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Early Marriage Records of the
First Presbyterian Church at Goshen

The following is a listing of some of the early marriages recorded at the First Presbyterian Church of Goshen. The list was compiled by Charles C. Coleman of Goshen, New York.  The index was published by the The Democrat Printing Co., Goshen, NY.  The introduction page by  Charles C. Coleman is dated March 1, 1933. 
Record of Marriages - 1781
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/11/1781 Yelverton, Anthony Dunning, Elizabeth  
01/15/1781 Carpenter, Benj Steward, Euncie  
01/16/1781 Crawford, James Sands, Charity  
01/18/1781 Glaspay, David Maypes, Abigail  
01/30/1781 Jackson, William Pearson, Abigail  
02/12/1781 Pain, Samuel Oldfield, Patience  
02/22/1781 Vail, Alsup Saybolt, Francess  
  Jackson, John Whitman, Elener This marrige has no date, it is listed between March 4 and March 11, 1781
03/04/1781 Sha, Marcum Hennison, Sarah  
03/11/1781 Dains, John Thomson, Dorothy  
03/22/1781 Smith, George Tylar, Mary  
04/11/1781 Coddington, Joseph Jones, Elizabeth  
04/16/1781 Smith, Joseph Barker, Sarah  
04/25/1781 Knap, John Kellum, Elizabeth  
05/15/1781 More Usher Hampton Vail, Patience  
05/21/1781 Peirson, James More, Anna  
05/22/1781 White, James Carpenter, Elizabeth  
  Monnel, James Miller, Mary This marriage has no date listed, it is between June 19 and June 28, 1781
06/19/1781 Wilkins, William Miller, Catharine  
06/28/1781 Barton, Stephen Thomson, Mary  
07/17/1781 Knight, Nicholas Case, Elizabeth  
07/26/1781 Smith, Solomon Dunning, Phebe  
08/16/1781 Seely, Elijah Goldsmith, Mary  
09/04/1781 Smith, Allexandr Tuthill, Mary  
09/06/1781 Carpenter, Isaac Little, Suzannah  
09/11/1781 More, Kadmiel Wickham, Julianah  
09/12/1781 Gershimer, George Ellis, Lucy  
09/18/1781 Thompson, John Thompson, Margrett  
09/23/1781 Carpenter, Nehemiah Thompson, Elizabeth  
10/11/1781 Crane, Stephen Arnout, Mary  
10/17/1781 Manheart, John Lyon, Martha  
10/21/1781 Noble, Jabez Dunning, Lois  
11/01/1781 Miller, James Brown, Elizabeth  
11/08/1781 Gale, Benjamin Bradner, Mary  
11/13/1781 Himson, Benjamin Price, Elizabeth  
12/03/1781 Howell, Theophilus Carpenter, Susannah  
  Little, William Cooly, Meriam This marriage has no date,  it is listed between Dec 3 and Dec 11, 1781
12/11/1781 Green, Isreal Owen, Tabithy  
12/18/1781 Finch, Samuel Macdeugal, Hannah  
12/20/1781 Watkins, Thomas Eager, Lydia  
12/27/1781 Reeve, Elisha Reeve, Temperance  
Record of Marriages - 1782
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/11/1782 Yelverton, Anthony Dunning, Elizabeth  
01/15/1782 Knap, Nathaniel Rowlin, Margrett  
01/16/1782 Buckbee, Russel Maypes, Hannah  
01/29/1782 Popyno, Danniel Sayre, Mary  
02/11/1782 Cory, John Hawks, Ruth  
02/12/1782 Case, Danniel McCune, Phebe  
  Chapman, Asa Thomas, Abigail This marriage has no date, it is listed between Feb 28, and Mar. 7, 1782
02/28/1782 Tylar, William Vail, Mary  
03/07/1782 Capenter, Jesse Seely, Sarah  
03/12/1782 Owen, David Armstrong, Martha  
03/14/1782 More, David Smith, Tabitha  
03/29/1782 Baily, Nathaniel Wickham, Margrett  
04/25/1782 Fuller, Jepthah Godfry, Mary  
