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Confirmations in Christ's Church Manlius.


List of persons confirmed by the Right Rev John Henry Hobart in Christ's Church Manlius Sept 6 1826, and the only confirmation that can be found on record; copied by me from a small book left in the hand-writing of the Rev Wm Josephus Bulkley, this the 26 Nov 1827. B H Hickox.

Mr. Thomas Clark, Mr. Joseph Farr, Mr. Joseph Smith, Mr. Illustrious Remington, Mr. Israel Remington, Mr. Robert Gilmor, Mr. Harvy Hinman, Mr. Alva B Mc Clenthen, Mr Edmund Davis, Mr Joseph G Farr, Mr Thomas Gilmor, Mrs Ruth Clark, Mrs Mary Mc Burney, Mrs Sarah Gardner, Mrs Eunice Remington, Mrs Anna Dibble, Mrs Frances L Gilmor, Mrs Harriet Gillespie, Mrs Annis Mc Clenthen, Mrs Davis, Mrs Lucy Taylor, Mrs Eunice Ives, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Eleanor Southard, Mrs Elizabeth G. Hibbard, Mrs Lucretia May, Miss Hannah Clark, Miss Mary Ann Farr, Miss Melvina Farr, Miss Maria Ward, Miss Catharine Storms, Miss Helen Post, Miss Maria M A Post, Miss Polly Hibbard, Miss Maria Annibal, Miss Lucy Grinnell, Miss Sarah Gilmor, Miss Diantha Clement, Miss Hannah Gunn, Miss Charlotte James. Whole Number 40. Wm Josephus Bulkley. Missionary at Manlius and parts adjacent. True record per me. Attest B H Hickox.


Confirmed in Christs Church Manlius Sept 13th 1829 by John Henry Hobard D. D. Bishop of the Diocese of New York. Jacob R. De Puy, Mrs Polly H. De Puy, Mrs. Jacob Richmond, Mrs Sophia Gates, Miss Mary Hurlburt, Miss (no first name) Anibal, Miss Hannah Rowland, Miss Mary A. Nims, Zilpha Mc Clenthen, Hanon Russ, Mrs Lutheria Ward, Miss Harriet Cooper, Mary Jane Cleaveland, Miss Judith Russ, Mrs Laura Remington, Cornelia Marsh, Mary Ann Taylor, Aseneth C. Morehouse.


Confirmed in Christ Church Manlius Rev A. S. Hollister Rector August 30. 1831 by the Rt. Rev. Benjamin G. Onderdonk - D. D. Bishop of the Diocese of New York.

Elenor Ann Mc Clenthen, Frances Remington, Nancy Remington, Amanda E. Farr, Lucretia Austin, Elijah E. May, David Jackson, Andrew G. Gilmor, Eliza Rockwell, Dennyson Kellogg, Joshua Nichols, Mrs. Nichols, Louisa Nichols, Sarah Randall, Dwight Nims, H. C. Van Schaack, Sophronia Loomis, Anson Lull, Elisabeth (?) Lull, Loyd Remington, Sarah Gardner, Dorcas Gardner, Mindwell Remington, Susan Marsh, Laura Marsh, Joshua H. V. Clark, Phebe Adeline Clark, Mr. Annibal, Mrs Mills, Margaret Devins, Conrad Lower, Mrs Lower, Sarah Wood (Cazenovia), Mrs H. Allen (Cazenovia), Ira Loomis, Looza Gilbert, Mrs. Hickox (Bridgeport), Mrs. Gay.

Confirmations by the same in Fayetteville Sept. 1st 1831. Schuyler Pulford, Mrs Pulford, Phebe Pulford, Albert Neely, Mrs Neely, Caroline Neely, Mrs Ward, Mrs Bangs, Marvin Buske, Mary E. Coates, Mrs Palmer (Bridgeport), Mrs (?) (Bridgeport)

1831 penciled in; 1832 also penciled in; (possibly a return visit by Bishop Onderdonk in 1831).

In Christ Church Manlius Sept 6 by Bp. Onderdonk, belonging to Manlius Shelton Hall, Emeline Williams, Emily Hale, Mar(?) Loomis, Nancy Agan, Hannah Lewis, Ann White, Eunice White. Belonging to Fayetteville Michael Hutchins, David L. Farnham, Hannah Farnham, Lucretia Burton, Catherin (G(?), Chandler Woodford. The above is the record of the Rev. Algernon S. Hollister.


Confirmed in Christ Church Manlius at the visitation of Bishop Onderdonk May 25. 1836. Mrs Adeline Van Schaack, Mrs Baker, Mrs Palmer, Miss Cornelia Gurnsay, Mr. Henry Gurnsay, Miss Farr, Miss Palmer. Jesse Pound, Rector

In Trinity Church Fayetteville, May 26th 1836 Miss Emeline Ingalls, Mrs. Lydia Neely, Mrs Thersia Mead, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Whitford. Jesse Pound, Rector.


In St Pauls Church Syracuse, for the Parish of Trinity Church Fayetteville, May 24 , 1837. Mr Benedict Smith Joslin, Mr Hiram Wood, Mrs Mary Wood. Also at the same time & place, and for the same parish Mr Adna A. Treat and Mrs Jane Treat. Jesse Pound, (?) Minister.


