Hotel Burns, afterwards Hotel St. Cloud

Photo Source submitted by Michelle Stone:  Syracuse Souvenir, Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, Syracuse, 1899, pg. 20.

Text Source:  Memorial History of Syracuse, N.Y., Edited by Dwight H. Bruce, D. Mason & Co., Publishers, Syracuse, 1891, pg. 682

Hotel Burns - About 1870 Peter Burns bought the block now known as the Hotel Burns, on the corner of West Fayette and South Clinton streets.  A hotel had been kept in it for many years by Hutchinson, Eastman, and others.  Mr. Burns remodeled the building, and leased it to Elias T. Talbot, who opened and kept a first-class temperance house for eleven years, when he leased his interest in it to Oscar L. Brownell.  Mr. Talbot again assumed the management, and was succeeded in 1888 by the present proprietors, Messrs. Townsend Brothers.  The hotel still belongs to Mr. Burns, and has always been kept as a temperance house.

Text Source: Past and Present of Syracuse and Onondaga County New York, by The Rev. William M. Beauchamp, S.T.D., 1908, pg. 568.

The old Hotel Burns at Clinton and West Fayette streets became the St. Cloud and on January 17, 1908, Reeve & Wilcox celebrated the fifth anniversary of their proprietorship.

Text Source: Syracuse and Its Environs, by Franklin H. Chase, Lewis Historical Pub. Co., Chicago, IL, 1924, pp. 321-322

The southwest corner of West Fayette and Clinton streets had long been dedicated to tavern purposes when Peter Burns bought it in 1870.  The building was remodeled and leased to Elias T. Talbot, who opened it as a first-class temperance hotel.  After eleven years he leased his interest to Oscar L. Brownell.  Mr. Talbot came back to the hotel, and was succeeded in 1888 by the Townsend Brothers.  In 1908 the name was changed to the St. Cloud.  In 1917 came an extensive remodeling, with an expenditure of more than $50,000.  Reeve & Wilcox were the proprietors, and the old American plan was abolished.  One of the last rows of trees in the center of the city stood beside this hotel in Clinton Street.

Photo and Text Source:
Syracuse Convention City, Printed by Hyde-Baumler, Inc., Syracuse, NY
The St. Cloud Hotel has 142 rooms and is but one short block from the principal thoroughfare.
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