05/06/1782 Hodge, William Coleman, Sarah  
05/07/1782 Case, Jesse Solomon, Sarah  
05/16/1782 Maypes, Israel Maypes, Jemimah  
06/23/1782 More, William Howell, Elizabeth  
06/25/1782 Holly, Daniel Broock, Sarah West  
08/11/1782 Smith, Stephen Buttler, Margarett  
08/24/1782 Eaten, Allexander Martin, Esther  
09/15/1782 Cooly, David Smith, Hannah  
09/23/1782 Penny, John Simmers, Sarah  
09/26/1782 Fuller, Jedediah Wisner, Sarah  
10/03/1782 Spencer, Henry Huff, Mary  
11/02/1782 Welling, Richard Denton, Mary  
11/03/1782 Rogers, Moses Hill, Susanna  
11/04/1782 Denton, John Scott, Abigail  
11/14/1782 Short, John Oakly, Margrett  
11/24/1782 Knap, William Holly, Mary  
  Swartout, Ralph Halsteed, Lois This marriage had no date, it is listed between Nov. 24 and Dec. 5, 1782
12/05/1782 Bailey, Daniel Tuttle, Mary  
  Latty, Moses Carman, Elizabeth This marriage has no date, it is listed between Dec. 5 and Dec 11, 1782
12/11/1782 Denton, Joseph Yelverton, Hannah  
12/16/1782 Ludlum, Nathaniel Wells, Catharine  
12/26/1782 Taylor, John McCamly, Sarah  
12/31/1782 Millar, William Crawford, Elizabeth  
Record of Marriages - 1783
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/06/1783 McCory, Allexander Armstrong, Eunice  
01/08/1783 Randall, Peter Cooly, Mary  
01/23/1783 Rickey, Andrew Neely, Elenor  
01/27/1783 Ludlum, Benjamin Bradner, Christian  
02/03/1783 Knap, Jonathan Smith, Amy  
02/06/1783 Seely, Israel Gale, Sarah  
02/13/1783 Tucker, Charles Hunnell, Mary  
03/03/1783 Lathrop, Benjamin Cooly, Abigail  
03/09/1783 Smith, Henry Conklin Vail, Juliana  
03/10/1783 Hulse, Benjamin Parshal, Keziah  
03/19/1783 King, Rev. Andrew Trimble, Jane  
03/24/1783 Bradner, John Howell, Margaret  
03/27/1783 Maypes, Enos Vail, Irene  
04/13/1783 Whitaker, Benjamin Pellett, Abigail  
06/10/1783 Jackson, James Arnout, Rebeckah  
06/16/1783 Connely, Hugh Pauly, Mary This marriage has no date, it is listed between June 16 and June 17. 1783
06/16/1783 Vanorsdoll, John Crawford, Mary  
06/17/1783 Arnout, Nathan Stewart, Margrett  
06/24/1783 Brown, Nail McVaegh, Elizabeth  
06/24/1783 Dunning, Ebenezer Danes, Martha This marriage has no date, it is listed between June 24 and July 17, 1783
07/17/1783 Smith, Caleb Drake, Hannah  
07/29/1783 Williams, Henry Abraham Mathews, Elizabeth  
07/31/1783 Ray, Thomas Brown, Abigail  
07/31/1783 Rumsey, Nathan McGowen, Lydia  
08/01/1783 Simson, Benjamin McClintock, Mary  
08/21/1783 Thomson, Archbald Thomson, Mary  
08/29/1783 Rumsey, James Smith, Rachel This marriage has no date, it is listed between Aug 29 and Sept 6, 1783
08/29/1783 Salmon, Phineas Bingham, Phebe  
09/06/1783 Steel, William Dorson, Deborah  
09/11/1783 Bayley, Jonathan Dunning, Keturah  
10/06/1783 Greag, Hugh Mathews, Triphenah  
10/09/1783 Waldron, Benjamin Maypes, Melesent  
10/13/1783 Maypes, Stephen Carroway, Suzanah  
10/14/1783 Vail, Samuel Dunning, Hannah  
10/20/1783 Cooly, Danniel Biells, Sybill  
10/28/1783 Hallet, Nathan Vantassel, Huldah  
11/03/1783 Park, Amos More, Margarett  
12/10/1783 Corwin, Eli Wickham, Mary  
12/17/1783 Hunt, Nathaniel Kimbel, Azubah  

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