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Submitted by Kathy Crowell

On July 6, 1812 an Act of Congress required every British subject residing in the United States to report to a government representative in each state their residence, occupation, compilation of family and whether he had made application for citizenship.  Following are those names that appeared in Immigration and Naturalization Records 1802-1859, Onondaga County, Syracuse, New York.  The name is followed by the date the British subject appeared, his age, duration of residence in the U.S., family composition, occupation, and residence.

Ainslee, John, 9/29/1812; 35y 6m;11y 5m in US; self, wife, child and one bound boy; farmer; Manlius.

Ainslee, John 9/21/1812, 47y; 7y 11m in US; self, wife and six children; farmer; Manlius

Bennett, Reuben 9/14/1812; 34y; 4y 10m in US; wife and self; maltster and brewer; Manlius

Carson, Samuel 11/28/1812; 48y; 16 y in US; Mary, James, Abraham, John, Stephen, Otis W., Nancy, William, Margaret; farmer; Virgil, Cortland Co.

Cavert, John 1/29/1813; 37y; 17y in US; self and four children; farmer; Homer, Cortland Co.

Cose, William 9/5/1812, 33y; 1y 6m in US; self, wife, 4 children; farmer; Pompey

Davison, John 9/22/1812; 26y; 1y 2m in US; self, wife and two children; farmer; town of Onondaga

Doolett, Abraham 11/9/1812; 33y; 15y 6m in US; self, wife, five children; carpenter; Pompey

Glass, James Sr. 1/27/1813, 73y; 4y 1m in US; self, wife three children; farmer; Camillus

Glass, William 1/27/1813; 34y; 5y 6m in US; self; farmer; Camillus

Glenny, John 11/28/1812; 67y; 16y in US; self, Susanna, William, Margaret; farmer; Virgil, Cortland Co.

Harpham, Henry 12/7/1812; 20y 11m; 8y 5m in US; self; farmer; Cicero

Hill, Isaac 1/27/1813; 31y; 4y 4m in US; self, wife and four children; merchant; Camillus.  Application for citizenship made 1/27/1813

Hunter, Alexander 11/6/1812; 46y; 23y 2m in US; self, wife, 11 children; farmer; Virgil, Cortland Co.

Jackson, Matthias 9/10/1812; 28y; 5y 9m in US; self; millwright; Camillus

Kelly, John 9/12/1812; 28y; 3y in US; self and wife; farmer; Marcellus

Luccock, Thomas 9/13/1812; 49y; 2y in US; self; mason; Hannibal

McCarthy, Thomas 9/12/1812; 24y; 4y 6m in US; self and wife; salt manufacturer; Salina

McFerron, William 10/26/1812; 35y; 15y in US; self, wife and five children; cooper, Salina

McIlmoyl, James 10/31/1812; 26y; 7m in US; self; farmer; Salina

McNair, James 9/4/1812; 61y; 34y in US; self, wife, one son of age, 3 daughters of age, 5 children under age; labourer; Onondaga

O'Keefe, Henry 9/5/1812; 25y; 6 y US; self; taylor, Onondaga

Patteson, William 11/11/1812; 30y; 6y 4m in US; self, weaver; no residence listed

Polson, Daniel 9/7/1812; 36y; 8y 11m in US; self, wife, 3 children; joiner and carpenter; residence Onondaga

Uppold, John 4/21/1813; 44y 4m; 11y 10m in US; self, wife, four children; preacher; Fabius

Ure, Fleming 7/7/1812, 31y in US; 12y in US; self; mason; Oswego

Submitted 14 April 2000
Updated 17 June 2000 (format)