These deaths are from THE MEDINA TRIBUNE, "Looking Backward" columns
that covered events that occurred in the past, i.e. 1, 10, 20, 30 & 40 yrs. ago, etc..

o = Can not find in Orleans County cemeteries
o, followed by a date/place = Info found in NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes.
(Sorry, NYS did not began keeping vital records of deaths until June 1880.)
abt.= not found in cemetery or NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes, so approx. month taken from LB columns
bef.= not found in cemetery or NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes,
but the LB column gave the date of the paper in which the death notice appeared.


1875ALLEN, Isaac ?There is an Isaac Allen w/no death date Hillside
1875ALVORD, Pamelia o d. abt. Oct.  
1875BACON, Allen d. 2 July Bates
1875BALCH, Mrs. William J. Edna M., d. 16 Feb. Boxwood
1875BARRETT, Arthur H. d. 11 Jan at Denver, CO W. Ridgeway
1875BEECHER, (2 yr. old male) Jule, d. 7 Aug. Boxwood
1875BENT, Don C. C=Carlos, d. 3 July Boxwood
1875BOSWICK, Curtis S. BOSTWICK, d. 19 Aug. Kenyonville
1875BRAINARD, Clark John Clark, d. 2 Apr. Hillside
1875BRENNAN, James o d. abt. Aug.  
1875CARRUTHERS, Mrs. Thomas N. Jennie, d. 26 May Boxwood
1875CHAMBERLAYNE, Rev. Israel d. 20 Feb. Lynhaven
1875CONNERS, Kate (of Knowlesville) Catherine, d. 26 Sep St. Mary's
1875DATES, Isadore J. d. 4 Jan. N. Shelby
1875DECKER, Tunis d. 6 Apr. Lynhaven
1875DOWNS, Simeon Simon, d. 1875 Boxwood
1875FOLSOM, Oscar (Esq.) o d. abt. Jul, at Buffalo  
1875GORTON, Lancaster o d. abt. Mar., at Alabama  
1875GOULD, Mrs. H. Darwin o d. abt. Sep  
1875GREGORY, Daniel G. d. 7 Jun, at New Lisbon Mt. Pleasant
1875GRUMMON, Mrs. H. W. Hannah W., d. 23 Jan. Boxwood
1875HAWKINS, Norman o d. abt. Mar.  
1875HAWKINS, Richard d. 8 Mar. Boxwood
1875HOUSE, Frank o d. abt. Nov. in Saginaw, MI  
1875KEELER, Angeline d. 27 Sept. Boxwood
1875ENMONT, Mrs. William o abt. Oct.  
1875KENNAN, Grace E. d. abt. July Boxwood
1875MACK, Belle D. o d. abt. May/Jun  
1875MACK, Mrs. Charles S. o d. abt. Nov.  
1875MILLER, Chauncey o d. abt. Jan./Feb.  
1875MORROW, Charles d. 7 Apr. in Shelby Millville
1875NEWELL, Sarah o d. abt. Jan.  
1875NEWMAN, Mrs. o d. abt. Mar/Apr.  
1875PARKER, Emma A. o d. abt. Aug.  
1875PHELPS, Rachael H. d. 2 Feb. Mt. Pleasant
1875ROCKWELL, Edwin o d. abt. Jun, at Albion, MI  
1875SHARP, Willie William. d. abt. Jan/Feb Boxwood
1875SHURGER, Libbie A. o d. abt. Nov.  
1875SOUTHWORTH, Eugene o d. abt. July  
1875SPALDING, Ella d. 27 Jan. in Yates Lynhaven
1875STEVENS, Mrs. John H. Alice ANDREWS, d. 28 Oct. Tanner-R
1875SWAN, Isaac B. o d. abt. Aug. at Elgin, IL  
1875TANNER, Josiah d. 31 May Tanner-R
1875TAYLOR, Grace o d. abt. Sep, at Johnson Creek  
1875THURBUR, Charles o d. abt. Sep  
1875WALPOLE, Mrs. James o d. abt. Jun  
1875WELD, Erastus Corning d. 10 Feb. Boxwood
1875WELD, John d. 7 Jan. W. Ridgeway
1875WETHERBEE, John M. (Hon.) d. 22 Mar. Pettingill

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