulius(?)/& Clarissa/Davis  died/Aug. 13th/1830 AE/5 yrs 11 m./& 4 d/"The fatal stick/my neck did goar/Forthwith my vitals/blood did pour/__ mysterious___/early sent/______ buried".  12" x 24" gray slate showing above ground.  Delaminating on back, but clearly intact & readable on front.  Tilted, but firm.  Decorated with center shield & stylized ivy columns enclosing epitaph.

75.  Left side:   Mr. Step-/hen Davis/died May/20th 1827/AE 76/Y. & 6 M.  Right side:  Marga/ret  his/wife  died/July 9th/1826  AE/70 Y. 10M/& 15 D.  Below each:  "Blessed are the dead/which die in the Lord/from henceforth yea saith/the spirit that they must/rest from their labours and/their works do follow them".  Large gray slate table 3' w. x 4' showing, 2" thick.  Shaped tympanum and double epitaph, same decoration as #74, but expanded.

76.  1812/JULUS DAVIS/born/May 24, 1794/died/Feb'y 10  1872/CLARISSA/his wife/Born Sept. 23, 1794/Died/April 23, 1867.  In line with David Bailey.  Curved tympanum on marble slab set in base.

77.  In memory of/Dr. John T. Doran/companion of/Anna Doran (rest buried).  Half sunken marble slab with shaped tympanum with carved willow tree and urn.

78.  In/Memory of/Flora L. Daug't of/Daniel & Florella/Smith who died/Oct. 11th  1826/Aged 11 months/"This lovely bud so fresh and fair/Now called by early doom./Just came to show how sweet a flower/In paradise should bloom".  Gray slate slab; some delamination on front.  Tympanum decorated with urn and trailing leaves.

79.  _______/daughter of/Nathan & Roxanne/Smith died/Oct. 29th 1826/Aged 9 months.  "C" plot marker directly south.

80.  West side:  CLARK (on base).  Henry H. Clark/1823-1910/Elizabeth G. Sherwood his wife/1823-1901/Children/1861 Elmer E. 1865/1863 Ida E. 1865/1853 George W. 1931.  South side:  Myron H. Clark/1856-1910/Elizabeth Corcoran/his wife/1859-1909/William Clark/1812-1862.  East side:  WALLACE (on base).  Wilson M. Wallace (William?)/1846-____/Rosella J. Clark, his wife/1850-____/Clark G. their son (Charles?)/1872-1873.  East side boundary of lot has 9 footstones:  1) George; 2) Myron; 3), Eliza; 4) William; 5) Clark; 6) Ida; 7) Elmer; 8) Mother; 9) Father.  North side:  Louis H. Clark/1865-___/Ella Galpin/his wife/1865-____.

81.  Unreadable.  29" h. x 14" w. marble stone with curved top & urn and willow decoration.  Upright & stable.

82.  29" h. x 12" w. marble stone very loose in earth.

83.  Left side:  Polly M./daughter of/Jacob & Nancy/Rocks, died Aug/22, 1817/Aged 7 months/& 29 days.  Right side:  Nancy C./daughter of/Jacob & Nancy/Rocks, died April/16, 1819/Aged 8 months/& 10 days.  Bottom:  "Sleep on sweet babes and take your rest./God called you home, he saw it best".  21" w. x 32" h.  Double slate stone with ornate top.  Tympanum with urn & flowers.

84.  In memory of/Jacob Rocks/who died Sept./18th 1825/"Here rests the flesh till Jesus comes/And claims the treasure of the lamb/Adieu my friends your grief give o'er/We soon shall meet to part no more."  39" tall slate stone with urn on top.  Tympanum with urn & flowers-matches #83.  Contains decoration, epitaph & verse.  Lower section (meant to be underground?) contains "W" incised - carver's mark?  Stone firm, slightly canted; some back delamination.

85. East side:  Daughter of/Henry & _____/Bean(?).  West side:  ESTELLA.  Granite roll on granite base & another older base.

86.  Amasa Porter/1779-1845/Nancy Forbes/his wife/1788-1877/Children/Caroline/1825-1875/Belois/1828-1856.  Dark granite stone highly polished on two-tiered base approx. 60" tall.

87.  Alvah Porter/1831-1890.  #87, 88, 89 are three matching late granite stones.  Typical individual marker.

88.  Gertrude Porter/Morrison/1848-1939

89.  Fidelia Porter/1880-1941

90.  Ella A. Taft/wife of/E. E. Hegler/Born/Aug. 9, 1860/Died/June 18, 1909.  Gray marble stone 18" x 39" h. with rounded top set in tablestone base.

91.  Edward Emerson/Hegler/1860-1923.  Similar to #90, but taller, 21" w x 44"

92.  Charles E./Morrison/1848-1912.  Stone matches #87, 88, & 89.  (Second husband of Gertrude Porter?)

93.  Left side:  Harlow/son of/Leman and Lydia/Cleveland/died Oct. 5th/1816/Aged 9 years/5 months &/___ days.  Right side:  Infant/daughter of/Leman & Lydia/Cleveland/died August 18th/1818.  Bottom:  "Thrice happy they who die in early bloom/And sinless sink into the silent tomb."  Double slate stone-urn with flowers.  Very similar to "Rocks;"  firm, but leaning.

