These deaths are from THE MEDINA TRIBUNE, "Looking Backward" columns
that covered events that occurred in the past, i.e. 1, 10, 20, 30 & 40 yrs. ago, etc..

o = Can not find in Orleans County cemeteries
o, followed by a date/place = Info found in NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes.
abt.= not found in cemetery or NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes, so approx. month taken from LB columns
bef.= not found in cemetery or NYS-Vital Records Death Indexes,
but the LB column gave the date of the paper in which the death notice appeared.


1918ABRAMS, Richard o d. 24 June in Ridgeway  
1918ANDREWS, Allen B. o d. abt. Oct., possibly in Pittsfield, Mass.  
1918ASPINWALL, Sarah d. 29 July in Medina Boxwood
1918BACON, James d. 16 Oct. in Medina Boxwood
1918BARCHELL, Leo d. 17 Oct. in Medina St. Mary's
1918BARRETT, Sylvester F. d. Jan 2 in Ridgeway W. Ridgeway
1918BARRY, Lucas M. d. 7 Nov. in Lyndonville Bates
1918BARTH, John G. G=Guthart, d. 24 Dec. in Shelby Millville
1918BATEMAN, Henry E. d. 31 Mar. in Lockport W. Ridgeway
1918BATES, L. L. Lucius, d. 9 Oct. in Bflo. Boxwood
1918BENNETT, Ella T. nee Bacon, d. 26 May in Medina Tanner-R
1918BENSON, Mrs. Luther Sabrina Cromer, d. 10 Apr. in Sheffield, Pa. Mt. Pleasant
1918BIGELOW, Mrs. Don J. Amanda Platt, d. 2 July in Medina Boxwood
1918BINGHAM, Alice E. o d. abt. Feb., possibly in Philadelphia, PA.  
1918BLAIR, Mrs. Avery S. Phebe Stewart, b. 25 July in Shelby Millville
1918BLAKELY, Elsie d. 30 June in Ovid, NY Tanner-R
1918BLOOM, Frank A. o d. abt. Nov.  
1918BLOOM, Frank J. o d. abt. Nov.  
1918BORDEN, Lewis J. o d. abt. Oct.  
1918BORDWELL, George B. o d. Jan 8 in Medina  
1918BOTSFORD, Henry A. d. May 3 in Albion Mt. Albion
1918BOWEN, Mrs. Edward Mary F., d. 1 Aug. in Albion Mt. Albion
1918BOWEN, Mrs. George o ?Emerette A. W.  
1918BRITT, Orrin F. o Oran F., d. Jan 28 in Medina  
1918BROWN, Ella d. 8 Jan. in Buffalo St. Mary's
1918BROWN, Fanny O. nee Ostrander, d. 21 Apr. in Ridgeway Tanner-R
1918BRUNNER, Bertrand (Bernard) d. 5 Dec. in Medina St. Mary's
1918BUNTING, Mrs. James Inez May, d. 19 Nov. in Ridgeway Mt. Albion
1918BURCH, George R.(or E.) o d. 9 Aug. in Eagle  
1918CARPENTER, P.D. (Dr.) o Paul D., d. 4 June in Pittsford  
1918CASEY, infant female o ?Anna (SB) d. 16 Jan in Medina  
1918CHUBBUCH, Onalee Onnalie, d. 22 Mar. in Shelby Mt. Pleasant
1918CLOSE, Mrs. Frank Minnie E., d. May 5 in Buffalo Mt. Pleasant
1918COBB, Mrs. Frank S. Alice G., d. 1 Apr. in Melbourne, FL. Boxwood
1918COLTON, Grant d. 1918 in France Mt. Pleasant
1918COMERFORD, Michael d. Feb 1 in Medina St. Mary's
1918COOK, Esther d. 18 Nov. in Rochester Mt. Pleasant
1918COON, Uri d. 2 Feb. possibly in Chicago, IL. Boxwood
1918CURSON, George d. 18 Dec. 1918 Boxwood
1918DEAN, Adelbert Arthur Adelbert, d. Feb. 5 in Medina Hillside
1918DEMPSEY, Charles d. 7 Nov. in Medina Mt. Pleasant
1918DEWEY, Merrill L. o d. abt. Jan., possibly in Akron, Ohio  
1918DOODY, Miss Ella L. d. Jan. 7 in Medina St. Mary's
1918DRESSER, John Q. Sr. d, 14 Apr. in Medina Millville
1918DUCKWITZ, William F. o d. 16 Feb. in Medina  
1918DUNLAP, Mrs. Clarissa NOBLE, d. Jan 20 in Shelby Mt. Pleasant
1918EWLES, Eliza d. 3 Feb. in Shelby Boxwood
1918FEENEY, Bessie o d. abt. Oct., possibly in Hollywood, CA.  
