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Early Marriage Records of the
First Presbyterian Church at Goshen

The following is a listing of some of the early marriages recorded at the First Presbyterian Church of Goshen. The list was compiled by Charles C. Coleman of Goshen, New York.  The index was published by the The Democrat Printing Co., Goshen, NY.  The introduction page by  Charles C. Coleman is dated March 1, 1933. 
Record of Marriages - 1787
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/02/1787 Saybolt, John Little, Sarah  
  Vail, Nathaniel Little, Mary Marriage has no date, listed between Jan 2 and Jan 11, 1787
01/11/1787 Dill, John Stott, Martha  
01/18/1787 Archer, Joseph Comstock, Ann  
01/29/1787 Rumsey, David Monger, Abigail  
02/01/1787 Blackman, Ichabob Franklin, Elizabeth  
02/21/1787 McKinstry, John Smith, Sibyl  
02/22/1787 Bowhanon, James Galaway, Elizabeth  
03/06/1787 Mills, Ebenezer Vail, Abigail  
03/13/1787 Clark, George Swales, Naney  
04/15/1787 Bull, Samuel Gale, Margaret  
04/17/1787 Vail, Joseph Smith, Juliana  
05/24/1787 Knap, John Sawyer, Sarah  
05/27/1787 Brown, Joshua Wisner, Temperance  
06/04/1787 Vaness, Peter Fort, Hannah Washington County
  Martin Walter Turner, Sarah Washington County, Marriage has no date listed between June 12 and July19, 1787
06/12/1787 Thomas, David Turner, Jane Washington County
07/19/1787 Maypes, Samuel Cory Luciana  
08/11/1787 Wells, David Knap, Sarah  
08/27/1787 Barnea, Thomas Carpenter, Elizabeth  
10/11/1787 Jackson, James Totten, Phebe  
10/25/1787 Gardner, Samuel Owens, Hannah  
11/15/1787 Smith, Joseph Smith, Lenah  
11/18/1787 Case, Joshuah Van Scott, Patience  
12/13/1787 Tuttle, Nathan Brown, Jane  
12/15/1787 Doyle, James Meddaugh, Deborah  
12/24/1787 Hill, Tilton Cooly, Esther  
12/26/1787 Carmichal, John Howell, Hannah  
12/31/1787 Owens, Terry Finch, Mary  
  Pauly, Moses Vanscoit, Millecent Marriage has no date listed between Dec 31, 1787 and Jan 3, 1788
Record of Marriages - 1788
Date Groom Bride Remark
01/03/1788 Davies, Andrew Ketcham, Mary  
  Gold, John Avery, Mary Marriage has no date, listed between Jan 3, and Jan 12, 1787
  Junr, Elisha Reeve Saybolt, Phebe Marriage has no date, listed between Jan 3, and Jan 12, 1787
01/12/1788 Van Wyck, Theodorus Ker, Hannah by Rev. Andw King
01/13/1788 Harlow, Samuel Vail, Phebe  
01/21/1788 Clark, Vincent Stringham, Patience  
01/24/1788 Wood, Israel Randel, Anna  
01/26/1788 Horton, Ezra Gardner, Hannah  
02/16/1788 Crane, William Couley, Mary  
02/27/1788 Hallsey, Benjamin Forgerson, Millicent  
03/05/1788 Thomson, Robert Watkins, Phebe  
03/06/1788 Brewster, James Tuthill, Mary  
  Maypes, Erastus Vail, Phebe Marriage has no date listed between 02/06/1788 and 02/16/1788
03/06/1788 Tuthill, John Brewster, Fanny  
03/19/1788 Wilkin, Damiel Stott, Mary  
04/03/1788 Faulkner, William McWilliams, Agness  
04/20/1788 Dolph, Robert Jackson, Jane  
04/29/1788 Stagg, Peter Marston, Ruth  
05/01/1788 Huffman, Henry Griffin, Mary  
05/04/1788 Webb, Benjamin Vail, Sarah  
05/12/1788 Hoery, John Pain, Unis  