94.  John W./son of/_____/Perkins.  Small marble scroll on double marble base very encrusted with lichen.  Badly reset with cement!.

95.  West side:  OUR FRANKIE/(verse-very worn).  East side:  Frank Denison/son of/Wm. & Augustine/Fox/died/_____/_____.  Marble stone 14" w. x 30" h. with rounded top.   Flower carved in tympanum.  Tilted; reset in cement!

96.  Mother  FOX  Father/William D. Fox/Oct. 9, 1832-Oct. 16, 1904/Lucynthia  his wife/Dec. 27, 1832-May 12, 1912.  Large granite stone.

97.  DENISON/Henry Denison/1815-1896/Melissa/his wife/___-1903.  SAR Emblem & flag on grave.  5' gray marble obelisk with shaped cap resting on two bases; much lichen, but straight & firm.

98.  Jane M./daughter of/Samuel/& Nancy Darrow/died/March 15, 1836/Aged 5 years/& 8 days/"So fades the lovely/blooming flower/Frail, smiling solace/of an hour."  11" x 24" h. slate, loose & tilting.  Decorated with half flower.

99.  James D./son of/Edmund & Maria S./ROWLAND/died/July 12, 1848/AE 16 yrs & 4 mos. (rest buried).  Small marble stone 14" x 24" h.; canted, but firm.

100.  David Rowland/Died Feb. 5th/1843/Ae 81 yrs/5 d.  17" x 44" h. slate stone lying out of line, decorated with house & leaves.  With National Society, Sons of the American Revolution emblem/"David Rowland, Seaman on the Brig 'Hazard' ".

101.  Zuriah Rowland/________.  Broken marble slab; badly eroded.

102.  EMELINE/wife of/M. Nearing/died/Mar. 5/1872(?)/AE 34 years 5 mos./& 12 days.  24" x 44" marble slab with shaped tympanum enclosing weeping willow.

103.  Erected/In the memory of/JESSE DENISON/died/July 21, 1839/AE 66 years.  Plain marble slab.

104.  West side:  Hiram S. Denison/1810-1886/Lucinda/Waters/his wife/1820-1891.  East side:  F. Jesse/Denison/18__-18__.  Gray marble obelisk identical to #97, but with smaller base & (missing) finial.

105.  William Fox/_____/_____.  SAR emblem.  White marble slab, badly eroded.

106.  Eunice/wife of/William Fox/who died July ___/1830 (rest buried).  White marble slab, top broke off.  1/2 remainder reads as preceding.  Lower half with verse buried upright directly behind.

107.  Denison Fox/died/Mar. 10, 1852/Aged 60 years/___ mos & 19 d's/Nancy/wife of/Denison Fox/died/Feb. 2, 1852.  SAR emblem.  Marble slab matching #105; firm, but tilted.

108.  In memory of/Laura E./wife of/Capt. Denison/Fox who died/______/______.  1/2 of marble slab with weeping willow in tympanum.  Lower portion of stone lying flat directly behind.

109.  In/Memory of/Sally E. wif(?) of/Capt. Denison/Fox, who died/April 1st 1821/In the 33rd year/of her/age./"Affliction sore long time she bore/Physicians skill was vain./Till God did send death as a/friend/To ease her from her pain".  Slate, replica of #___ with urn, flame and willow leaves.  Tilted, but firm.

110.  Left side:  In memory/of/Leuilla/daughter of/William and/Eunice Fox/who died/Sept. 25, 1809/Aged 3 years/8 months &/11 days.  Right side:  In memory/of/William/son of/Dennison &/Sally Fox/who died/August 2, 1818/Aged 10 months/& 21 days.  Double slate replica of #___ badly delaminating on back.  Decorated with urn, flame & willow leaves as #109.

111.  ELDERT (Cloeret?)/son of/______/______/Van____ (VanMaken?)  White marble slab 16" x 28" h. tilted, but firm.  Badly eroded.

112.  # reserved for further examination.

113.  OUR FATHER/Silas Penoyer/Died/March 7, 1859.  Thick, white marble slab broken in half.  Bottom half cemented to front.

114.  ________/daughter of/_____Penoyer/18___   1828,  Marble slab, ornamental tympanum with carved vase.

115.  PERMELIA/dau.. of/Silas & Hadassah/Penoyer/died May/5, 1826 AE/2 Y. 4 Mo./&10 D.  Narrow, tapered slate stone in good condition.

116.  Mrs./Hadassah/wife of/Silas/Penoyer/died Nov./30, 1834/AE 49 Y. 8/M. & 5 D./"Her gentle spirit/Soars away/To dwell with God/In endless day."  Slate stone similar to #115 in good condition.

117.  Marcus/son of/Silas & Hadassh/Penoyer/died/April 2, 1840/Aged 16 Y./1 M & 1 D/"Sweet youth in life thy patient/tranquil soul/Reposed on Jesus for a life to come/Sleep now in peace; a few more years ____/When thou shalt rise in glory from the tomb."  Slate stone, weeping willow in tympanum good condition.

