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This is the reason that some towns are repeated for some surnames. The links will bring up different Census pages.

IDE Shelby I&J
IDEN Albion I&J Gaines B Gaines I&J Gaines L
IFERT Ridgeway I&J Ridgeway S
INGALLS Albion I&J Carlton I&J Carlton L Gaines B
INGERSOLL Albion I&J Albion T
INMAN Clarendon I&J Ridgeway I&J
INNES Clarendon I&J Clarendon S
IRELAND Carlton C Carlton I&J Kendall I&J
IRISH Carlton I&J Kendall I&J Murray I&J
IRONS Albion I&J Albion K
IRVIN Murray C
IRWIN Albion I&J Kendall I&J Shelby I&J
IVES Barre I&J Carlton F Gaines I&J Ridgeway F Ridgeway H Ridgeway I&J Yates I&J
JACKSON Albion D Albion I&J Barre H Barre I&J Barre S Carlton I&J Carlton M Clarendon I&J Gaines I&J Kendall B Kendall I&J Kendall P&Q Murray I&J Ridgeway A Ridgeway B Ridgeway C Ridgeway G Ridgeway H Ridgeway I&J Ridgeway P&Q Shelby I&J
JACOBS Ridgeway I&J Ridgeway R Yates I&J
JACQUES Ridgeway I&J Ridgeway P&Q
JAKOBS Carlton M Carlton P&Q
JAMES Gaines I&J Ridgeway G Ridgeway I&J Ridgeway S
JAQUES Shelby I&J Shelby K
JAQUITH Albion I&J Albion T
JAYCE Shelby C
JAYCOX Kendall H Kendall I&J
JAYCOX? Kendall W
JAYNES Albion I&J Albion W Clarendon D Clarendon I&J Clarendon N&O Murray I&J Murray U&V
JEFFREY Carlton S Clarendon H Clarendon I&J Kendall I&J Kendall R Kendall S Murray B Murray I&J Murray M Ridgeway B Ridgeway I&J
JENKINS Clarendon I&J Kendall I&J Shelby B Shelby F Shelby I&J
JENKS Carlton A Clarendon I&J Clarendon L Murray I&J Shelby A
JENNINGS Albion I&J Kendall C Kendall I&J Murray I&J Ridgeway F Ridgeway I&J Ridgeway S
JEROME Carlton H Carlton I&J Gaines I&J Gaines L
JEWELL Albion I&J Barre I&J Barre R Gaines L Kendall R Murray I&J
JEWETT Albion B Albion R Barre I&J Barre M Kendall I&J Yates C
JOBSON Gaines C Gaines I&J
JOHN Albion B
JOHNS Albion I&J Gaines C Gaines I&J Gaines K Gaines L
JOHNSON Albion B Albion E Albion F Albion G Albion I&J Albion R Barre B Barre F Barre G Barre I&J Barre P&Q Barre S Barre W Carlton E Carlton G Carlton I&J Carlton W Clarendon I&J Clarendon P&Q Gaines C Gaines I&J Gaines S Kendall B Kendall D Kendall H Kendall I&J Kendall N&O Murray B Murray C Murray I&J Ridgeway F Ridgeway G Ridgeway I&J Ridgeway L Ridgeway S Shelby A Shelby G Shelby I&J Shelby K Shelby T Shelby W Yates C Yates I&J Yates L Yates T
JOHNSTON Albion B Gaines S Ridgeway I&J Ridgeway P&Q Shelby I&J
JOHNSTONE Gaines I&J Gaines W
JOINER Barre H Barre I&J Carlton I&J Carlton S
JONES Albion B Albion I&J Albion S Barre H Barre I&J Carlton I&J Carlton M Clarendon C Clarendon I&J Kendall I&J Kendall R Murray F Murray I&J Ridgeway B Ridgeway H Ridgeway I&J Ridgeway S Shelby I&J Shelby M Shelby W Yates B Yates I&J
JORDAN Carlton I&J Gaines D Gaines I&J Ridgeway I&J Yates G
JORDON Kendall I&J
JOSEPH Ridgeway I&J
JOSEY Clarendon C Clarendon I&J Clarendon M
JOSLYN Albion I&J Clarendon I&J
JOY Albion I&J Albion M Carlton I&J Carlton T Carlton W Ridgeway I&J Yates G
JOYCE Ridgeway P&Q Yates I&J Yates W
JUDD Ridgeway B Ridgeway F Ridgeway I&J
JUDGE Murray M
JUMP Murray I&J
JUNE Albion B Albion I&J Carlton B Carlton I&J

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