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South Onondaga, Onondaga Co., NY

Submitted by Joylette Spencer

For earlier records see also "South Onondaga and Vicinity" in Village of South Onondaga.

From The Church Record of the South Onondaga Methodist Episcopal Church, Early Book


L: by letter P: Profession of Faith DL: Dis'd by letter D: Died

Amidon, Abel
Amidon, Martha
Amidon, Henry
Amidon, Elizabeth
Amidon, Hannah
Abbott, Dorcas
D: Mar. 1865
Abby, Frank
Dec. 12, 1857
Bakeman, Rachel
Belding, (?)
Bradley, Daniel
Bradley, Polly
Bradley, Phebe
Bradley, Sarah
Bradley, Harriet
D: Oct. 1865
Burgess, Abigail
Cole, Herting (?)
Cole, Pa(r)melia
Cole, Alvin
Mar. 20, 1859
Cole, Nancy Ann
Oct. 22, 1858
Cole, Elisha
Cole, Emily
Cornell, Fidelia
Mar. 16, 1838
Day, Sophis
Day, Angeline
Day, Electa Dianntha
Dwells, M.M.
D: Jan. 1868
Degrost, Louisa
Mar. 24, 1858
Eaton, L. Dow
Jan. 3, 1858
Evans, Walty
Enos, Helen A.
Oct. 3, 1858
L:April 19, 1859
Fenner, Matilda
Fenner, Sarah E.
Mar. 28, 1858
Fenner, Orien
April 4, 1858
Fenner, Mary
P:June 12, 1864
Fisk, William
Fisk, Elizabeth
Fowler, Betsy
Franklin, Henry
Franklin, Betsy
L: Oct. 17, 1857
Gilbert, Adeline
Griffin, Louisa
Griffin, Orren
Hodgkins, Leonard
Hodgkins, Catharine
Hodgkins, Charles
Hodgkins, Sarah
P:Oct. 4, 1863
Hodgkins, Arrilla
L: July 25, 1858
Houser, Ann
Kingsley, Sarah
Manchester, John
Manchester, Catharine
Mosley, John
Mosley, Emily
Newman, Esther
D: Feb. 1865
North, Eliza
June 20, 1858
North, Henrietta
D: Feb. 1865
Olds, David
D: 1862 or 1865
Olds, Caroline
P:Oct. 4, 1863
Olds, Hannah
P; Dec. 18, 1865
Phares, Andrew
Phares, Charlotte
Phares, Martha
Pinckney, Mary
Quick, Nancy
Quick, Charles M.
April 4, 1858
Quick, James
P: Oct. 4, 1865
Seely, J. Owen (?)
Seely, Susan
D: April 1857
Seely, Henry
Seely, Esther
Seely, Louisa
Seely, Ellen
Sharp, John
Sharp, Mary
Vroman, Jane
Wilcox, Amity
Wilcox, Sally
L: April 19, 1859

"This Church Record I have this day tried to revise. There are some names which I have recorded that, I fear are not worthy members. Done this day, April 8th 1862. S. G. Greene, Pr"

South Onondaga Oct. 20th/ 1866
A charge prepared by Charles Hodgkins (on behalf of the Church) against Able Amidon.
Charge Immorality:
Specification 1st attempted _____(?)____of the State, County and Town.
2nd that he (Able Amidon) is a liar
(1) In that he said $1300 was all that he had that was subject to tax.
(2) In that he said $1900 was all that he had that was subject to tax.
(3) That he said $2400 was all that he had that was subject to tax.

South Onondaga Dec. 8, 1866

To All Whom it May Concern
Able Amidon confess that I did rong in the matter of my assessmens in that
I sought a reduction when I aught not to and in saying that $1300 was all
the property I had that was subject to tax. also in saying $1900 was all
that I had subject to tax and also in saying $2400 was all that I had
that was subject to tax.

From The Church Record of the South Onondaga Methodist Episcopal Church 1898 - 1932

Record of Pastors

Edward Acker 1905 - 1906
C. A. Wilson 1906 - 1908
I. C. Estes 1908 - 1909
H. W. Williams 1909 - 1910
T. W. Havens and J. E. Ensign 1910 - 1911
Elisha C. White 1911 - 1913
A. C. Willey 1914 - 1916
W. C. Chamberlain 1916 - 1919
F. H. Butman 1919 - 1920
G. E. Campbell 1920 - 1925
C. L. Steling 1925 - 1927
L. E. Squires 1927 - 1930
Idas F. Livingston 1930 - 1933
Arthur M. Griffing 1933 -

