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Marriages  and  Deaths Published in the Fayetteville Luminary and Reformed Methodist Intelligencer 3/14/1839-7/23/1840

Town of Manlius

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

          5/2/1839.   M.  in  Episcopal Church, Fay. by Rev. Mr. Fencer, William Stewart of
          Milwaukee,  Wisconsin  Territory to Miss Charlotte, daughter of Col. John Sprague
          of Fayetteville.
          5/2/1839.  On death of Mr. and Mrs. Stark, late of the town of Manlius.
          5/9/1839.   D.  at  Manlius Centre, of consumption, the 30th of April ult., Lyman
          Huntly, aged 20 years.
          5/9/1839.   M.  at  Fayetteville  on the 2d inst., by Rev. Mr. Phippen, Mr. Atlas
          Kinne, of DeWitt, to Miss Eliza R. Palmer.
          6/6/1839.   Died  by  drowning  May  31  Walter Henry, son of Erastus and Harriet
          Upham,  age 3 years and 6 months.  Mr. Upham was engaged in running a boat on
          canal,  had  taken  Mrs.  Upham  and  the  little boy with him to Albany, and had
          returned  to what is called the Four Locks, about 6 p.m. from Troy, where his son
          unperceived  fell into one of the locks, and was drowned.  He was not found until
          by  letting  the  water  out  of the locks, he was discovered to pass through the
          paddle gate.  The corpse was brought to this village, and interred last Sabbath.
          9/12/1839.   M.  on  Manlius Village the 4th inst. by Rev. S. G. Appleton, Mr. B.
          H. Burlingham to Miss Elizabeth P. Converse, all of Manlius Village.
          9/12/1839.  D. 4th inst. Dan S., son of John G. Reilay, ae 4 years, 3 months.
          9/12/1839.   D.  on 5 inst. at house of E. Goodfellow, Miss Cornelia, daughter of
          Daniel Landrus, of DeWitt.
          9/12/1839.   D.  in  Fayetteville  on  the  10th, Mrs. Elvira Jones, wife of Rev.
          Charles Jones of scarlet fever.
          9/19/1839.    Alfred   Jencks  of  Fayetteville  m.  Agnes  Wemples  of  Florida,
          Montgomery Co., NY on the llth inst. in Amsterdam.
          9/19/1839.   M. by Rev. Mr. Tuttle in Fayetteville, Wm. C. Hurd, son of Dr. C. J.
          Hurd to Louisa Wilson, daughter of John Wilson, formerly of Dutchess Co., NY.
          9/19/1839.  D. on llth inst. Miranda, infant daughter of James I. DePuy.
          9/26/1839.   D.  in  Manlius,  the  22d  inst.  Origin  Eaton,  a  patriot of the
          Revolution, aged 75 years.
          9/26/1839.   D.  on  15th  inst.  in  Fayetteville Mrs. Carr, consort of Mr. Levi
          10/17/1839.   M.  on 8th inst. by Rev. John Smitzer, Eli Perry of Albany to Lydia
          Collins of Fayetteville.
          10/17/1839.   On  13th inst. in Manlius, by Rev. W. Bailey, Major Worden to Lydia
          A. Bishop of Cazenovia.
          10/31/1839.   D.  in  Fayetteville  on  24th  inst.,  Freeman Gates, a journeyman
          hatter, aged 41 years.
          11/14/1839.   M.  5th  inst.  in  Fayetteville  by  Rev.  John Smitzer, Harvey I.
          Thompson, son of D. Thompson, Esq. to Miss Caroline Husted.
          11/21/1839.   M.  17th  inst.,  Erastus  Colton  to  Abigail  Partellos,  both of
          12/19/1839.   M.  16th  inst.  by  Rev.  John  Smitzer, Hervey P. Hall of Marine,
          Madison  Co., Ill. to Angeline P. Edwards, youngest daughter of Sam Edwards,  Esq. of Fayetteville.
          2/6/1840.   M.  in  Manlius  29th  ult.  by Rev. A. Breed, Ben Kinne to Mary Jane
          McSchoolar, all of Manlius.
          2/6/1840.   M.  on  30th  ult.  by  Rev. Mr. Munson, Alfred H. Bliss to Hannah L.
          Worden, Manlius.
          4/2/1840.   D.  at  Fayetteville,  Amanda,  wife  of  Porter Tremain and youngest
          daughter of David Collin, ae. 31.
          4/23/1840.   M.  22d  inst.  at Trinity Church Fayetteville by Rev. Mr. Fenner (a
          couple outside town).
          4/30/1840.  D. 10 April in Fayetteville, Daniel Hedge, ae 37.
          4/30/1840.   M.  at  North  East, Dutchess Co., on 16th inst., Charles H. Mead of
          Fayetteville to Caroline, daughter of James Collin, Esq. of North East.
          5/7/1840.   ...on  Friday last a boat being loaded with flour in the basin of the
          Fayetteville  branch of the canal, was drawn by the force of the current over the
          dam  of  the feeder, which occasioned considerable loss to those concerned.  The
          next  day  while  a number of persons were assembled for the purpose of replacing
          the  boat  in  the  navigable  canal, 2 lads, sons of Mr. Hulbert of this village
          while  playing  upon  the  bank  of  the basin, just above the dam, fell into the
          basin  (the  oldest boy having lost his balance, seized, with the arm, around his
          younger  brother's  neck  and  drew him along with him), passed over the dam, and
          were driven under the boat (the youngest survived).
          5/7/1840.   M. on Wednesday evening, April the 29th by the Rev. Mr. Tuttle at the
          residence  of  John  McViccar,  Esq.  the  Rev.  Charles  Jones  of LaFargeville,
          Jefferson Co., to Miss Calsina P. Gardner, of Fayetteville.
          5/7/1840.   M.  in  Manlius 4/22 by Rev. Z. Baker, Philip Betinger of Sandy Creek
          to Mary, daughter of John Lower of Manlius.
          6/11/1840.  D. 5th inst., Jacob Vandenmark, ae 67.
          6/11/1840.   D.  8th  inst.  at  Syracuse,  John  Smith  (for a number of years a
          residence of this village), ae 56.

Submitted 31 May 1998