1918FISH, Mrs. Elisha Helen Chapman, d. 20 Jan. in Ridgeway Bates
1918FRARY, Burt M. d. 12 Feb. in Medina Boxwood
1918FRARY, Fay J. d. abt. Oct. Boxwood
1918FREEMAN, Mrs. Fred Erma Bateman, d. 26 Oct. in Medina Mt. Pleasanr
1918FULLER, R. Elmer d. 6 Oct. in Ridgeway Carlton
1918GAYLORD, Mrs. Jesse o ?Lillian B., d. 23 Oct. in Medina  
1918GILBERT, Mahlon d. 21 Aug. in Barre E. Shelby
1918GLIDDEN, Charles H. (Dr.) d. 24 Mar. in Holley Hillside
1918GRAY, Henry (T.) d. 7 Feb. in Medina Boxwood
1918HALL, Samuel J. d. Jan. 7 in Medina W. Ridgeway
1918HALSEY, Henry (O.) o d. 5 Oct. in Lyndonville  
1918HAMMOND, Thomas H. o d. 29 March in Middleport  
1918HARTLEY, Joseph o d. abt. June, possibly in Brantford, Ont.  
1918HAYDEN, Edward d. 10 Aug. in Medina St. Mary's
1918HEBNER, David J. o d. abt. Oct.  
1918HICKEY, George d. 10 Nov. in Medina N. Shelby
1918HILL, Alva o d. abt. Feb.  
1918HILL, E. E. o d. abt. Aug.  
1918HILL, Graham H. o d. 30 March in Medina  
1918HILL, Mrs. Bertram prob. Martha (J.), d. 16 Nov. in Buffalo Tanner-R
1918HOLLENBECK, Delos (S.) o Capt., d. 22 July in Medina  
1918HOGAN, Mrs. Joseph o ?We found an Inez V. H., d. Jan 8 in Medina  
1918HOOPER, Lee W. o d. Jan 8 in Medina  
1918HOWES, Edward o HOWE, d. 6 Dec. in Shelby  
1918JOHNSON, George d. abt. Sept.  
1918JONES, Richard N. o d. abt. May  
1918KELLY, John d. 11 Feb. in Medina St. Mary's
1918KELSEY, Velma d. 2 Nov. in Cambria Mt. Albion
1918LANDY, Peter o d. 3 June in Medina  
1918LENSENHUBER, Mrs. Leonard J. prob. Emma, d. 6 Aug. in Buffalo, bur. in Boxwood  
1918LINDKE, Walter A. d. abt. Nov. Mt. Pleasant
1918LUNN, Carrie C. o d. abt. Oct.  
1918MAHER, Joseph o d. abt. Oct.  
1918MALONE, Alfred d. 15 Nov. in Medina St. Mary's
1918MARTIN, George E. d. 3 Oct. in Camp Luce, IL. Boxwood
1918MAXWELL, William d. 19 Nov. in Medina St. Mary's
1918McDONALD, David o d. 25 Dec. in Medina  
1918McGINN, Leo d. abt. Dec. St. Jos.-N
1918McINNIS, Amelia M. o d. 22 Oct. in Medina  
1918McKNIGHT, Miss Alice o ?We found an Alice, d. Jan 28 in Rochester  
1918McTIGUE, Eliza d. 31 May in Buffalo St. Mary's
1918MEAD, John H. o d. 9 June in Medina  
1918MEARS, Howard H. d. 6 Dec. in Ridgeway Lynhaven
1918MILLER, James d. 18 Nov. in Albion Mt. Albion
1918MILLER, Lola d. 19 Nov. in Medina Millville
1918MORGENBERGER, Gottlieb Gottlob, d. 11 Oct. in Ridgeway Boxwood
1918MORIARTY, Ann Anna Christy, d. 28 Oct.in Jackson, Mich. St. Mary's
1918MURDOCK, George W. d. 10 Oct. in Buffalo Lynhaven
1918MURRAY, William P. o d. abt. Mar.  
