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City of Syracuse

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Source:  Dwight H. Bruce (ed.), Onondaga's Centennial.  Boston History Co., 1896, Vol. I, p. 532.

The removal of Salem's church to the north side of the canal in 1859, caused considerable dissatisfaction on the south side and led to the formation of this society in 1857; it was not incorporated, however, until November 8, 1859, by the following trustees:  Charles Matt, Jacob Schneider, and Michael Blaich.  The brick church was built about this time on the corner of Grape and Jackson streets.  The pastors of Salem's church ministered to the congregation until 1870, since which time the following have occupied the pulpit:  Frederick Hehr, John Schaaf, Levi Jacoby, John Reeber, Mr. Boller, Daniel Miller, J. E. Herman, W. J. Marley, F. J. Holzwarth, C. Hardel, D. J. Ebert.

Submitted 17 July 1998