118.  Harlow S. Penoyer/Died/Feb. 28/186__.  Half of marble slab matches #113.

119.  Sabra, Wife/of Reuben/Reed, died/March 9/1813  AE/26 yrs.  Small slate slab w. vase & weeping willow in tympanum; tilted, but firm.

120.  ?  Small, thin slate slab delaminated over entire front except for verse.

121.  Footstone "Mother"

122.  Footstone "Father"

123.  South side:  Louisa L. Webster/June 27, 1848/Aug. 12, 1862.  West side:  Mary Webster/185__/March 5, 1869.  North side:  Lucy M. Webster/Sept. ___ 185__/March 25, 1869.  South side:  Isaac N. Webster/(Military insignia?)/1861/Aug. 20, 1821/Feb. 25, 1910/Rhoda A./his wife/Feb. 25, 1826.  3' granite obelisk on 2 bases.  "Webster" on east side of base.

124.  Footstone "Louisa"

125.  Footstone "Mary"

126.  Footstone "Lucy"

127.  In memory of Nelson/son of Henry &/Elizabeth Strail who/died April 9, 1826 AE/10 years 11 months/& 22 days/Also an Infant/Eliza Ann Strail/died Aug. 14, 1816.  Small thin marble slab with rounded top & carved vase.

128.  Elizabeth/wife of/Henry Strail/Died ____/1839/Aged 56 years &/11 months.  Square marble slab.

129.  West side:  SQUIRE/Erskine Squire/1825-1903/Maria Squire 1829-1908.  "Rock of Ages" large granite monument (corner of N, S & W roadways.)  (Maiden name: Stannard, d/o Jesse & Caroline.)

130.  Squire footstone "Father"

131.  Squire footstone "Mother"

132.  Henry Strail/died/Aug. 29, 1851/AE 45 years.  Small marble slab due west of #128; sunken.

133.  Esther W./wife of/Henry Strail Jr./Died March 28/1846/AE 33 years   5/ms. & 19 days.  Firm marble slab, sq. corners, weeping willow in tympanum.  Due west of #127.

134.  In memory of/Powell W./son of Isaac F. &/Clarissa Higbee/Who died/Jan 12th 1839/aged 4 months/and 1 day.  Very small marble slab; tilted, but firm.

135.  Jess Winegar/Died/_____18_8/Aged 5_ years.  Large marble slab; tilted, but firm.  Due west of Webster obelisk; very worn.

136.  In/Memory of/Betsey/Daughter of/Jesse & Esther/Winegar who died/April 29, 1820/Aged 17 years  9/Months & 10/Days/"Come hither youth, and cast an eye/Then go your way, prepare to die.  Slate slab; high arched tympanum with vase & weeping willow.  Very good cond.

137.  Fallen footstone, unreadable.

138.  Stephen Winegar/Died Sept. 1, 1837  AE/__ Years & 11 months.  Top half of marble slab.

139.  In memory of/David T./son of Stephen &/Sally Winegar/who died Sept 10th/1814/Aged 1 year &/2 months/"The tender bud or in the flower/Cut down and withered in one hour."  Slate slab very similar to #136.  Very good condition.

140.  In/Memory of/Electa ____/wife of/Paul C. Cross/who died/March 25th/1812/Aged 25/Years.  Marble slab shaped like #139; badly eroded.

141.  In/Memory of/Sarah/wife of/James Penoyer/who died Sept. 14/1813/Aged 64 years  10/Months & 28 days/"Come hither friends and cast an eye/Then go your way, prepare to die."  Replica of #136, tilted but firm.  Due west of Permelia Penoyer.  Very good condition.

142.  1776/In/Memory of/James Penoyer/who died May 17th/Aged 74 years &/21 days/"The sweet remembrance of the just/Shall flourish when they sleep in dust."  SAR marker.  Duplicate of #141.  Very good condition.

143.  Truman Penoyer/Died/April 10, 1862/Aged/83 Yrs. 5 Mos. & 5 d's.  Thick marble slab & base fallen backwards.  Very clear to read.  Due west of Silas Penoyer.  (Son of James and Sarah.)

144.  Lucy Eleanor/Dau. of/Samuel & Hannah Sturdevant/wife of/Moses B. Winegar/Died/May 31, 1866/Aged 32 years.  6" thick marble slab with cross & hand pointing to sky.  Very readable.  Cemented to base.  Partial stone?

145.  S. W. Sturdevant/Died/July 7, 1874/AE 67 years/"Father, we miss thee."  Round top marble slab & base.  Bottom half missing (possibly Hannah Penoyer, w/o S. W. b. ca. 1803/4)

146.  In/Memory of/ZILFAH/Wadsworth/Who died April/10th 1823/in the 28th year/of her age.  Same as #140; partially tilted, but firm.

147.  Sophia Preston/wife of/Warren Penoyer/Died/April 1, 1917/Aged 68 years.  Thick med. size slab on base.  Clear & readable.