1918MYHILL, George E. d. 10 Sept. in Shelby Boxwood
1918NEAL, William d. 1 Aug. in Shelby Mt. Pleasant
1918NORTON, Laura o d. 21 March in Alabama, NY  
1918PARKER, Mary d. 23 Jan. 1918 in Lyndonville Beechwood
1918PARKER, Myron L. d. 2 July in Medina Lynhaven
1918PERRY, Mrs. Harriett d. May 20 in Ridgeway Millville
1918PHILLIPS, Thomas L. o d. 21 Dec. in Buffalo  
1918PLUMMER, Raymond O. d. 23 Oct. in Rush, NY Boxwood
1918PRESCOTT, Hellen Helen, d. abt. Feb., possibly in Pittsburg, PA. Tanner-R
1918QUINN, Marie Maria Durkin, d. 29 May in Medina St. Mary's
1918RANDS, Mrs. James H. Annie Bickle, d. 25 June in Medina Boxwood
1918ROBSON, William D. d. 20 Oct. in Buffalo Millville
1918ROCKWELL, L. E.(Rev.) o d. abt. Apr., possibly in Clyde, NY.  
1918ROOT, Dan Jr. d. Jan. 5 Mt. Albion
1918SANDERSON, Myrtie (M.?) d. 12 Oct. in Shelby Millville
1918SCHOOLEY, Mrs. James Mabel J. Balch, d. 8 Dec. in Medina Boxwood
1918SEARLE, Edward P. o d. abt. July, possibly in Toledo, O.  
1918SHANLEY, Mrs. N. B. o Teresa K., d. 7 Sept. in Medina  
1918SHAW, A. W. o d. abt. Dec., possibly in Aurora, Ill.  
1918SHELDON, Rosetta o Roseltha, d. 7 Nov. in Royalton  
1918SLEIGHT, Robert W. d. 5 July in Shelby Shelby Ctr.
1918SLY, Ethel A. o d. abt. Dec., possibly in Cleveland, O.  
1918SMITH, Emeline nee Forby, d. 15 Jan in Ridgeway W. Ridgeway
1918SMITH, Grant o d. 20 Apr. in Medina  
1918SMITH, Mrs. William W. o d. abt. Dec., possibly in Rochester, NY  
1918SMITH, William d. 8 Mar. in Shelby Millville
1918SNELL, George o d. 11 Jan. in Medina  
1918SNELL, Katherine Kate, d. 9 Apr. in Shelby N. Shelby
1918SNYDER, Mrs. Erastus o d. abt. Oct.  
1918SOUTHCOTT, Mary A. o d. abt. June, possibly in Millville  
1918STEVENSON, Robert C. o d. abt. Dec.  
1918STINSON, James d. 26 May in Ridgeway Bates
1918STORK, Lavina L. o d. 1 June in Medina  
1918TEMPLE, Mrs. Carson o Ella, b. 25 Oct. in Albion  
1918THATCHER, Sarah H. d. 14 Apr. in Medina Boxwood
1918THURSTON, J. Hamilton (Dr.) o d. abt. Aug., possibly in Los Angeles  
1918TILLMAN, John C. d. 13 Aug. in Medina Boxwood
1918TIMMERMAN, Lydia d. 14 Sept. in Orleans (Co.?) Boxwood
1918TRIPP, W.S. o d. abt. Jan./Feb., possibly in Odessa, TX.  
1918VanNOSTRAND, Mrs. M. E. o Lydia H., d. 11 Nov. in Albion  
1918WADLEIGH, George o d. abt. Oct., possibly in Buffalo  
1918WALTERS, Leslie o d. abt. Dec.  
1918WARD, A. LeVern o Abrian L., d. 17 Jan. in LaSalle  
1918WARNE, Edward d. abt. Dec.  
1918WARNE, Fred d. Jan. 5 Boxwood
1918WARNE, Robert J. d. 18 Sept. in Medina Boxwood
1918WARREN, Jennie L. o d. 17 Nov. in Medina  
1918WATERBURY, Harriett S. 22 July in Yates Lynhaven
1918WATTS, Mrs. Willard o ?Imogene B., d. 29 Oct. in Buffalo  
1918WELD, Miss Esther d. May 6 in Ridgeway West Ridgeway
1918WHEELER, Mary F. o d. abt. Jan., possibly in Washington, DC  
1918WHITWELL, Franklin d. 6 Dec. in Knowlesville W. Ridgeway
1918WILMOTH, Lucinda o d. 20 Jan. in Medina  
1918WILSON, Elvin o ?Found an Elery W. d. 20 Mar. in Buffalo  
1918WOODRUFF, Fred o d. abt. Nov.  
1918YAWMAN, Frederick d. 9 June in Medina St. Mary's

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