In Christ Church, Manlius by the Rt. Rev. Bishop DeLancey, July 9 1839. Mr. Nathaniel Phillips, Miss Caroline Remington, Mrs Hiram V. Phillips, Dr Henry H. Herrington, Dr. Horace Nims, Miss Harriet Farr. Also for the parish of Christ Church, Manlius the next day, Mr. Daniel M Clenthen in Christ Church Pompey. S. G. Appleton, Rector.


The following persons were confirmed in Christs Church Manlius by Bishop DeLancey at his visitation in June 10 1841. Mr. Alfred Nims, Mr. Hiram Remington, Mr. D. W. Smith, Mr. John A. Valentine, Mr. Samuel K. Miller of Fabius, Miss Charlotte W. Williams, Miss Roby Ann Remington, Miss Sarah B. Edwards, Miss Henrietta Kneeland, Mrs. Alfred Nims, Miss Sophia Smith, Miss Abby Ann Taylor, Miss Ann Valentine, Miss Marietta Nims, Miss Laura Taylor, Miss Jane Merritt, Miss Eliza Randall, Miss Helen Mc Clenthen, Miss Mary Stebbins of Cazenovia. Seth Davis, Rector.


The following persons were confirmed in Christs Church Manlius by Bishop De Lancey at his visitation in July 10 1842. Mr. Thomas Clark, Mr. Daniel Potter, Miss Frances Sweet, Miss Sophia M. Ward. Seth Davis, Rector.


The following persons were confirmed in Christs Church Manlius by Bishop DeLancey at his visitation in May 27 1844. Mr. 0. (?) Austin & Miss Harriet Remington. Seth Davis, Rector.


Aug. 19th 1846. The following persons were confirmed in Christ Church Parish by Bishop DeLancey. Mrs. Anna M. Bunell. (In private), Miss Amelia P. Bunell. (In private). Miss Anna M. Bunell. In the church. Miss Ann Smith. In the church. Also, ordination of the incumbent of Parish to Holy order of Priest. D. Pise, Jr. Minister.

Diocesan year. Nov. 1st 1846. 21st S. after Trinity & also All Saints Day, the following persons were confirmed in Christ Church by Bp. De Lancey. Miss Harriette N. Twitchell, Miss Mary Cairns, Mr. Charles Otis Clark, Mr. Benjamin C. Paddock, Mr. Henry Nichols. The last two from St. Peters church Cazenovia Mad. Co. D. Pise Jr. Rector.

1847. (None)


Confirmed in Christ Church Manlius by Bishop Delancey on Tuesday the 20th of June 1848 the following persons, viz: Mr James Dunning, Mrs Martha Sweet, Mrs Maria Gilmor, Mrs Julia Hackett, Miss Charlotte Sweet, Miss Adeline Van Schaack, Miss Harriet Washburn, Miss Emma Howland, Miss Elizabeth Lewis, Miss Thedora Gilmor, Miss Ophah Ann Peck, Miss Adelia May. Also Miss Achsa Maria Benson (in private), Miss Lucretia Remington at St. Mary's Hall total 14. Rev. J. L. Gay, Rector.


Confirmed in Christ Church Manlius June 20. 1849 the following named persons, to wit: Mrs Hannah Clark, Mrs Lucretia Lovinia Austin, Mrs Loisa Ely, Miss Julia Randall. Total 4. 1850.


Confirmed in Christ Church Manlius Sunday August 11. 1850 by Bishop Delancey the following persons to wit: Mrs Martha C. Anderson, Miss Mary Grinnell, Mrs Nancy Reals, Mrs Jane A. Marks, Miss Martha Hinsdale, these three last belong to St. Marks Jamesville. Total 5.


Confirmed in Christ Church Manlius April 14. 1851 the following named persons, to wit: Mr Jeremiah Selkrig, Mrs Laura E. Clapp, Mrs Mary Ann Hughes, Mrs Kitty Amelia Sprague, Miss Hannah Parry, Miss Abby Parry, Miss Augusta Warren, Miss Emily Beach, Miss Beulah Hibbard. Total 9. John L. Gay, Minister.


Confirmed in Christ Church Manlius on Sunday May 16th 1852, by Bishop DeLancey, the following persons, viz. Mr James Appleton, Jr., Mr James L. Beebee, Mrs Alma Caroline Beebee, Mrs Lucretia Augusta Sweet, Miss Elizabeth Merritt. Total 5. John A. Jerome, Minister.


Confirmed in Christ Church Manlius on Friday June 23rd 1854 by the Rt Rev William H. De Lancey the following named persons Miss Lydia B. Van Schaack, Miss Harriet Merritt, Miss Mariah Merritt, Miss Alma Caroline Beebee, Miss Eliza Mary Washburn, Miss Julia Ann Twitchell. Total 6. Osgood E. Herrick, Minister.


Confirmed in Christ Church Manlius on Friday Oct 26. 1855 by the Rt. Rev William H De Lancey the following named persons. Miss Julia Ellen Remington, Miss Rachel Naomi Hibbard, Miss Rhoda Jennett Hibbard, Mr William Thomas Clark, Mrs Mary Mati(?) Clark, Mrs Elizabeth Ann White, Mr Gilbert Vincent White, Miss Mary Eliza Colon, Mr David Davison Bates, Miss Caroline (?) Curtis, Miss Charlotte Clark Washburn, Mrs Nancy (?) Marvin, Miss Mary Sophia Phillips, Mr Francis S(?) Pattridge, Mrs Emeline Eliza Pattridge, Miss Orpha Van Schaack. Total 16. Osgood E. Herrick, Minister.