These deaths are from THE MEDINA TRIBUNE, "Looking Backward" columns
that covered events that occurred in the past, i.e. 1, 10, 20, 30 & 40 yrs. ago, etc..

o = Can not find in Orleans County cemeteries
o, followed by a date/place = Info found in NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes.
abt.= not found in cemetery or NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes, so approx. month taken from LB columns
bef.= not found in cemetery or NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes,
but the LB column gave the date of the paper in which the death notice appeared.


1916 ALLPORT, Mrs. William Catherine DAVIS, d. Jan 21 in Ridgeway Bates
1916 AMES, Simeon G. o d. abt. Mar/Apr  
1916 ARMSTRONG, Charles E. o d. abt. Dec  
1916 ARNOLD, Gustave J. d. 4 Jun in Rochester (Gustavus) Hillside
1916 ATKINS, infant son o d. abt. Sep  
1916 BACON, John d. 16 Oct in Medina Bates
1916 BATES, Rice T. o d. abt. Aug  
1916 BENNETT, Mrs. Jane Jane SPICER, d. Feb 2 in Albion Sandy Creek
1916 BENSON, Jesse d. Feb 1 in Shelby Mt. Pleasant
1916 BIDELMAN, Eli o d. abt. Aug, probably in Lansing, MI  
1916 BLAIR, Avery S. d. 6 May in Shelby Shelby Center
1916 BOWEN, Hulbert H. d. Jan 16 in Clarendon Boxwood
1916 BUCKNER, Franklin F.(Rev.) o d. 4 Aug in Newark, NY  
1916 BURCHELL, Mrs. Charles Rosina Y. NORTHRUP, d. 1 Apr in Medina Boxwood
1916 BUSH, Mrs. Agnes J. nee TANNER, d. Jan 17 in Medina Tanner-R
1916 CAMPBELL, Joseph H. o d. 23 Apr in Medina  
1916 CANHAM, John d. Apr 18 in Ridgeway Mt. Albion
1916 CAPPERIN, Mrs. Anthony o d. abt. Dec  
1916 CASEY, Michael d. 12 Oct in Buffalo St. Mary's
1916 CATCHELL, Mrs. Mary E. o d. abt. Nov (possibly in Buffalo)  
1916 CHASE, Jennie M. d. 2 May in Medina Boxwood
1916 CHEZWINSKI, Martin o CHEVWINSKI, d. 1 Mar in Medina  
1916 CLUTE, Wendel P. d. 27 Jan in Shelby N. Shelby
1916 COLLINS, Albert d. 7 Nov in Medina Boxwood
1916 COOK, Seth. (Rev.) o d. 24 Aug in Lodi  
1916 CRANE, Alonzo d. 21 Nov in Barre Millville
1916 DAVEY, Daniel d. 10 Mar in Ridgeway Boxwood
1916 DAVIDSON, Mrs. Mary M. DAVISON, d. 13 Apr in Yates Lynhaven
1916 DAVIS, Alonzo d. 22 Aug in Gaines Mt. Albion
1916 DUGAR, Erastus d. 18 Jul in Hartland Lynhaven
1916 DUTCHER, Mr. o d. abt. Nov  
1916 EAGAN, Andrew (EAGIN) d. Jan 3 in Medina St. Mary's
1916 FISHER, Maria nee Sternman, d. 14 May in Medina Bates
1916 FLYNN, Mrs. George N. Jennie Edna SIZER, d. Mar 31 in Ridgeway Bates
1916 FOLEY, James C. d. 25 Oct Boxwood
1916 FORSTER, Dr. James H. o d. abt. Jan/Feb  
1916 GAYLORD, Mrs. G. T. o d. abt. Apr(probably d. in Cleveland, O.)  
1916 GIBBS, Charles (S.) d. Apr 15 Boxwood
1916 GILBERT, Henry d. 13 Oct in Buffalo Mt. Pleasant
1916 GLEASON, Bridget nee Ryan, d. 1 Sep in Medina St. Mary's
1916 GRACEY, Robert d. 22 May in Medina Lynhaven
1916 GREGORY, Arnold (K.) d. Jan 30 in Medina Millville
1916 GRIFFIN, John W. o d. abt. Mar.  
1916 HAINES, Mrs. A. D. o ?We found Eliz. G., d. 30 Jan in Italy, NY  
1916 HAINES, Rev. Ralph B. o d. abt. Jan (probably d. in Oklahoma)  
1916 HILLYARD, Charles d. 28 Aug in Ridgeway W. Ridgeway
1916 HODOM, John B. d. 6 Oct in Ridgeway Bates
1916 HOWARD, Arthur J. d. 9 May in Ridgeway Boxwood
1916 HOWARD, William A(sa) d. Mar 31 in Elba Mt. Albion
1916 HOWELL, Mrs. Samuel D. Mary J. POSTLE, d. Apr 9 in Shelby Millville
1916 HURD, Charles o d. abt. Apr (probably d. in Detroit, MI)  
1916 JAMES, Mrs. Theron o ?We found Minnie E., d. 2 Dec in Medina  
1916 JOHNSON, Harvey B. (Dr.) o d. abt. Oct (probably d. in Fenwick, MI)  
1916 KELLER, Mary W. (E.) o d. 11 Sep in Medina  
1916 KELLEY, Mrs. James o ?We found a Bridget KELLY, d. 6 Mar. in Rochester, NY  
1916 KUCK, Julius d. 12 Nov in Carlton Mt. Albion