06/05/1788 Armstrong, William Finch, Keziah  
  Conkling, Nathaniel Bradner, Margrett Marriage has no date, listed between June 5 and July 6, 1788
  Terry, Constance Case, Hephzibah Marriage has no date, listed between June 5 and July 6, 1788
07/06/1788 Finch, Allison Owens, Sarah  
07/13/1788 Tuthill, Nathaniel Smith, Abigail  
  Forgerson, Richard Garner Davies, Juliana Marriage has no date listed between Aug 15, and Sept 25, 1788
08/15/1788 Gallaspy, Joseph Gary, Anna  
09/25/1788 Davies, Peter Eager, Martha  
10/16/1788 Clark, David Bigger, Ann  
10/19/1788 Hulbert, Ephriam Rumsey, Jemima  
10/31/1788 Trimbel, George McCobb, Mary  
11/02/1788 Wood, Alexander Tusteen, Lucretia  
11/03/1788 Carpenter, Waight Clark, Elizabeth  
11/04/1788 Jessup, Daniel Denton, Mary  
11/27/1788 McGloughlin Hulse, Martha  
12/08/1788 Mosher,Daniel Randle, Margret  
12/09/1788 Wisner, James Carpenter, Elizabeth Runyen  
  Lardon, Benjamin Crance, Suzanah Marriage has no date liste between Dec11 and Dec 30, 1788
12/11/1788 Tears, Jacob Puff, Sunanah  
  Tuthill, John More, Ann Marriage has no date listed between Dec11 and Dec 30, 1788
  Fleming, George Yelverton, Phebe Marriage has no date, listed between Dec. 3, and Jan 8, 1789
12/30/1788 McCurdy, Archibald Libolt, Mary  
Record of Marriages - 1789
01/08/1789 Mulock, William Saybolt, Rebeckah  
01/10/1789 Allison, William Graham, Mary  
01/11/1789 Foulprouck, Chounrod Conly, Abby  
01/24/1789 Booth, Jesse Watkins, Dolly  
01/26/1789 Reed, Moses Corwine, Permela  
01/27/1789 Everett, John Erwinton, Suzannah  
01/29/1789 Eager, James Bohanen, Arabella  
02/08/1789 More III, David Butlar, Marion  
02/11/1789 Ames, Elisha Crance, Elizabeth  
  Taylor, John Devoe, Mary Marriage has no date, listed between Feb 11 and Feb 28, 1789
02/28/1789 Johnston, John Townshend, Margret  
04/16/1789 Case, Enos Clark, Anna  
  Smith, James Totten, Sarah Marriage has no date, listed between April 26 and May 3, 1789
04/26/1789 Stringham, William Carpenter, Priscilla  
05/03/1789 Vanosdol, Cornelius Robinson, Margarett  
  Boreland, John Dier, Suzannah Marriage has no date, listed between May 22 and May 27, 1789
05/22/1789 Tucker, Henry Gale, Rebeckah  
05/27/1789 Smith, Abel Gale Smith, Mary  
  Handley, Edward Toppen, Unice Marriage has no date, listed between June 7 and June 30, 1789
06/07/1789 Sawer, Benjamin Wood, Hannah  
06/30/1789 Smith, Joel Russel, Judah  
07/09/1789 Cleveland, Benjamin Gardiner, Mary  
07/16/1789 Bradner, Benjamin Wickham, Mary  
07/27/1789 Gale, Coe Wisner, Elizabeth  
07/30/1789 Vail, Abraham Rockwell, Esther  
08/25/1789 Holbert, Peter Durland, Rozanah  
11/01/1789 Terry, Norton Tents, Catharine  
11/08/1789 Salmon, Stephen Carr, Catherine  
11/14/1789 Watkins, Abel Reeve, Submit  
12/06/1789 Denton, Jacob Wyley, Mary  
12/12/1789 McCurdy, John Carnagen, Margaret  
12/13/1789 Youngs, Henry Ivery, Christian  
12/15/1789 Rogers, Robert Brown, Mary  
12/30/1789 Bartolf, Gilliam Wood, Jane  
12/31/1789 Caldwell, Thomas Steward, Elizabeth  
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