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Marriages/Deaths of  Town of Manlius Residents

Published in the Chittenango Herald, Madison Co. 1832-1853

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

          3/13/1832.   Died  the  town of Manlius on Saturday last, Mr. Christian Fink, ae
          1/15/1833.   Married  in Waterloo on the 16th inst. by Rev. Dr. Mason, Dr. H. B.
          Bush of Fayetteville to Marietta Tubbs of the former place.
          3/12/1833.   Married  at  Sullivan  on  the  21st  ult. by the Rev. Yates, Henry
          Palmer,  M.  D. of Manlius to Harriett, daughter of Capt. Asa Cady of the former
          3/12/1833.   Died at Canaseraga on the 9th inst. of apoplexy, Mr. Michael Walter
          of Manlius, Onondaga Co., ae 59.
          7/23/1833.   Married  on  Thursday  last,  by  Rev.  Dr.  Yates, Albert Mabee of
          Manlius to Maria Ehle, eldest daughter of Henry Ehle of this town (Sullivan).
          11/18/1834.   Married  in  this  village  (Chittenango)  on the llth inst. by J.
          French, Esq. Jacob Dennis to Mary Brown, both of Manlius.
          11/18/1834.   Married  on  the  13th  inst., by the same, Rodolphus E. Knight to
          Sally Baltsley (Balsley) both of Fayetteville.
          12/16/1834.   Died  at Manlius on Friday the llth inst., John Browning, a native
          of Devonshire (England) ae 47.
          3/31/1835.   Married  in  Manlius  on  Wed.  last  by  A. Nims, Esq., Mr. Elijah
          Anguish, of Sullivan, to Nancy Thompson, of the former town.
          6/16/1835.   Died  in the town of Manlius on the 9th inst., Mr. Melza Colton, ae
          8/4/1835.   Married  at  Canaseraga on the 29th ult. by J. French, Esq., Mr. Eli
          A. Ellis of Manlius to Myra Mead of Canaseraga.
          10/16/1835.   Married  in  this  village  (Chittenango)  on  the 8th inst. by J.
          French, Esq., John Fults to Maranda Warner, both of Manlius Centre.
          10/6/1835.  Died in Manlius on Friday last, Asa Nims, Esq., ae 51 years.
          10/20/1835.   Married  in  this  village  on  the 15th inst. by J. French, Esq.,
          Henry Delong, Jr. to Betsey Worden, both of Manlius.
          12/22/1835.   Married  at  Sullivan, 12/17 by J. French, Esq., Mr. John Campbell
          of Manlius to Amy Maria Haight, of Sullivan.
          2/2/1836.   Married  in  Hamilton on the 20th ult. by the Rev. Mr. Knapp, Daniel
          Griffin to Sophie Haight, both of Fayetteville.
          2/16/1836.   Married in Manlius on the llth inst. by Elder Paddock, Silas Bender
          to Eliza Ann Quackenbush of the former place.
          3/16/1836.   Died  in  Manlius  on  the 7th inst. after a protracted and painful
          illness, Nicholas P. Randall, Esq., ae 57, an eminent Counsellor at Law.
          4/20/1836.   Married at Fayetteville on the 24th of March last, by Albert Neely,
          Esq.,  Mr.  Daniel  VanDeWorker of Chittenango to Miss Serena, daughter of  David Moulter of Manlius.
          6/16/1836.   Married  in  Fayetteville on the 8th inst. by Rev. A. Smith, Curtis
          Sterne to Mary Ann Dewey, all of that place.
          3/8/1837.   Married  in this village on the 5th inst. by J. French, Esq., Jerome
          B. Woodford of Fulton, Oswego Co. to Martha Miller of Manlius.
          5/3/1837.   Married  in  Manlius on the 25th ult. by Esq. Huntley, James Moulter
          of Chittenango to Caroline Thompson, of the former place.
          8/30/1837.   Died  at Manlius on the 26th inst. Correll H. Mills, ae 34.  He has
          left a wife and four children.
          11/15/1837.   Married  at  Fayetteville  on the 8th inst. by the Rev. Orin Hyde,
          John Bates of the firm of Sims and Bates to Cecelia Hubbell.
          11/22/1837.   Married  in  Manlius  on  Thursday last by C. Hibbert, Esq. Thomas
          Freeborn of Cazenovia to Lane Mabie of Manlius.
          7/18/1838.   Married  at Manlius on the 16th July inst. by the Rev. Mr. Bellamy,
          Col.  Charles  A.  Spencer  of  Canastota  to  Mary  Stillwell,  daughter  of S.
          Stilwell, of the former place.
          12/12/1838.   Married  on  the  9th  inst.  by  J.  French, Esq., James Reels of
          Manlius to Maria Truax, of Sullivan.
          8/28/1839.   Died  in  Hartsville  on Monday last Maria Thompson, wife of Pardon
          Thompson, ae 32.
          7/1/1840.   Married  in  Fayetteville  on  Sunday  last by Rev. M. Hase, Patrick
          Curtis of this village to Thirza Browning, of the former place.
          9/16/1840.   Died at Fayetteville on the 14th of September inst. Mary M. Palmer,
          daughter of Sanford B. Palmer, 20 years (two brothers and sister survive).
          4/21/1841.   Married  in  Fayetteville on Thursday last by Eld. Smitzer, Charles
          B. Bannister to Maria W. Lawrence, both of that place.
