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Town of Camillus, New York

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

The following list appears in Inscriptions from Cemeteries in Onondaga Co. taken from notes by William Martin Beauchamp, with additional notes.

For updates and corrections submitted by Jackie Baker Humphrey, June 19, 1998, please click here.

Abrams, Daniel H. Feb. 23, 1806-Oct. 24, 1873
Abrams, Emily Aug. 24, 1812-June 5, 1880, w/o Daniel H.
Baker, James d. Apr. 14, 1866, ae. 71, s/o Capt. Matthew
Baker, Mary L. d. Nov. 2, 1858, ae. 61, w/o Matthew
Bucklin, Benjamin d. Feb. 2, 1890, ae. 87
Bucklin, Elizabeth d. Feb. 21, 1888, ae. 81, w/o Benjamin
Casler, George S. 1819-1897
Casler, Lucy d. June 1, 1870
Casler, Sally A. Losey 1819-1903, w/o George S.
Cook, Lois Mansfield 1809-1888, w/o Sidney H.
Cook, Sidney H. 1806-1890
Dixon, Ann Moreau b. Nov. 17, 1792 d. Mar. 14, 1874, w/o George
Dixon, George b. Oct. 12, 1783 d. Dec. 28, 1877
Dixon, John M. Oct. 25, 1823-Mar. 1, 1879
Dixon, Margaret A. 1825-1908, w/o John M.
Fancher, Emma S. Fergus d. Apr. 27, 1894, ae. 40y 7d, w/o Geo.
Fergus, Carrie J. d. Oct. 16, 1885, ae. 23-9-2, d/o James G. & Martha
Fergus, James G. 1829-1907
Fergus, Martha 1832-1904, w/o James G.
George, Lura Little Jan. 26, 1819-Feb. 4, 1890, w/o William R.
George, William R. June 26, 1817-Apr. 30, 1885
Glynn, Albert N. Aug. 15, 1816-___
Glynn, Lydia E. Kelsey Feb. 13, 1823-Nov. 18, 1888, w/o Albert N.
Hess, Alice L. d. Nov. 18, 1874, ae. 5-10-24, d/o James M. & Louisa
Hess, Catharine M. 1816-1898, w/o Solomon
Hess, Dorothy d. Feb. 20, 1857, ae. 70, w/o Frederick
Hess, Frederick d. April 9, 1852, ae. 76 (War of 1812)
Hess, Solomon 1813-1884
Higgins, Analetta B. Thorpe 1819-1858, w/o S. M.
Hubbard, Hannah A. Vinton Aug. 27, 1820-June 9, 1889, w/o Martin H.
Hubbard, Martin H. Sept. 6, 1814-Nov. 14, 1871
Hutchings, Abilene Kennedy 1822-1900, w/o Henry
Hutchings, Henry 1817-1870
Hutchings, Jane Salisbury 1825-1899, w/o Nathaniel
Hutchings, Nathaniel 1821-1880
Johnson, Deborah A. Martin 1827-1900, w/o William H.
Johnson, William H. 1824-1900
Kasson, Louisa M. French 1838-1913, w/o Orson V.
Kasson, Orson V. 1818-1890
Kenyon, Elizabeth Sept. 11, 1819-Apr. 17, 1912
Kenyon, Joseph C. Feb. 1, 1809-Feb. 2, 1892
Krakau, Caroline K. 1827-1906, w/o Henry O.
Krakau, Henry O. 1824-___
LeRoy, Benjamin Jan. 1, 1791-Sept. 8, 1847
LeRoy, Demosthenes Cicero July 7, 1819-Dec. 20, 1851
LeRoy, Hannah Ackert Jan. 7, 1795-May 15, 1880, w/o Benjamin
LeRoy, Lydia H. Munro Oct. 8, 1826-Feb. 17, 1900, w/o Demosthenes
Lyon, Laura A. Beers Oct. 1822-Aug. 1902
Lyon, William W. Jan. 1821-Feb. 1879
Manwaring, Charles D. 1790-1872
Manwaring, Hannah 1798-1878, w/o Charles D.
Martin, Mary L. Griffin Aug. 19, 1836-July 7, 1904
Martin, Robert B. Jan. 1, 1812-Dec. 9, 1893
Munro, Abigail Carpenter d. Mar. 17, 1869, ae. 78, w/o David
Munro, David b. Lanesboro, Mass. d. May 10, 1866, ae. 81
Munro, David A. d. Aug. 30, 1897, ae. 79
Munro, Mary J. d. Apr. 11, 1873, ae. 58, w/o David A.
Paddock, Ira Apr. 25, 1820-Apr. 15, 1890
Paddock, Lucy A. Feb. 5, 1835-Sept. 22, 1909, w/o Ira
Parker, Isaac G. Apr. 1819-Aug. 1904
Parker, Mary C. Dec. 1820-Jan. 1911, w/o Isaac G.
Preslow, Ann d. Nov. 23, 1861, ae. 82
Preslow, James b. in Eng. d. Dec. 30, 1873, ae. 74
Preslow, William B. July 28, 1823-June 11, 1881
Richmond, Loren 1820-1891
Richmond, Phebe 1823-1892, w/o Loren
Shearer, Alexander b. June 9, 1796 d. Sept. 29, 1845
Shearer, Harriet June 18, 1818-Feb. 15, 1889
Shearer, Huldah Sears b. Jan. 28, 1798 d. July 16, 1886, w/o Alexander
Smith, Ambrose Edward Nov. 15, 1821-Aug.10, 1900
Smith, Hannah Philena Knapp Aug. 8, 1825-Dec. 30, 1898, w/o Ambrose E.
Spark, John W. d. June 8, 1863, ae. 49
Stebbins, Eliza d. Mar. 14, 1881, ae. 65
Stebbins, Harmon d. Feb. 27, 1896, ae. 85y 10m
Thorpe, Ann Cosmtock 1813-1900, w/o William C.
Thorpe, Samuel 1781-1862
Thorpe, Sarah Chapman 1782-1851, w/o Samuel
Thorpe, William C. 1809-1890
Tinkham, Emeline Apr. 3, 1833-May 4, 1913, w/o George A.
Tinkham, George A. Feb. 11, 1823-July 5, 1890
Veeder, Adelia Abrams 1836-___, w/o Eliakim E.
Veeder, Eliakim E. 1824-1909
Way, Julia Briggs 1805-1822, w/o William
Way, William 1796-1849
Wheaton, Lavancha Lyon 1824-1892, w/o Victory B.
Wheaton, Victory B. 1827-1889
Wood, Alvah Dec. 25, 1809-Jan. 14, 1875
Wood, Louisa Buck July 7, 1811-Aug. 12, 1889

