George Klosheim

Submitted by Carrie

Klosheim Disappeared in 1887 - Wife Now Petitions Surrogate (Possibly Nov. 10, 1911)
In 1887 George Klosheim of this city disappeared and no word has been received from him since then. Yesterday his wife, Louise Klosheim, petitioned Surrogate Glass for temporary letters of administration in his estate, stating that the circumstances under which her husband disappeared and the fact that no news has been received from him indicate that he is dead. If, however, he should reappear during the lifetime of the petitioner, the letters would be automatically revoked.
Mrs. Klosheim lives in Warham street in this city and has several children. She stated in her petition that for the purpose of preserving the property owned by her husband and to prevent its dissapation she wanted the right to control it, though as a matter of fact he may still be alive.
Last January an action to partition the estate left by Mr. Klosheim’s mother was tried and the referee decided that to all intents and purposes the missing son was dead. His share valued at about $350 went to his wife.
Surrogate Glass took the papers, but he has not yet issued the letters. William Rubin appears for the petioner

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3 November 1997