From The Church Record of the South Onondaga Methodist Episcopal Church 1898 - 1932


L: by letter P: Profession DL: Dis'd by letter D: Died

Acker, E.
Budlong, Mary E.- D - Mar. 1914
Ball, Hezekiah - D - May 1901
Ball, Phoebe - D
Browning, Alexander
Browning, Mary Lizzie
Browning, Mary E.
Balch, Dorcas - D - July 15, 1909
Balcomb, Ervelter
Browning, Marcia Helena
Bronson, LaFayette - L
Bronson, Jane - L
Bronson, Jennie May - L
Bronson, William L
Burt, Lemuel D. - L
Burt, Jennie - L
Burt, Elmer - L
Button, Frank
Button, Leroy
Barlow, T. E. - L
Barlow, Mrs. T. E.
Barlow, Floyd
Barlow, Thomas Edgar
Bennett, Carrie G.
Bowen, Lucinda
Balcomb, Norma - L
Barnhart, Hattie - L
Burgess, Mr. Edwin - L
Burgess, Mrs. Edwin - L
Bronsom, Mrs. Willie - L
Bronsom, Mrs. Jennie - L
Burhans, Rhoda Elizabeth
Balcomb, Eva
Balch, Ethel
Browning, Everett
Browning, C. Madeline
Bowen, Ralph A.
Bowen, Grace - L
Betz, Ernest G. - P
Betz, Alice J.
Betz, Ernest G. Jr.
Browning, Everett, Dr. - L
Browning, Luna - L
Balch, Mrs. Maud
Brown, Leonard - L
Brown, Winifred (Mrs. Leonard) - L
Bowen, Theodore
Bowen, Violet
Bowen, Lillian
Brown, Mrs. Leonard - L
Baird, Mrs. C. H. - L
Cole, Elisha - D
Case, Franklin D. - L
Case, Laura Briggs - L
Cole, Jessie - D 1900
Comstock, Libbie
Chrysler, Katie
Cole, Edson
Cole, Rosa
Carpenter, Breed
Carpenter, Esther I.
Case, Mary E.
Comstock, George R.
Carl, Eva Cornelia - P
Comstock , Moe - P
Comstock, Earl - L
Cook, Walter Edwin - P
Cole, Gladys - L
Cole, Ruth - L
Cole, Sterling H. - L
Chittendon, Ethel Hull - L
Chittendon, Edward Earl - L
Chittendon, Nina Mae - L
Chittendon, --- Elizabeth - L
Cook, Walter E.
Cook, Mrs. Walter E.
Day, Victory
Day, Hannah E.
Day, Susan
Day, Fred
Day, Susia Rhoda
Day, Rachel
Day, Cyrena (?)
Day, Willis
Day, Libbie
Day, Mildred
Day, Eunice
Day, Martin
Day, Addie
Day, Aldah
Day, Mary Bethel
DeVaul, Mrs. Mary Leona - L
DeVaul, George Henry - P
Danforth, Ida
Danforth, Owen (?)
Evans, Miranda - D
Ebert, Mary M. - DL
Ebert, Raymond M - DL
Ebert, (?) - DL
Everingham, Earl - DL
Everingham, M. Emma - D
Everingham, Helen - D
Ellis, George H.
Farrance, Mrs. Leslie - P
Fenner, Anna Ross at Budlongs
Fenner, Ethel (Mrs. Rex)
Fenner, Donald
Fenner, Elizabeth
Field, Silas - D
Field, Diantha - D
Field, Benjamin G.
Fenner, Alexandra Caroline
Fisk, Sarah, K - D
Farrance, Leslie - L
Fenner, Minnie - D
Fenner, Kittie
Fenner, Ida Volette - D
Fenner, Libbie Maria
Fowler, Belva A.
Fowler, Lillian J.
Fenner, Sarah
Fenner, Al--- (?)
Fenner, Kittie - D
Ferguson, Elizabeth
Ferguson, Robert - D
Fellows, Melvin
Fellows, Lillian A. - D
Fields, Wm H.
Fener, Leeta C.
Fenner, Luna Pearl
Fenner, Ruth Augusta
Fenner, John Ross (at Budlongs)
Fenner, Mrs. Hazel - DL
Fenner, Mrs. Flora E.
Fowler, Jerald M
Griffin, Helen - D
Griffin, Ellen - D
Griffin, Iva Leora
Griffin, Benjamin - D
Gwilt, Kitty - D
Gilbert, M. Grace - L
Gak, Edith Eliza (Mrs. Dr.)
Gernie, Weltie A. - L
Gwilt, Winifred
Gwilt, Leslie
Gilbert, Dorothy May
Griffin, Earl A.
Grant, Mrs. Fred - L
Gilbert, Lillian
Gwilt, Esther Louise
Gwilt, Leon
Gwilt, Thelma - P
Hodgkins, Charles - D
Hodgkins, Lorin (?)
Hodgkins, Belle - D
Hulbert, Benj. Franklin - D
Hulbert, Ellen M.
Hulbert, Ann - D
Hulbert, J. Adelbert - D
Hulbert, Hattie E. - DL
Hulbert, Lillian A. Fellows - D
Hamilton, Flora J.
Hill, Mary - D
Hill, Maude
Hitchings, Cornu (?) King (John's wife)
Hull, Flora A.
Haskins, Torin (?) L. - DL
Haskins, Mary Jeanette - D
Hendle, Mrs. Adlah
Hannum, Madeline
Hotchkins, Loren
Hoag, Harry - L
Hoffmire, Rubie
Hoffmire, Jessie
