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A genuinely pleasant and cheerful wedding ceremony was celebrated Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac H. Pople on State Road, near Marcellus, on the occasion of the marriage of their daughter, Alida May to Mr. Herbert James Amidon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Amidon of Cardiff, or Lafayette.  A bevy of young friends of the happy pair made merry the hours of ceremony, feast, and well wishing witnessed by one hundred and thirty guests in all.

Rev. Sylvanus Lace of the Navarino Methodist Church performed the nuptial.  The bridesmaid was a sister of the groom, Miss Eva Bernice Amidon and the groomsman was a brother of the bride, Mr. Fred Pople.  Six couples acted as ushers, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shay, Lois Case, Willard Pople, Lizzie Case, Eltie Case, Ida Pople, John Shay, Anna Favil, Arthur Webber, Martha Parks and George Fields.  They also waited upon the guests and much credit is due them.  Miss Hattie Jewell of Marietta rendered the wedding march for her friends.

The bride appeared most youthful and charming in a gown of blue and trimmings of white, carrying white carnations, as contrasted to the bridesmaids costume of pink trimmed with white, and carrying pink carnations.

The ceremony was held at six o'clock in the parlor amid evergreen and floral arrangements.  A bounteous repast followed, such as generous hospitality offers on such occasions as this, the dining room decorated with white ribbons and all enjoyed seeing the tokens brought the young couple, which included rockers, tables, a set of dishes, clocks, silver, table linens, bedspreads, pictures, water sets, rugs, and not least, if last, money in substantial sums.  Mrs. George Pople, grandmother of the bride, brought flowers, as did also, Mrs Albert Baker.

A list of guests would be impossible but some visiting relatives included grandparents of both, Mr. and Mrs. George Pople and Mr. and Mrs. James Adams of Skaneateles,  Mr. Je-? , aunt, Mrs. Mary Field, and  cousin, George Fields, from Cardiff, other cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bailey from Lafayette, Mrs. Jerry Barrett and Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Peck from Cazenovia and many others.  After a trip among relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Amidon expect to spend the winter at least in Marcellus.  They married October 26,1908 in Marcellus, NY

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13 June 1999
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