148.  Footstones "Warren" & "Sophia"

149.  Warren W./Penoyer/Died/Feb. 8, 1907/Aged 69(?) yrs.  Match to #147.

150  Base only.  Due west of Truman Penoyer.

151.  John/Son of Truman/& Lucy/Penoyer/died Aug. 28th/1808 aged 6/years & 22 days.  Small marble slab.  Due west of James Penoyer.

152.  In/Memory of Lest-/er, Son of Lester/and Hannah/Dady, Who died/Sept. 21, 1833 Aged 14 y,/10 M & 17 D.  Verse buried.  Slate slab tilted, but firm.  Very large script, easy to read.

153.  In memory of/Harriet, daughter of/Sam'l H. & Abigail/Mgonegal who died/July 14th 1805/Aged 1 year & 7 months/"Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest./God called thee home, he saw it best."  Slate with tympanum similar to #142.

154 and 155.  154:  In memory/of Aderson/son of/Sam'l H. & Ab/agail  Mgonegal/who died/April 13th/1809/Aged 2 years/& 6 months.  155:  In memory/of Samuel/son of/Sam'l H. & Ab/agail Mgonegal/who died/August 2nd/1810/Aged 1 year/& 3 months.  Bottom:  "Suffer little children to come unto me/and forbid them not." Small double slate slab.

156.  In memory of/Mrs. Abigail/wife of/Rev. John Elexan-/der (as appears on stone) who died/June 20th 1829/Aged 37 years.  Slate slab with curved tympanum with vase & leaves.

157.  In memory of/Rev. John Alexander (as appears on stone)/who departed this life/Aug. 25 1830/aged 65 years/"The pious pilgrim & messenger/ of Jesus now sleeps in dust to/be waked in due season to life/everlasting."  Match to #156.

158.  Sarah/daughter of/Stephen & Sarah/Winegar/died/July 25, 1840/Aged/17 years.  Marble slab, tilted but firm.

159.  Eliza A./Winegard/Daughter of/Stephen Winegard/1812-1892.  Small granite obelisk 2 1/2' on two bases; "Winegar" on west base.  Shaped top.  West of Betsey Winegard.

160.  Unreadable.  Top one foot of slab on base.  Due west of Esther Strail.

161.  Webster Markham/Died/___8, 1858/Aged 7_ years 7 mos/(Verse).  Elaborately shaped top on marble slab; firm on base.

162.  Sewall Markham/Died/Sept 27, 18__/AE 2 years/& 9 mos.  Square marble slab.

163.  Albert E./son of/Sewll & Sabra/Markham/Died/____.  Child's marble slab, tilted, but firm.

164.  SABRA J./Daughter of/Stephen & Sarah/Winegar/& wife of/Sewall Markham/died/Sept. 12, 1815/Aged/25 years.  Marble slab fallen on back, very clear.  Due west of Erskine Squire's on road.

165.  South side:  "Jones Plot"/Alvan Jones, Jr./Died in year 1851/Aged 25 years.  West side:  Alvan Jones/"A soldier of 1812"/Died in year 1888/Aged 91 yrs/and/Rebecca, his wife/Died in year 1878/Aged 77 yrs./"Farewell, dear parents"/Marvin(?).  North side:  Albinus Jones/Died in year 1882/Aged 72 years/and/Mary D. Jones/Died in year 1821/aged 2 yrs.  5' square granite monument in a six post plot defined by railing connecting posts.

166.  Abigail/wife of/John Cross/died/Dec. 18, 1850/in the 98 year/of her age/"God our redeemer lives/______".  Marble slab, firm.

167.  John Cross.  Match to #166; badly eroded, unreadable.

168.  John Perry/A Soldier/of 1812/Died/Sept. 1872(?)/Aged 82 yrs.  Civil War Stone.

169.  169.  1776/William Perry/Died/Oct. 18, 1843/AE 91 Yrs. & 6 months/Content/wife of/William Perry/Died Mar. 19, 1824/AE 67 Yrs. & 11 Mos.  Marble slab, shaped top.

170.  Ruth/Wife of/Joseph Greenleaf/Died/___ 7, 1855/(rest obscured).  Broken slab, pointed top; bottom 1/2 cemented to top 1/2.

171.  Louis Kossuth/Son of/G. M. & Sophronia/Downing/Died Dec. 22, 1860/Aged 9 Yrs., 1 mo & 10 Ds./(Verse).  Small, marble slab; pointed top.

172.  George A. Greenleaf.  Match to #171.  Lichen-covered; hard to read.

173.  Joseph Greenleaf/1823-1891.  Marble slab; pointed top.

174.  CYNTHIA/(Rest has to be uncovered).  Broken slab, fallen on back.

175.  West side;  D. HORTON.  North side:  Lucinda/wife of/David Horton/Died/May 23, 1862/Aged 22 Yrs and __ Ds.  Obelisk 7' tall.

176.  Lucia/dau. of/Elijah & Rhoda M./Kinne/died/Oct. 18, 1815/AE 15 years, 6 Mos./3 days.  End of the row.  Marble slab lying on back; base still in ground.

177.  Same stone as #176 lying nearby; badly eroded.

178.  Mary/wife of/Daniel C. Tenny/Died May 23, 1812/Aged 39 yrs/(Verse).  Shaped top w. weeping willow in tympanum.  Off base and leaning against tree.  Firmly bedded in the ground.