Hulbert, Benjamin - L
Hull, Mrs. Edward
Hull, Mrs. W. - D
Hess, Wada
Hamilton, Francis
Hannam, Fred Charles - P
Horton, Harvey Frank - P
Huntley, Andrew
Hoffmire, Dorothy - P
Horton, Alta E. - P
Hitchings, Ethel - P
Hitchings, Horace K. - P
Hull, Lewis - P
Huntington, Cora B.
Horton, Paul
Hill, Leona
Hamlin, Herman
Hamlin, Herman Mrs.
Irey, Lillian Parker
Judson, Cordelia
Judson, Arthur
Judson, Jennie
Kiehl, Ethel
Kneeland, Marion - D
Kenyon, Thomas C. - D
Kenyon, H. Gared (?)
Kenyon, E. G. - D
Kenyon, Bennett C.
Kenyon, Sarah E. - D
Knapp, Jessie Day - L
Kenyon, Flora May
Kenyon, Matie Pinckney
Koru, Andrew
Koru, Emma
Koru, John Joseph
Kenyon, Jennie - DL
Kenyon, Beulah
Krakau, Orison
Krakau, Earl
Krakau, Valney
Krakau, Alice
King, Lilian Lewis
Kiehl, Zelda Claire
Krakau, Irving Thomas
King, Geraldine
Kenyon, Harold S. - DL
Kiehl, Ruth
Kenyon, Gladys
Kenyon, Herbert
Lees, Mrs. Lillian
Lanning, Thomas H. - D
Lanning, Belle Wheaton
Lees, Anna Mae - L
Lees, Florance J.
Loomis, Edith
Livingston, Helen S.
Livingston, Herbert S.
Moseley, Francis
Morris, Alice - D
McClearns, Mary S. - D
McClearns, Frankie May - D
Mason, Harrison - D
Mason, Julia D. - L
Mooney, W. W. - D
Mooney, Ellen - D
McManus, James - D
Miller, Bernice - L
Miller, Gladys
Munroe, Thomas
Munroe, Clara
Munroe, Robert Henry - P
Monroe, Aldis - P
Munroe, W. A., Mrs.
Manwarren, Ethel
Munroe, Darris
Munroe, Wilma Leona
Munroe, Marion Winfred
McCarthy, George Lewis
McCarthy, Pearl Lulla
Mosner, Grace
Munroe, Wilma
Nichols, Ann Jane - D
Norton, Frances E.
Nichols, Mrs. C. E.
Nichols, Chas. - D
Nichols, Thomas
Nichols, Oliver - D
Odderkirk, Anna
Pinckney, Daniel - D
Pinckney, Mary N
Pinckney, Polley
Padbury, John - D
Padbury, Mary E. - D
Palmeter, Melissa - D
Palmeter, Lillian
Palmeter, Frances, Mrs.
Pickett, Louis - D
Parker, Lillian - L
Parker, J. Wilson
Parker, Dora, M.
Parker, Earl H. - L
Peterman, Martha - D
Padbury, Lennie Reid - L
Palen, George Albert - P
Phelps, Marie Eleanor - P - D
Perry, Gladys - P
Quick, Eunice
Randall, Lucy Eva
Russell, Edith L.
Russell, Edna
Russell, Ethel
Russell, May Bell
Ramsayer, Paul, Jr. - L
Ramsayer, Margaret - L
Reban (?), George M. - L
Randall, Olveretta - P - L
Rogers, Ruth
Randall, Clarence
Smith, Ida Victoria - L
Seeley, Mary Alice - D
Seeley, Ida
Stacker, Lulina - D
Seeley, C. Adella - L
Speich, Edward John
Snell, Ruth
Sharp, Marian Kenyon
Servier, Thelma
Servier, Myrile
Sharpe, Vivian Beatrice
Stebbins, Beulah
Shetler, Loyd Mrs. - P
Truck, Henry
Truck, Della May - D
Turner, Mary Ellen (Mrs. George)
Turner, Edith Genevieve
Turner, Leslie LeRoy
Tevser (?), Myrtle
Tanner, Genevieve - D
Thorn, Mrs. Walter
Thorn, Walter
Tanner, Beulah
Tanner, Dorothy
Tanner, Kenneth
Tanner, Daris
Tanner, Everett
Tanner, Hazel
Tanner, Winfield, Jr. S.
Underhill, George M.D. - D
Underwood, Mary E. - D
Vinal, Mestia
Vinal, Otis E.
Vinal, Mabel S. - D
Vinal, Thelma
Wilcox. Lusetta - D
Wilcox, Mary E. - D
Wilcox, Fidella - D
Wilcox, Harriet - D
Walker, Mahala - D
Wilcox, Myra
West, Louisa
West, Lillie
West, Cora Anderson
Williams, Minnie - D
Williams, Alice L. - L
Walters, Marion
Wilcox, W. H.
Willey, Mrs. - L
Wilbur, Emmett
West, Clara Louise
West, Claude Raymond
Williams, Alda Corinne
Williams, Flora Amidon - P
White, Rev. E. C. (ret.)
White, Mrs. E. C.
Wilcox, Leona
Walts, Renabelle - L
Walters, Leon
West, Leon - L
West, Gladys M - L
Walts, Thomas N. - L
Webster, - L
White, Mernie V.
White, Camilla
White, William
White, Keith S.
Wattner, Martha
Williams, Ruth
Wellner, Raymond
Wellner, Mrs. Raymond
Young, Flora Padbury

