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First Presbyterian Church at Salina

Town of Salina

Source:  Onondaga; or Reminiscences of Earlier and Later Times, Vol. II, by Joshua V. H. Clark, A.M., Stoddard and Babcock, Syracuse, NY, 1849, pg. 145

The Presbyterian Society at Salina, was organized on the 20th day of March, 1810, as the "United Church of Onondaga Hollow and Salina," by the Presbytery of Geneva, and Rev. Dirk C. Lansing minister of the Church.  There were but nine members at this time.  Previous to this the Presbyterians attended divine worship with the Methodists, and had occasional services of their own, by the Rev. Caleb Alexander and Samuel T. Mills.  On the 23d of January, 1822, the United Church was divided, and a separate church organized, call the First Presbyterian Church at Salina.  The Rev. Hutchins Taylor was installed in March, 1822.  A new house of worship was erected in 1823, and Mr. Taylor continued as pastor to September, 1826.  Then succeeded the Rev. Mr. Hotchkiss, one year and a half; Rev. Hiram H. Kellogg, two years; James J. Ostrum, three years; Joseph J. Foot, two years.  In July, 1836, Rev. Hutchins Taylor was re-called, and remained till some time in 1839.  Rev. Joseph Myers preached from December 1st, 1839, to May, 1844.  The Rev. Elias Clark during the winter of 1844, and the Rev. Thomas Castleton from 20th of August, 1845, to the present time.

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