These deaths are from THE MEDINA TRIBUNE, "Looking Backward" columns
that covered events that occurred in the past, i.e. 1, 10, 20, 30 & 40 yrs. ago, etc..

o = Can not find in Orleans County cemeteries
o, followed by a date/place = Info found in NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes.
abt.= not found in cemetery or NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes, so approx. month taken from LB columns
bef.= not found in cemetery or NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes,
but the LB column gave the date of the paper in which the death notice appeared.


1915ALLEN, James H. d. 1 Jan in Medina Boxwood
1915BEECHER, Lina (Captain) o (at Lapeer, MI) d. abt. Oct.  
1915BENSON, Luther d. 1 Jan. in Shelby Mt. Pleasant
1915BOWES, Michael o d. 15 Jan. in New Rochelle  
1915BRIDGEMAN, Mrs. LeRoy C.o (at Minneapolis, MN) d. abt. Jan  
1915BRITT, William H. d. 4 Jan in Ridgeway W. Ridgeway
1915BUCKLEY, Jeremiah d. 7 Oct in Medina St. Mary's
1915CHAMBERLAIN, Belle o d. 6 Jul in Buffalo  
1915CLAY, Byron o d. 3 Aug in Newfane  
1915COMPTON, James P.(or B.)d. 19 May in Medina Boxwood
1915CRAMER, Mary d. 13 Jan in Medina St. Mary's
1915DIRKSEN, George H. o d. 9 Jan in Rochester  
1915DOOLITTLE, Horace D.(Dr.)d. 20 Oct. in Albion Mt. Albion
1915DUEN, Harriet d. 17 Feb in Ridgeway Millville
1915GALLAGHER, F. E.(or J.) d. 12 Jan in NY City St. Mary's
1915GREASART, Edward o d. abt. Nov  
1915GREEN, Mrs. Clarence Matilda Richards, d. 20 Jan in Shelby Millville
1915HALLOCK, Stephen d. 24 Apr. in Albion Mt. Albion
1915HARMER, (infant male) o (son of Chas. Harmer) d. abt. Jan  
1915HILL, Marie o ?We found a Mary E., d. 16 Oct in Rochester nbsp;
1915HOISINGTON, Henry o d. 5 Jan. in Yates  
1915HORAN, Julia nee Keough, d. 5 Dec in Medina St. Mary's
1915HOUSEMAN, Mrs. Adelbert o ? We found a Margaret, d. 7 Oct in Ridgeway  
1915HUNT, Suzanna o d. abt. Feb  
1915JENNINGS, Anna o d. 28 Oct. in Lockport  
1915JOHNSON, Salina o (of Lyndonville) d. abt. May  
1915JOZWILAK, Leo o d. abt. Jul  
1915KEISER, Grace o d. abt. Jun  
1915LEES, Mrs. Josephine o d. abt. Jan  
1915McCARTHY, John d. 14 May in Medina St. Mary's
1915McDONALD, Mrs. Harvey o (of Lyndonville) d. abt. Oct  
1915McGRATH, Richard o d. abt. Jun  
1915NESTER, George d. 18 Oct in Medina Boxwood
1915PECKHAM, Henry G. o d. 17 Sep in Buffalo  
1915QUIGLEY, Archbishop o (of Chicago, IL) d. abt. Jul in Rochester 
1915QUINN, Harry o d. abt. Aug at Cleveland, OH  
1915RIGA, Joan (or John) o (of Shelby) d. abt Aug  
1915SERVOSS, Joel d. 6 Nov. in Ridgeway N. Shelby
1915SMITH, Josephine o d. abt. Jul  
1915SMITH, Marie T. Maria, d. 13 May in Medina St. Mary's
1915SMITH, Mrs. Henry Margaret McDonald, d. 14 July in Medina St. Mary's
1915TRIPP, Mrs. Roy o Edith C., d. 14 Apr. in Medina  
1915WINTER, Caroline o d. abt. Aug  
1915WOODHULL, Wendell W. Wendall Thompson, d. 15 May in Gaines Otter Creek
1915YAXLEY, Milford B. d. 15 Janin Ridgeway W. Ridgeway

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