From The Church Record of the South Onondaga Methodist Episcopal Church, Book 3


L: by letter P: Profession of Faith DL: Dis'd by letter D: Died

Date Rec.
Abbott, Frank
Jan 7, 1917
Abbott, Nellie
Jan 7, 1917
Abbott, Genevieve
Amidon, Alvin
July, 1929
D: Dec. 1935
Andrew, Elizabeth
Sept. 21, 1890
D: 1944
Anderson, Gurgia
Feb. 22, 1922
Bowen, Lucinda
Feb. 4, 1906
Bailey, Elsie
June 9, 1918
Bailey, Mildred
June 9, 1918
Case, Alda
Sept. 27, 1916
D: Oct. 7, 1949
Fenner, Sarah
D: April 5, 1939
Fenner, Elizabeth
D: Feb 11, 1939
Fenner, Donald
D: Oct. 1938
Fenner, Al---(?)
D: Oct. 1938
Fenner, Flora
D: Dec. 8, 1938
Fagner, Zelda
Feb. 6, 1916
Fenner, Frankie
June 7, 1918
Fields, William H.
Feb. 6, 1916
Fields, Mrs. William N.
Feb. 6, 1916
D: Feb. 7, 1934
Fowler, Lillian
Fisher, Grace
Griffith, Leeta
Feb. 6, 1916
D. Sept. 1936
Grant, Leah
Apr. 27, 1919
Hodgskins, Loren
Oct. 1872
Huntley, Andrew
D: Sept. 8, 1936
Hunt, Allen
Apr. 15, 1928
D: Mar 31, 1938
Higgins, Mrs. Clarence
Nov. 17, 1943
Judson, Cordelia
Apr. 5, 1892
D: May 10,1933
Miller, Lillian
Nov. 10, 1894
Moxey, Thomas
April 9, 1939
D: Mar. 1940
Nichols, Emma
Sept. 16, 1906
D:Feb. 13, 1943
Nichols, Ruth
Feb. 26, 1911
Norton, Frances
Nichols, Cornelia Elizabeth
Perry, Arlene
April 1, 1934
D: 1938
Quick, Eunice
April 15, 1928
Randall, Lucy
July 7, 1899
D:Jan 24, 1940
Turner, Mary
Mar. 9, 1916
D: Apr. 8, 1945
Vinal, Ruth
Sept. 7, 1919
West, Louisa
D:Aug 22, 1933
West, Cora
Sept. 21, 1890
D:Feb. 16, 1943
Williams, Flora
May 23, 1917
D: July 11, 1935
Wilbur, Winifred
Feb. 26, 1911
Wilbur, Emmett
Williams, Nelson
June 9, 1918
Williams, Clara
June 9, 1918

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