          7/14/1841.   Married  at  Chittenango  Falls  7/10  by  Rev.  J. Watson, Nicholas
          Easterbrook of Manlius to Susannah Gidley (Gridley?), recently from England.
          1/18/1843.   Married  in  Fayetteville  on the 4th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Hickok,
          Brown Sayles of Manlius to Henrietta Eastwood of this town (Sullivan).
          11/15/1843.   Married  in  Fayetteville  on Thursday last, Rev. James Abell, Mr.
          Hezekiah Cass of this town, and Miss Catharine Sayles, of Manlius.
          1/31/1844.   Married  in  Fayetteville  on  Thursday  evening  last, by Rev. Mr.
          Cleveland,  Dr.  Darwin  E.  Hurd  of  Canastota  to  Angeline  F.,  daughter of
          Frederick Pratt, Esq. of the former place.
          2/21/1844.   Married  in  Manlius  on  the 14th inst. by Rev. James Abel, Palmer
          Gardner of Wisconsin and Margaret Williams of the former place.
          2/21/1844.   Married  in Chittenango on the 15th inst. by J. French, Esq., James
          Easterbrook of Manlius to Catherine Kasler of Parish, Oswego co.
          10/21/1846.   Married  in  Manlius  on  the  15th  inst.  by  Rev. John Smitzer,
          Thaddeus Heath of Sullivan to Marietta A. Cook, of Manlius.
          11/18/1846.   Died  in Manlius on Thursday 12th inst., Harriet, wife of John Van
          Scharck (Schaick?) in her 27th year.
          1/17/1849.   Died  in  Kirkville  on the 15th inst. Mrs. Tabathy, wife of Robert
          Cunningham, ae 73 years, 7 months.
          2/7/1849.   Married in Kirkville the 25th ult., by Rev. Mr. Strong, Royal Sweet,
          M.D. and Margaret Haywood, only daughter of Thomas Haywood, all of Kirkville.
          4/11/1849.   Married  in  Manlius  3/22 by Rev. E. J. Gillett, Mr. ___ Avery and
          Emeline Gillett, both of Manlius.
          7/11/1849.   Died  in Kirkville, 27th ult., Mrs. Marion B., wife of Alexander F.
          Platto, and eldest daughter of Thomas Blanchard of DeWitt.
          7/11/1849.   Died  in N.Y., 7th inst., on board the Lake Boat John Bates of this
          place (Chittenango), Capt. Ira Gilman of Kirkville, ae 32.
          10/31/1849.   Married  in Cazenovia, 21st inst., Ebenezer Pennock of Bolivar and
          Ann Coats of Fayetteville.
          10/31/1849.   Married in Sackville, Wi., 16th inst., J. H. Tibbitts, formerly of
          Chittenango  and  Miss L. Topliff, only daughter of Elibius Topliff, formerly of
          7/31/1850.   Married  in  Chittenango,  29th  inst.,  by  Rev.  George Colgrove,
          William Brown and E. S. Coates, both of Fayetteville.
          7/31/1850.   Married in Fayetteville the 31st by Rev. Mr. Wright, James G. Reals
          and Catharine, daughter of Adam Grove, Esq., all of Fayetteville.
          8/14/1850.   Married on the 31st of July in Trinity Church, Fayetteville by Rev.
          D.  Pise, James G. Reals to Catharine A. Grove Hadley, both of Fayetteville (see
          above-question re: minister.  Pise was a minister of Trinity).
          1/15/1851.   Married  this morning in Fayetteville, Uriel M. Toby of the town of
          Sullivan and Mary Scoville of the former place.
          1/15/1851.   Married at the Cazenovia House, 1/1 by Rev. Wm. Clarke, Albert Hill
          and Caroline Johnson, both of Manlius.
          3/12/1851.   Married  in  Manlius,  5th  inst. by Rev. Mr. Gay, Abram Scouten of
          Cazenovia and Adaline Richman of the former place.
          3/26/1851.   Married in Manlius, 13th inst., by Rev. L. E. Swan, Wm. W. Heath in
          this town and Sarah A. Cook of the former place.
          7/30/1851.   Married  in  Cazenovia  on  20th  inst. by Rev. Wm. Clarke, Michael
          Murphy of Manlius and Malinda Jewett of Fenner.
          10/22/1851.   Married  at  the residence of her father, Joseph Harbottle, in the
          town  of  Tuesday  21st  inst.  by Rev. Jas. Abell, Thomas O. Bassett of Manlius
          Center to Anna S. Harbottle.
          11/12/1851.   Married  in  this  village,  26th ult. by Rev. J. J. Teeple, Anson
          Williams and Delia Kelton, both of Manlius Square.
          11/12/1851.  Died in Fayetteville 8th inst., Sarah, wife of Royal Nobles.
          12/3/1851.   Married  at  Manlius  26th  ult. by Rev. George Colgrove, Asahel L.
          Porter of Chittenango to Margaret A. Casler of Manlius.
          7/21/1852.   Married at the house of Uriah M. Toby in Fayetteville on 20th inst.
          by  Elder  Wright,  Wm.  Marks to Mary, daughter of John W. Shaver, both of this
          2/16/1853.   Died  at  Fayetteville  llth  inst.  Jesse  Worden, ae 71.  Funeral
          conducted by order of Masons.
          9/10/1853.   Married  on  30th  ult.  by  Rev.  L.  E.  Swan,  Thomas  Murphy of
          Fayetteville and Miss Cornelia J. Andrews of Lenox.

Submitted 31 May 1998