Information submitted by Jackie Baker Humphrey, June 19, 1998

You list my grgr grandf. James Millard Baker d. 1866, s/o Capt. Matthew
Baker correctly. You omit his 1st wf wife Mary Parker (grst. says Mary
P.) who d. Dec 24 1831. You list the 2nd wf of James Baker as Mary L.,
wf of Matthew incorrectly. She was my grgr grm. Mary Larkin, d/o Amos
Larkin of Saratoga Co. NY.

Capt. Matthew Baker (f. of James) and his ONLY wf Lydia Millard are
buried in Oswego Bitter Cem. which you have listed correctly. They moved
to Tn Camillus from Stamford VT ca 1822 when he joined the Elbridge Bpt.

Mary C. Parker and husb. Issac G. Parker listed in Maplewood Cem. - Mary
Carolyn Parker was d/o James Millard Baker.

I didnt notice whether you list Julia A. Cook in Maplewood - b. 29 Oct
1825, d. 18 Oct 1894 - bur. with her father James M. Baker and her
mother Mary Parker. She was wf of Alanson Cook. I think they must have
separated because I found her on census and not with him. Alanson is NOT
buried with her.

Lucy Bates, wf of Wilson Bates in Oswego Bitter was d/o James M. Baker
and 1st wf Mary Parker. Her grf. Capt. Matthew Baker is in same cem.
with her.

Another d/o James M. Baker by wf Mary Parker was Maria b. 6 March 1815
Stamford VT, d. 16 Oct. 1902, bur. with husb. John Larkin 1803-1878 in
Oakwood Cem. Syr.
John was bro. of Mary Larkin who was 2nd wf of James M. Baker. She
became stepmother of her brother John after his marr. to Maria Baker.

James M. Baker had a son Jerome C. who had a son James M. Baker who was
b. Oct. 9 1857 Camillus, d. 24 oct. 1888 Syr. and was bur. Oakwood Cem.
I have not found Jerome's burial place.

Orinda B. Baker d/o James M. and Mary Parker was b. 28 Feb. 1823
Stamford VT. She m. Marquis Truman Sperry who was b. 26 Jany 1812, d. 18
Feb. 1871 in Syr. She was not bur. in Onon. Co.

James M. Baker and his 2nd wf Mary Larkin had 2 ch. (sons) Henry and
Charles A. Neither were buried in Onon. Co.

Submitted 9 June 1998
Updated 19 June 1998