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A List of Syracuse Businesses from an 1948 Syracuse Centennial Dinner Program

Submitted by Dick Hillenbrand, March 4, 1999.

Pioneers                                                                (Founding names in parenthesis) 1825    Chapman Lumber Co.                                              (Edward Chapman) 1829    The Post-Standard                                               (The Standard) 1832    C. C. Bradley and Son, Inc.                                     (The Bradley Co.) 1836    New York Central Railroad                                       (Utica and Syracuse Railroad) 1839    Gere and Stohrer, Inc.                                          (Thomas T. Davis) 1839    Syracuse Herald-Journal                                         (Western State Journal) 1840    Greenway Brewery Co., Inc.  1845    Frazer and Jones                                                (Frazer, Burns and Jones) 1845    Railway Express Agency, Inc.                                    (Wells and Pomeroy)  1845    Onondaga Pottery Co.                                            (William Farrar) 1846    Western Union Telegraph Co.                                     (The Albany & Buffalo Telegraph Co.) 1848    Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company 1849    Bowen, Perry and Fobes, Inc.                                    (Stevens and Perry) 1849    Central New York Power Corp.                                    (Gas Light Co. of Syracuse) 1849    Church and Dwight Co., Inc. 1849    Syracuse Savings Bank                                           (Syracuse Savings Institution) 1850    Thomas Talbott and Son                                          (Thomas Talbott, Jr.) 1850    The Merchants National Bank and Trust Company of Syracuse 1852    The Salina Press                                                (Lyman Bros.) 1854    Onondaga Hide and Leather Co.  1854    Powers Drug Co.                                                 (C. W. Snow Co.) 1855    The Onondaga County Savings Bank  1855    Will and Baumer Candle Co., Inc.                                (Anton Will) 1856    The House of Peters                                             (Nick Peters) 1857    Haberle Congress Brewing Co., Inc.  1858    Clark Music Co. 1858    Hiscock, Cowie, Bruce, Lee and Mawhinney                        (Hiscock and Hiscock) 1859    Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co. 1859    Syracuse Transit Corp.                                          (Central City Railway Co.) 1860    W. E. Banning Stamp and Stencil Works 1860    Funda-Austin Construction Corp.                                 (Wm. Funda) 1860    Francis Hendricks Co., Inc.                                     (Francis Hendricks Co.) 1860    H.J. Howe, Inc.                                                 (Henry J. Howe) 1860    The Schoeneck Co.                                               (Henry Schoeneck) 1862    D L & W Coal Co.                                                (E. R. Holden & Sons) 1863    Neal and Hyde, Inc.                                             (Price and Wheeler) 1864    Yackel and Rupp, Inc.                                           (A. J. Woodworth and Co.) 1864    Gray Bros. Shoes, Inc. 1865    The Travelers Insurance Company 1865    Greenleaf Funeral Home                                          (James H. Cornell) 1865    Syracuse Lithographing Co. 1865    Auer & Co. 1865    Schmeer's Paper Box Co. 1866    J. and F. B. Garrett Co.                                        (J. Frank B. Garrett) 1866    McKesson and Robbins, Inc.                                      (C. W. Snow and Co.) 1867    Armour and Co. 1867    J. F. Friedel Paper Box Co.                                     (Schmeer and Listman) 1867    Charles Hubbard Son and Co., Inc.                               (Moore and Hubbard) 1867    Ward Baking Co. 1868    The Borden Co.                                                  (Merrell and Soule) 1868    F. H. Ebeling Co. 1868    Alexander Grant's Sons 1868    Sawmiller Fuel Co., Inc.                                        (Sawmiller Bros.) 1868    W. O. Zischang Co.                                              (A. O. Zischang) 1868    Robert J. Sloan 1868    Charles Gibbs 1869    First Trust and Deposit Co.                                     (Trust and Deposit Co. of Onondaga) 1869    I. & C. Rosenbloom                                              (S. Rosenbloom and Sons) 1869    St. Joseph's Hospital  1870    Day and Munro Co.                                               (Thomas F. Truair) 1870    L. House and Sons Co.  1870    Peoples Ice Co.                                                 (Charles Listman) 1870    Syracuse University 1870    D L & W Railroad Co.                                            (Syracuse & Binghamton Railroad Co.) 1870    P. Drescher Sons                                                (P. Drescher) 1871    Handov Fur Co.                                                  (Hawkins & Goodrich) 1872    Burhans and Black, Inc. 1872    W. D. Carpenter Co., Inc. 1872    Dunning and Boschert Press Co.                                  (Boomer and Boschert Press Co.) 1872    Marsellus Casket Co., Inc. 1872    I. U. Doust Photo Materials Co.                                 (I. U. Doust) 1872    Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.                                          (R. G. Dun & Co.) 1873    Kieffer Bros., Inc.                                             (Kieffer and Walsh) 1873    McCarthy's 1874    Bardeen's, Inc.                                                 (Davis and Bardeen) 1875    Equitable Life Assurance Society of U. S. 1875    Edward Joy Co.                                                  (Edward Joy) 1875    Lipe Rollway Corp.                                              (C. E. Lipe) 1875    Muench Pharmacy                                                 (Wm. Muench Pharmacy) 1875    Oberdorfer Foundries, Inc.                                      (John Balch Co.) 1876    Crucible Steel Co. of America                                   (Sanderson Bros. Steel Co.) 1876    Syracuse Chilled Plow Co. 1876    Traugott & Lohman, Inc. 1877    Easy Washing Machine Corp.                                      (Dodge and Zuill) 1877    Syracuse Twist Drill Co. 1878    Hall and McChesney, Inc. 1878    P. R. Quinlan, Inc.      1878    N. Y. Telephone Co. 1878    Stove and Furnace Repair House                                  (H. E. Hessler Co.) 1879    The Hofmann Packing Co., Inc.                                   (Hofmann Bros.) 1879    A. E. Nettleton Co. 1879    Nottingham, Clymer, Smith and Paltz                             (Goodell and Nottingham) 1880    Hueber Bros. 1880    Straight Line Engine and Machine Corp. 1880    Swift and Co. 1880    W. J. D. Cigar Factory 1880    Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 1880    McDowell Lumber Co. 1881    Empire Metal Co. 1881    S. M. Flickinger Co., Inc.                                      (Hudson Bros. and Co., Inc.) 1881    Moore and Quinn, Inc. 1881    The Solray Process Division Allied Chemical and Dye Corp.       (The Solvay Process Co.) 1882    Associated Laundries, Inc.                                      (Empire Steam Laundry) 1882    Dey Bros. and Co. 1882    Falso Air-Trol Co.                                              (Joseph Blant, Frank Falso) 1882    Falso Heating and Sheet Metal Co.                               (Joseph A. Blant Tin Shop) 1882    The Houser Elevator Co. 1882    Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Inc.                                     (Standard Oil Co. of N. Y.) 1882    Wright and Welton, Inc.                                         (E. B. Wright and Son) 1882    Joseph G. Kren 1883    Benedict Manufacturing 1883    R. E. Dietz Co.                                                 (Steam Gauge and Lantern Co.) 1883    F. Marty and Co. 1883    N. Y. Fire Insurance Rating Organization                        (Underwriters' Association of N. Y. S.) 1883    Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. 1884    John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co. 1885    J. R. Clancy, Inc. 1885    Syracuse Pottery, Inc.  1885    Syracuse Supply Co.  1885    Cherry Burrell Corp.                                            (D. Henry Gowing) 1886    Van Wagenen-Sager, Inc.                                         (Sager Bros.) 1886    National Biscuit Co.                                            (Young & Larabee) 1887    Evans Dairy                                                     (George E. Evans) 1888    Kane and Roach  1889    Engelberg Huller Co., Inc. 1888    First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Syracuse          (Syracuse Savings and Loan Association) 1888    Goodyear-Burlingame School 1888    The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. 1888    Home Life Insurance Co. of N. Y. 1888    Kallfelz Bros. Baking Co., Inc. 1888    Kelley Baking Co., Inc.                                         (Foote, Gloger and Kelley) 1888    Mack Bros. Boiler and Sheet Iron Works, Inc.                    (Onondaga Steam Boiler and Iron Works Co.) 1888    New Process Gear Corp.                                          (The Process Raw Hide Co.) 1888    E.J. Page 1888    Paragon Supply, Inc.                                            (The Paragon Plaster Co.) 1888    Syracuse Pharmacal Co. 1888    L. A. Witherill, Inc. 1889    O. M. Edwards Co. 1889    General Electric Co.                                            (The Thomas-Houston Co.) 1889    C. A. Reeve Paint Co., Inc. 1889    F. W. Woolworth Co. 1889    E. W. Edwards & Son 1890    Joseph F. Buff                                                  (Alvord and Frensdorf) 1890    Auto-Lite Battery Corp.                                         (Eibridge'Electrical Manufacturing Co.) 1890    Brown Bros. Hardware and Paint Corp.                            (John W. Brown) 1890    J. S. Caldwell Lumber Co., Inc.                                 (Joseph S. Caldwell) 1890    M. Lemp 1890    N. Y. Life Ins. Co. 1890    Syracuse Ornamental Co., Inc.  1890    Pass & Seymour 1890    National Casket Co. 1891    Central City Roofing, Inc.  1891    East. Genesee Drug Store                                        (Herbert G. Wright) 1891    Empire State Clean Towel  1891    Kelley-Brothers 1891    P. B. and H. Moulding Co. 1891    W. F. Saunders and Sons, Inc.                                   (W. F. Saunders) 1892    A. T. Armstrong Co.                                             (A. T. Armstrong) 1892    O. M. Edwards Co., Inc. 1892    D.J. Heaphy and Son                                             (D. J. Heaphy) 1892    Penfield Manufacturing Co.                                      (Penfield and Wilcox) 1892    A. H. Pond Co. 1892    Weston Drug Store 1892    Yates Hotel 1892    George S. Herrick Grate Co.  1892    Chapman, Newell, Crane  1892    Tennants, Inc.                                                  (J. F. Kincaid) 1893    Kinney’s Bakery, Inc. 1893    Bentley Settle and Co., Inc. 1893    Fairchild and Meech                                             (George E. Fairchild) 1893    Hancock, Dorr, Ryan and Shove                                   (Hancock, Hogan and Devine) 1892    Hanford Manufacturing Co.  1893    Kelsey Heating Co., Inc.  1893    G. R. Kinney Co., Inc. 1893    Remington Rand, Inc.                                            (Smith Premier Typewriter Works)  1893    L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters, Inc.                        (L. C. Smith and Bros. Typewriter Co.) 1893    Swift and Co., Inc.                                             (Swift Bros.) 1893    Kelso Florist                                                   (Kelso Bros. Greenhouse) 1893    International Business Machines Corp.                           (International Time Recording Co.) 1893    Wright, Gordon 1894    Smith and Caffrey Co. 1894    Smith Restaurant Supply Co., Inc.                               (Hyman Smith) 1894    Syracuse and Eastern Transit Corp.                              (Syracuse and Suburban Railroad) 1894    Adolph H. Knodel                                                (Earnest Knodel) 1894    Westinghouse Electric Corp.                                     (Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.) 1894    Wood Glass Co. 1895    Charles J. Bainbridge 1895    Brown-Lipe-Chapin Div., General Motors Corp.                    (Brown-Lipe Gear) 1895    Chamberlins, Inc., Stationers                                   (W. H. H. Chamberlin, Inc.) 1895    C. E. Chappell and Sons, Inc.                                   (Bacon-Chappell Co.) 1895    General Hospital of Syracuse                                    (Syracuse Homeopathic Hospital) 1895    The Johnson Supply Co.                                          (Johnson-Lewis Co.) 1895    James F. Kline 1895    Larned and Barker Co. 1895    W. H. Lynch Shoe Co., Inc.                                      (Lynch and Sweeney) 1895    Syracuse Clothing Co. 1895    Syracuse Cold Storage and Warehouse Co. 1895    Waldorf Manufacturing Co. 1895    A. F. Weymer Co., Inc. 1895    Onondaga Photo Engravers, Inc.                                  (H. J. Ormsbee Engraving Co.) 1895    W.J. Burns Co.                                                  (W. J. Burns) 1896    Bentley, Settle and Co., Inc. 1896    Caldwell and Ward Brass Co. 1896    Gaylord Bros., Inc. 1896    E. L. Haskins                                                   (Ingalls and Haskins)  1896    Hinman-Boynton Granite Co., Inc.                                (C. A. Hinman and Co.) 1896    D.J. Salisbury Co.                                              (Salisbury and Ten Broeck) 1896    Schieder Glasses                                                (George T. Schieder) 1896    F. E. Wells and Son                                             (Fred E. Wells, Sr.) 1897    Bendixen Tobacco Co. 1897    Brennan Motor Manufacturing Co. 1897    Cathedral Candle Co., Inc. 1897    Crouse Hinds Co. 1897    Gorke Electric Co., Inc.                                        (H. J. Gorke) 1897    Harney's, Inc.                                                  (M. J. Harney) 1897    King Storage Warehouse, Inc.                                    (F. C. King Transfer and Storage) 1897    Henry J. Phillips 1897    OdeIl Company 1897    Walser Granite Co. 1898    Altmann Bottling Co., Inc.                                      (A. V. Altmann) 1898    F. P. Collins Paint Co., Inc.                                   (Collins and Ritter) 1898    Dawson Bros. Construction Co., Inc. 1898    I. Fleischman and Sons, Inc. 1898    Lewis F. Lighton, Inc.                                          (Lewis F. Lighton) 1898    Mack-Miller Candle Co., Inc.                                    (Mack, Miller Candle Co.) 1898    A.J. and A. P. Oot                                              (Albert J. Oot) 1898    Richards "Of Course" 1898    A. I. Root Co. of Syracuse                                      (F. A. Salisbury) This list is compiled as the result of surveys made by the records of the Chamber of Commerce,
Manufacturers' Association of Syracuse, City Directories and appeals through the public press.
The Committee realizes, however, that the list may not be complete.

Submitted 4 March 1999
Updated 5 March 1999