1916 LAKE, Annie E. T. Nee Thorn, d. 19 Jul in Ridgeway W. Ridgeway
1916 LAKE, Mrs. John o ?We found a Annie E. d. 19 Jul in Ridgeway  
1916 LAVIN, Patrick d. 26 Jul in Medina St. Mary's
1916 LEE, Sarah A. nee Gordon, d. 9 Aug in Albion Millville
1916 LIDDLE, Mrs. D. W. ?Mrs. G.W., Louisa, d. 6 May in Shelby Mt. Pleasant
1916 LOADES, Benjamin W. d. Mar 13 in Clarendon West Ridgeway
1916 LUND, Mrs. Jessie Davis o d. abt. Oct (probably died in Cleveland, O.)  
1916 MARSHALL, Mary nee Campbell, d. 10 May in Shelby Millville
1916 McGURN, Joanna nee Hallisey, d. 16 Jul in Medina St. Mary's
1916 McNALLY, James d. Mar 23 in Medina St. Mary's
1916 MONTGOMERY, Mrs. William Sarah A. McCAULEY, d. Apr 13 in Rochester, NY Boxwood
1916 MONTROSE, Mrs. Cromwell D. Helen E, d. 24 Nov (possibly d. in Detroit, MI) Mt. Albion
1916 MORAN, Mrs. Michael Nora CROWLEY, d. Mar 3 in Barre St. Joseph's-N
1916 MORGAN, John o d. 2 May in Medina  
1916 MUNSON, William H. o d. abt. Jul (probably d. in Washington, DC)  
1916 NICHOL, George A. o d. abt. Mar(probably d. in Flint, MI)  
1916 O'BRIEN, John C. d. 25 Aug in Medina St. Mary's
1916 O'HARA, Edward o d. abt. Mar.(probably d. in Chicago, IL)  
1916 OWENS, Barnard Bernard, d. 10 Jul in Medina St. Mary's
1916 PARMALEE, Fred o PARMELEE, Frederick B.; d. 16 Aug in Mamaroneck, NY  
1916 PARTRIDGE, Helen J. d. 10 May in Medina Hillside
1916 PATTERSON, James o d. abt. Jan (probably d. in Detroit, MI)  
1916 PAYNE, Margaret L. d. 16 May in Ridgeway W. Ridgeway
1916 PHELPS, Jennie Lyon, d. 25 Jul in Medina Boxwood
1916 PHILLIPS, Sarah (Miss) o d. abt. Jul  
1916 POLER, Elsie (Miss) o d. abt. Aug (probably died in Jersey City)  
1916 RANDOLPH, Frederick o d. 23 Mar. in Buffalo  
1916 REEVES, John o d. 11 Sep in Medina  
1916 RICHARDS, Elias d. 24 Mar. in Yates Lynhaven
1916 RICHARDSON, Sarah nee Cassatt, d. 31 Nov in Ridgeway Tanner-R
1916 ROGERS, Mary We found a Mary E. d. Jan 6, 1917 in Albion, bur. Mt. Albion  
1916 ROWE, Hon. J. S. o Jay S., d. 2 Mar in Middleport  
1916 SAWYER, William W. o d. abt. Jan/Feb (probably died in Rockford, Ill.)  
1916 SAYERS, Frank o d. abt. Nov (probably died in Leslie, MI)  
1916 SHARPING, Christopher ?Christian E. SCHARPING, d. 24 Jul in Kendall Hillside
1916 SHARPSTEEN, Mrs. J. M. Ellen J. CHESBOROUGH, D. Apr 23 in Medina Boxwood
1916 SHEAR, Everett E(ugene) d. Mar 12 in Carlton Mt. Albion
1916 SMITH, Charles o d. abt. Sep (probably d. in Detroit)  
1916 SNELL, Clark o d. abt. Jun  
1916 STEVENS, Frederick C. o d. 14 Mar. in Attica  
1916 STINSON, Mrs. James H. Ellen Douglas, d. 19 Oct in Ridgeway Bates
1916 STOCKWELL, Miles W. d. 4 Aug in Newfane Lynhaven
1916 STOKES, George T. d. 13 Oct in Lyndonville Lynhaven
1916 STOLP, Giles d. 19 Nov in Ridgeway Lynhaven
1916 STRAIGHT, Herman o d. 4 Aug in Albion  
1916 TINKHAM, Grave L. Grove L., d. 1 Oct in Medina Boxwood
1916 TUCKER, Mrs. John o ?We found a Nellie P., d. 3 May, Rochester, NY  
1916 VICKERS, infant dau. Genevieve, (still born) d. 12 Sep in Medina Boxwood
1916 WALTERS, John L. o d. 19 Apr in Akron  
1916 WEBSTER, Melvin H. d. 24 Aug in Ridgeway Bates
1916 WHEELER, Roland A. Rowland A., d. 2 Aug in Batavia Millville
1916 WHIPPLE, Watson H. d. 22 Jul in Ridgeway Boxwood
1916 WHITNEY, Mrs. James Emma TROW d. Apr 9 in Shelby Millville
1916 WILDEY, Catherine nee TIMMERMAN, d. 2 Jan in Rochester, NY Mt. Pleasant
1916 WILLIAM, Rev. John E. o d. 25 Apr in Gowanda  
1916 WINCHESTER, Rev. Charles W. o d. 24 Mar in Kenmore  
1916 WOLF, Bessie o d. abt. Aug/Sep  
1916 WOOD, George L. d. 2 Sep Boxwood
1916 WOODHULL, Carrie Caroline Richards, d. 23 May in Medina Otter Creek
1916 ZABEL, William o d. 4 Mar in Shelby, NY  

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