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Town of Clay, New York

A roster of persons buried at Pine Plains Cemetery, Clay, NY, compiled from tombstone readings taken beginning in the autumn of 1997 by Fran Mosconi, along with Bev Crimm.   Bob Casler completed the tombstone readings between May and September, 1999.

The cemetery is located on Henry Clay Boulevard near the junction with Rte. 31 just east of the Town of Clay Town Hall.  Surnames are listed alphabetically; individuals are not necessarily alphabetical within families, in order to maintain clarity of tombstonesí notes as to marriage, parenthood and the like.  Individuals of the same surname are often but not always buried near one another.  Maiden names, or persons of differing surnames obviously buried with one another, are cross-referenced when possible.  Missing dates recorded here could indicate a living family memberís plot; the person was buried, elsewhere; or is here but the engraving was omitted.

Pine Plains Cemetery has been serving the community since well back into the 19th century, and is active to this day.  You will find that our list includes burials which had not yet taken place at the time of Beauchampís listing.

Tombstone readings compiled by Bob Casler between May and September, 1999.  Mr. Casler tried not to repeat any of the 700 names already located on this website.


Last Name         First Name Middle     Nickname/Other    Birth      Death Notes
NAPOLI            Philip     A.                            1928
NAPOLI            Shirley    A.                            1934
NAPPI             Toni                                     1959       1992
NAPPI             Joseph     Jr.                           1928       1987
NAPPI             Anne       E.                            1929       1982 wf of Joseph Jr.;   m Dec 3, 1947
NARAMORE          Edward     F.         Jr.                1924
NARAMORE          Nanvy      K.                            1926       1995 wf of Edward F. Jr.;   m Sep 2, 1950
NASH              Howard     G.                            1865       1945
NASH              Lora       E.         Klock              1871       1922  wf of Howard G
NASH              Clifford   K.                            1893       1961
NASH              Marie                                    1897       1980
NASH              Walter     G.                            1890       1973
NASH              Golden     A.                            1895       1983
NASH              George     W.                       11/1/1835  2/24/1913
NASH              Sarah      C. Sommers                9/5/1843   8/6/1876 wf of George W.
NASH              Albert                                        can't read hus. of Martha Young
NEEDHAM           Leonard    O.                            1894       1970
NEEDHAM          Lucy       L.                            1896       1988
NEEPER            Robert     M.                                       1999 ae 88 yrs
NEEPER            Robert     M.                            1909
NEEPER            Molly      M.                            1918
NEFF              J.         Wayne                    9/14/1924  3/25/1982 WWll; CPL; U.S.Army
NEFF              Shirley    Blake                         1937            wf of J. Wayne
NEIL              Helen      Vicki                         1950       1999
NEILL             Helen                                          6/24/1999 ae 48yrs
NESTER            William    H.                            1927       1999
NEUMAN            Charles    F.                            1873       1947
NEUMAN            Grace      G.                            1881       1946
NEVILLE           Harold     W.                            1937       1996
NEVILLE           Irene      E.         Kisselburgh        1938
NEWMAN            John                               10/16/1927  12/7/1963 WWll; Korea; SGT; U.S.Army
NEWTON            Teresa     Carey                         1911       1983
NICHOLS           Lloyd      E.         Sr.           6/28/1916 11/20/1958
NICHOLS           Robin                               2/21/1965  2/21/1965
NICHOLS           Albert     Fisk                    10/14/1888  7/10/1961 WWl, U.S.Navy
NICHOLS           Winfred    S.                            1892       1957
NICHOLS           Browning   H.                            1874       1946
NICHOLS           Helena     R.                            1875       1949
NICHOLS           Herbert    F.                       7/12/1895  1/30/1981 WWl; U.S.Navy
NICHOLS           Peter      K.                            1942       1984
NICHOLS           Rollin     P.                            1913       1990
NICHOLS           Loretta    J.                            1916       1997
NICHOLS           Eugene     F.                            1926       1995
NICHOLS           Lola       Ann                           1932
NICHOLSON         Eva        May                           1933       1986
NIGHTINGALE       Mary       C.         Gilbert                       1890 ae 45 yrs; wf of Thomas
NORTHUP           Raymond    Jr.                      1/26/1962  6/24/1981
NOVICKIS          Teobalds                                 1898       1969
NOVICKIS          Elsa                                     1907       1989
NUGENT            Howard     L.                            1923       1963
NUGENT            Mary       Jane                          1926

Submitted 5 June 1998
Updated 11 September 1999
Rearranged 5 February 2000