179.  Our Father/Silvanus Collins/died/Sept 14, ___/aged 86 yrs.  Marble slab, fallen on back; broken & repaired.

180.  Anson Collins/Died/Dec. 17, 1878/Age 65 yrs., 4 mos.,/& 24 d's.  "We Miss Thee".  Very elaborate true (?) marble slab fallen off base, on back.  Rd. top; raised escutcheon containing flower in tympanum and epitaph.

181.  George V. Briggs/Co. E, 185 N.Y.V./Died/July 12, 1915/Aged 65 Y'rs.  Civil War stone.

182.  Lucinda/Briggs/1848-1911.  Small, granite stone.

183.  Lyman Clark/died/Apr. 12, 18__/AE ___/Delila/ his wife/Died Dec. 28, 1886/AE ___.  rounded top, medium size marble slab w. rough surface.

184.  Ira E. Clark/Died/May 20, 1901/Aged 74 years/8 ms. & 15 d's.  Similar to #184.

185.  Ainsworth Horton/Died/Feb. 21, 1879.  Marble slab broken in half.  Bottom half lying on face.

186.  Jane/Wife of/Ainsworth Horton/Died/Nov. 1, 1865/AE 37 y's 6 mo's/& 19 days.  Close match to #185.

187.  Adaline/Wife of/Ainsworth Horton/Died/Jan 24, 1859/AE ___/_____.  Elaborate slab fallen on back.  "C. Reckley, Syracuse" on exposed bottom of slab.

188.  POLLY/wife of/_____/Died/Ma__ 11, 1816/Aged 55 years/"Blessed are the dead that die in the faith."  Square marble slab badly eroded.

189.  "Little Parry".  Child's slab; upright; badly eroded.  (Morris Parker McEverson OCPL list?)

190.  James McEvers/Died/Dec. 11, 1873/Age 65 y'rs, 9 mos./& 16 d's/"His record is on high."  Elaborate marble slab fallen off base on back.  Clasped hands in tympanum.

191.  Fidelia/Wife of/James McEvers/Died Jan. 6, 1886/AE 75 Years/"Mother, we miss thee".  Twin to #190 with "Farewll" over clasped hands.  Fallen on back.

192.  Rev. James B. Messenger/1832-1861/William P. Messenger/his son/1851-1897.  "MESSENGER" on base.  "Rock of Ages" monument still highly polished.

193.  HOMER/son of/Henry & Lurancy Clark/Died Sept 4, 1865/______.  Child's marble slab covered with lichen.

194.  In memory of/Roxcelany/daughter of/Amasa & Silence/Allen, who died/Sept. __ 1821/Aged 20 years/6 months 19 days.  Tilted marble slab, very eroded.

195.  In memory of/Anny M. Moore/daughter of David/& Lament(?) Moore/Died May 25/1841 Aged 8 M./18 D.  Small slate child's slab; tilted, but firm; very readable.

196.  David Sears/Died/March __ 1853/Aged ___.  Large marble slab broken in half.  Bottom half cemented to front.

197.  Major Sears/Died/March __ 1853/Aged/32 years 5 mos & 20 Days.  Similar to #196.

198.  MRS. POLLY/Wife of/David Strail   Died/Aug. 20, 1833/AE 22 Y's 2/M. & 14 D./"How peaceful is/The closing scene/Where virtue yields her breath/How sweetly beams/The smile serene/Upon the cheek of death."  Very nice slate slab; perfectly readable.

199.  In memory of/Abigail/Daughter of/Elijah & Nancy/St. John who/died Dec. 17/1813 aged 9/years & 5/months.  Child's marble slab; shaped tympanum w. weeping willow enclosed.

200.  Sylvia M.  1/2 child's marble slab w. pointed top.

201.  Footstone for Elijah Miles?

202.  Footstone for John Miles?

203.  Footstone for Abigail Miles?

204.  Footstone for Mary Miles?

205.  Flora B./Daughter of/Russell & Lucy/French/died/Aug. 5, 1875/Aged 11 years/& 5 days/"Flora, we miss thee".  Small lamb with headless lamb on top.

206.  Mary Eleanor/Died/Aug. 5, 1831/Aged ___/John Giles/died Nov. __ 184_/Aged___/Children of/Richmond & Lucy Hackett.  Small, round top slab with ornamentation fallen off base.  See #249.

207.  Mary Miles/Daughter/of John & ___/Died/____/Aged 8 yrs.  Marble slab fallen off base on back.

208 Abigail.  Small marble slab very eroded.  Unreadable except for name.  (Miles?)

209.  John P. Miles/died November___.  Large marble slab, tilted but firm, very eroded.

210.  Mary d. July 26, 1860.  2/3 marble slab very eroded.  Top 1/3 lying on back in front of slab. (Miles?)

211.  Elijah Miles/Died February___/1839   Aged 64 yrs./____/(Verse).  Almost identical to #210.

212.  Nancy/wife of Elijah St. John/Died/June 3, 1853/AE __.  Marble slab, covered with lichen.

213.  Elijah St. John/Died/March 1, 1854/AE 87 yrs., 3 mos/& 19 days.  Matches #212.

214.  In memory of/Mary/infant daughter of/Jonathan Jr. & Fanny/Stanley/who died Dec. 19/1832 Aged 3/months.  #214 & #215 identical children's stones side by side.  Shaped tops with weeping willow in tympanum.  Much lichen.

