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SEPTEMBER 1805 through 1886 and

a letter of April 11, 1925



    These are computer copies of the original letters sent, for the most part, to our direct ancestors from the early to the late nineteenth century.  They are copied from the original letters which are in my possession.

    They start with a letter of September 30, 1805 from Susanna Wadham Willey in East Haddam, CT to our ancestor Anna Willey (1773-1841) in Ira, Cayuga County, New York, who was married to Eli Matson who later became a General in the New York State Militia after serving in the War of 1812.

    There is a letter of May 23, 1834 from our ancestor Ruth Rockwell (1786-1836) to her son Thomas Rockwell Townsend in Onondaga County, NY.

    Then, chronologically, are a series of letters from Roderick Nathaniel Maston to his father, General Eli Matson and later his brother, our ancestor, Eli Skinner Matson, his brother from Utica, Missouri where they had moved in the 1840's.

    On January 28, 1856 there is a letter from Thomas Rockwell Townsend to his sister, our ancestor, Delia Townsend, and another on September 29, 1863.

    There is a letter of January 25, 1865 to our ancestor Eli Mat(ti)son, referring to his son-in-law Captain Horace White, who was captured at Gettysburg "we feel he is not yet released from Rebel barbarity".

    There are a number of letters to our ancestor Delia Townsend Matson from her daughter Delia White, sister Ruth Ann Hallock and granddaughters and one from her brother Ebenezer Grant Townsend in 1886.

    I have also added a letter of April 11, 1925 from Cora Adele Matson, daughter of William Matson to her cousin Mary Eliza Matson, sister of my grandmother Delia Matson, concerning the monument erected to General Eli Matson & Anna Willey in the Ira Union Cemetery, which was once Matson property, and the controversy surrounding it.



                                                Kenneth B Burroughs

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16 July 1999