215.  In memory of/James Donald Stanley/son of Jonathan Jr./& Fanny Stanley/who died ___/1836 Aged 2/years & 6/months.  See above description of stone.

216.  Fanny/wife of/J. Stanley, Jr./and daughter of/E___ St. John/Died ____ 21, 1844/Aged ____ years/____.  Large slab matches #217; fallen off base & broken into three pieces.

217.  Jona. Stanley (all that shows).  Elaborate marble slab broken.  Top cemented to bottom.

218.  ____/Daughter of/Elijah & __/Goodrich/died/Sept. 9, 185__/_____.  Top, containing name, broken off; rest lichen-covered.

219.  Bethiah(?)/wife of/Jacob Goodrich/died June 23,/1832/____.  Top half of elaborate marble slab, shaped tympanum, leaves, vase, etc.

220.  Jacob Goodrich/"a soldier/of the Revolution"/Died/Dec. __ 1840/aged 86 years.  Government issue stone fallen on back off base.

221.  West side:  W. Earl Stimson/Born/October 28, 1858/Died/May 2, 1902.  North side:  1861/Thomas Mosher/1825-1899/Irena his wife/1824-1894.  East side:  MOSHER on base.  South side:  Nothing.   Medium column, gray marble.

222.  Ada L./Daughter of/Thomas & Irena/Mosher/died May 24, 1851/Aged 13 years/& 2 days/"Ada is not, for God took her".  Child's marble slab, flowers in tympanum; badly tilted, but firm.

223.  Francis H./son of/Thomas &/Irena Mosher/___.  Top half of marble slab lichen-covered.  Willow in tympanum.

224.  Sarah/wife of/Erastus Markham/died/Oct 6, 1850/aged/71 years 11 mos./& 21 days.  Marble slab, firm.

225.  In memory of/Erastus Markham/who died Mar./__ 1825/In the __ year/of his life.  Rounded top marble slab, willow in tympanum.

226.  Piece of stone or slab.

227.  ___/____/Died/Oct. 22, 1819(?)/Aged 10 mos. 18 ds.  Marble slab fallen on back, cracked.  Pointed top.

228.  Our/Father & Mother/__ Silas Fitch/His wife Clarissa/___lived in harmony/___sixty years/Died in the 85 & 88 year/of their age.  Large marble slab fallen on back, broken in two.  Seems to be completely out of ground.

229.  North side:  John Hackett/Died/Aug 27, 1879/Aged 80 y'rs./Polly/his wife/Died Dec. 3, 1883/Aged 83 y'rs.  East side:  Edward Hackett/born/Oct. 24, 1770/Died May 29, 1842/Hannah/his wife/Born Mar. 4, 1775/Died/Jan. 23, 1865.  South and West sides:  Nothing.  Large, marble obelisk.  HACKETT on east side of base.  Epitaph on raised escutcheon.

230.  Child's slab badly eroded; unreadable.

231.  Twin to #230 fallen on face; very heavy; has to be raised.

232.  Top half:  Adin Howe (all that shows).  Bottom half:  Annice/his wife/Died August 13, 1875/AE 78 y'rs. & 4 mos.  Thick marble slab on limestone base.  Top half broken off, lying on ground in front of bottom.  Rounded top with clasped hands and legend "We have met."

233.  In memory of/Hannah A./Daughter of/Ebenezer &/Hannah Handy/who died Dec./10, 1841 AE/17 yrs. 1 mo./"Rest sister rest, when we like you/have passed life('s) short journey/Through/Would come and lay our/Weary heads/Near thine upon the/same sweet bed."  Slate slab, firm with weeping willow & tomb in tympanum.  Epitaph facing east; has been reset.

234.  Ebenezer Handy/Died/Oct. 1 1858/Aged 76 years/Hannah/wife of/Ebenezer Handy/Died March 22, 1861/AE 73 yrs.  Large marble slab curved top.

235.  Silvia/wife of/James Phillips/Died/Jan. 4, 1884/AE 60 y'rs 8 mos./& 3 days.  Decorative marble slab.  Very clear, standing behind limestone base.  Reset.

236.  Cythera L. V./daughter of/Oliver C. & Ursula A./Buck/died/Aug. 24, 1848/Aged 1 yr  10/mo's. & 16 da's.  Child's marble slab lying on back off base.

237.  East side:  Nancy/wife of/Loren Handy/Died/Sept. 9, 1867/AE 41 years.  South side:  Loren Handy/Died/Dec. 23, 1885/AE 75 years.  West & North sides:  Nothing.  Med. gray column with mourning drape on top.  HANDY on base.

238.  Footstone, Mother

239.  Footstone, Father

240.  Base only.

241.  Dorothy M. Clark/Died/Jan. 30, 18_9/Aged 12 y'rs.  Small slab; tilted, but firm.

242.  Our Mother (no name)/Died/Mar. 4, 1894/Aged 83 years.  Thick marble slab on limestone base almost twin to #244.

243.  Jesse Stanard/Died/Feb. 4, 1862/Aged 64 years/"He took thee from a world of care."  Thick marble slab on limestone base, decorative top, raised escutcheon for epitaph.

244.  Caroline/daughter of/Jesse & Caroline Stanard/Died/Mar. 10, 1883/AE 39 y'rs & 11 mos.

245.  Ella/daughter of/Jes. & Caroline/Stanard/Died Oct. 10, 1864/AE 17 y'rs. & 10 mos./"Verse" obscured.

246.  Footstone-Hannah Hackett

247.  Footstone-Edward Hackett

248.  Anson Northrup/1831-1917/Louisa his wife/1834-1905.  "Rock of Ages" granite; buried marble chunk nearby.

249.  Mary/Daughter of/Richmond & Lucy/Hacket/Died Aug. 5/1831/Aged 2 years.  Child's small marble slab lying on back.  Same child as #206.  Must have been replaced when her brother died.  Nos. 249, 250 & 251 all lying on backs on west edge of cemetery obviously out of their original placement.

250.  Dianthe, wife of S. W. Doud/died/July 23, 1843/In her 40 (th) year/Phylura M./wife of S. Wyman died/Apr. 2, 1854 in her 28 (th) year/Phebe L.   Theodore/____/Dianthe/died Dec. 2, 1815/_in her 8 (th) year/____Doud.  Large marble slab, lying on back broken in  four pieces, one missing.  Replaced by #___.  N.B.:  Nos. 249, 250 & 251 all lying on backs on west edge of cemetery obviously out of their original placement.

251.  In/Memory of/Mary D. Jones/Daughter of Alvan/& Rebecca Jones who/died Oct. 12/___ 19 yrs.(?)/& 1 mo.  Slate slab with curved tympanum enclosing tomb surrounded by weeping willows.  Dec. border around epitaph.  Nos. 249, 250 & 251 all lying on backs on west edge of cemetery obviously out of their original placement.

252.  Base only.

253.  East side:  Lovilla/wife of/Seneca L. Snow/died/Feb. 16, 1818/AE 46 y'rs.  Other sides:  Nothing.  Plain, tapered obelisk; tilted, but firm.

254.  No inscriptions.  Plain, tapered obelisk with top portion missing.  Piece of marble lying in front.  Very deep.

255.  Jonathon Wilcox/Died/Feb. 23, 1862/Aged/34 years 3 mo's &/___ days/"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."  Large marble slab fallen off base.

256.  J. C. Penoyer/Died/Feb. 22, 1815/Aged 42 years/"Tread ____.  Marble slab; tilted, but firm.

257.  Lucy, wife of/Jacob Penoyer/died June 22/1820/in her 53'd year/"This _____.  Marble slab, round top; willow in tympanum, straight but firm.  (Maiden name:  St. John, widow/of ___ Clark.)

258.  Jacob Penoyer/died July 17/1830/in his 58th/year.  Match to #257 with vase & weeping willow.

259.  Mariah Louisa/Dau. of/John, Jr. & Mary/Ingham  died/April 20/1839  AE 1 yr./& 7 mos./"Weep not for the babe/Be thy sorrow suppressed/Weep not for the babe/It has gone to its rest."  Child's slate stone.

260.  Stephen/Ingham/son of/___Ingham/Died Sept. 2/1810 ___/AE ___ years/(Verse).  Child's marble slab fallen on back.

261.  Morton/Son of/Charles H. &/Louisa Dickinson/died Nov. 16/1839/aged 9 months/& 6 days.  Child's slab.

262.  Lucina/wife of/Daniel Rowley/184_  19__.  "Rowley" stones all matching 6" thick marble.  Epitaph style the same.

263.  Daniel Rowley/Died/Feb. 3, 1887/Aged 53 yrs.  As above.  Reset.

264.  Alice/Daughter of/Daniel, Jr. & Lucina/Rowley/Died Jan. 27, 1875/Aged 2 yrs. 2 mos./& 11 ds.  Child's "Rowley" stone with dove in tympanum.

265.  Charles/son of/Daniel & Anna/Rowley/Died/Sept 4, 1870/Aged 25 yrs. 10 m's/& 3 days.  "Rowley" stone; base cracked, but firm.

266.  Anna/wife of/Daniel Rowley/Died/July 17, 1871/Aged 65 yrs 9 mos. & 20 days.  As above.

267.  Daniel Rowley/Died/Jan. 10, 1879/Aged 81 yrs., 6 m's/& 9 days.  As above.

268.  M. Celestia/wife of/Hiram Rowley/1844-1928.  As above, tilted.

269.  Hiram/son of/Daniel & Anna/Rowley/1838-1914.  As above, tilted.

270.  Helen C. Rowley/Wife of/Jasper M. Crandall/June 30, 1860/Dec. 24, 1916.  As above.

271.  Jasper M. Crandall/Dec. 17, 1858/Sept. 1, 1953.  As above.

272.  Base only.

273.  Fanny  nee Haswell/wife of/Samuel Rowley/Died/April 10, 1813/Aged 31 years 3/mos. & 2 days/(Verse).  Marble slab, broken; tilted, but firm.  See Fab. Ever. Cem. Sec. I, lot 4.

274.  Emily E./Daughter of/Dea. Samuel & Fanny/Rowley/died Sept. 16, 1855/Aged 18 yrs, __ mos. & 11 days.  Marble slab, broken; tilted, but firm.  See Fab. Ever. Cem.

275.  Lyman J./son of/___ & ___ Rowley/died Oct. 8, 1850/Aged ____.  Small slab tilted forward; firm.  See Fab. Ever. Cem.

276.  ______ Rowley/Died ____.  Marble slab very eroded; broken, but firm.

277.  A Rowley?  Top 1/3 of slab very eroded; lichen-covered.

278.  Sylvanus/son of/Daniel & Anna Rowley/Died Oct. 6, 1865/Aged 28 yrs. 5 mos/& 11 days.  "Rowley stone" tilted, but firm.

279.  Herbert H./son of/Harvey & Elizabeth/Rowley/Died Feb. 6, 1869/Aged (lichen-covered).  Child's "Rowley stone"

280.  Anna/Daughter of/Daniel & Anna Rowley/Died/June 27, 1870/Aged ___.  "Rowley" stone fallen on back.

281.  Harvey/son of/Daniel & Anna/Rowley/Died/Sept. 1, 1870/Aged 33 yrs/& 21 days.  "Rowley" stone.

282.  Elizabeth/wife of/Harvey Rowley/1837-1923.  "Rowley" stone.

283.  West side:  Levi Rowley/1802-1876/Lois, his wife/1808-1846/interleave-Levi H. Rowley 1825/1897/Polly A. Rowley/1827-1860/Rachel P. Rowley/1835-1890.  East side:  John Rowley/____-1902/Clara A., his wife dau of ____ & ____ Penoyer/1847-1928/Mark H. Rowley/1881-1882.  "Rock of Ages"

284.  South side:  Seth W. Doud/born/Dec. 5, 1800/died/Oct. 13, 1883/Diantha/his wife, born/July 14, 1804/died/July 23, 1843/Sophira(?) nee Cross/2nd wife born/Feb. 28, 1805/died/Feb. 1, 1880/_____.  West side:  Phylura A./wife of/S. X. Wyman/born/June 25, 1826/died/Apr. 2, 1854/____/____/Lurana/Their daughter/died Mar. ___ 1854 age 6 mos.  North side:  Diantha/born/___ 25, 1843/died/Dec. 2, 1845/Adin J./born/Mar. 18, 1835/died/Aug. 8, 1872.  East side:  Phebe/born/Nov. 5, 1828/died/Feb. 5, 1841/S. Whitman/born/Mar. 15, 1838/died/May 19, 1841/Theodore/born/May 27, 1841/died/June 4, 1842.  Square mid-size obelisk with finial missing.  Marble-like composition which is eroding.  Genealogical notes:  1854 map shows S. Wyman on lot #12; S. Doud on lots #43 & #44.  1800 Fed. Census:  Seth Doud 1/-/-/-/-    2/-/1/-/-.  1810 Fed. Census:  Seth Doud 3/1/-/1/-   1/2/-/1/-.  1860 map shows L. Dowd on lot #44.  1810 Fed. Census shows Solomon Doud 1/ -/ -/ 1/ -     3/ -/ -/ 1/ -

285.  John McLaren/1825-1904/Helen H. Keyes/his wife/1828 (no date).  Thick marble slab reset on limestone base; raised escutcheon containing epitaph.

286.  Charles S. & Harry, his bro./sons of/David & Sarah/Rowley.  Slate slab 1/3 to 1/2 of top shows.

287.  Martha/infant daughter of/D. & E. Sears/died/_____/____.  Top half of marble slab cemented to bottom half in back.

288.  Samuel Davis/____/____/died/Dec. 25, 1870/Aged 74 years.  Gov. issue stone; firm, but tilted.

289.  Olive Griffin/Born/May 23, 1889/Died/Dec. 14, 1889.  Child's slab with lamb on top.

290.  Another Griffin?  Same as #289.

291.  James Griffin/_____/______.  New granite stones very weakly incised-worn.

292.  Sarah Ann/his wife/1842-1919.  Match to #291.

293a.  West side:  James M. Miles/Died/Aug. 28, 1873/Aged 28 yrs. 10 mos./"Verse".  Miles-Collins plot, very ornate monument on limestone base topped by vase.

293b.  COLLINS/Sylvanus P. Collins/Mar. 22, 1816/Dec. 23, 1903/S. Elvira Wheelock/his wife/Mar. 15, 1819/July 29, 1902.  "Rock of Ages"

294.  George J. Briggs/Private/Co. C. 185 Reg N.Y.Vol./died/Aug. 12  1904/aged 70 years.  Gov. issue stone SAR.

295.  Amelia A. wife of/Pvt. Geo. J. Briggs/1833-1923.  Top half of very thick slab.

Submitted 24 October 1998