Orleans County Cemeteries

Surname Index AAR-AME

Revised: August 26, 2017

AARONSON Sandy Creek
ABBEY Mt. Albion
ABBOTT Boxwood Mt. Pleasant
ABEEL Mt. Albion
ABEL Mt. Albion
ABELL Boxwood
ABER Holy Cross Lynhaven Yates
ABIGAIL Mt. Albion
ABLE County Home
ABRAMS Glidden
ABRON Mt. Albion
ACCHIONE Holy Cross St. Joseph's (Albion)
ACER Boxwood Mt. Pleasant West Ridgeway
ACHILLES Bates Road Millville Mt. Albion Otter Creek Tanner (Ridgeway)
ACKER Beechwood Mt. Albion
ACKERLY Mt. Albion
ACKERSON Bates Road Boxwood Kenyonville Lynhaven Millville Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant Tanner (Ridgeway) Transit West Barre West Gaines West Ridgeway
ACKLEY Beechwood Hillside
ACRI St. Joseph's (Albion)
ACTON Hillside
ADAIR Mt. Albion
ADAMS Bates Road Boxwood Hillside Kent Millville Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant St. Joseph's (Albion) St. Mary's West Ridgeway
ADDEY Mt. Pleasant
ADDISON East Shelby
ADDUCI Holy Cross Mt. Albion St. Joseph's (Albion)
ADEEB Boxwood
ADKINS Boxwood Lynhaven Millville Mt. Albion
ADLER Boxwood East Shelby Mt. Albion
AEBERLI Mt. Albion
AESCHBACKER St. Joseph's (Albion)
AGGAS Mt. Albion
AGNESS Beechwood
AGNEW Boxwood
AGNOLI St. Joseph's (Gaines)
AGOSTO Boxwood
AHL Hillside
AHLFIELD Greenwood
AHRENS Millville St. Mary's
AIELLO St. Joseph's (Albion)
AIKEN Morton Mt. Albion
AIKENHEAD Beechwood Mt. Albion
AIKENS Boxwood Mt. Albion
AIMEN Mt. Albion
AINA St. Joseph's (Albion)
AINGER Millville
AINSWORTH Beechwood Waterport
AIRTH Hillside
AKELEY Hillside
AKER County Home
AKERS Boxwood
AKEY Beechwood
AKINS Mt. Albion St. Joseph's (Albion) St. Joseph's (Gaines)
ALASKA Millville
ALAYON Mt. Albion
ALBANESE Beechwood Holy Cross St. Joseph's (Albion) St. Mary's
ALBERT Hillside Mt. Albion Pierce-Smith
ALBERTS County Home
ALBERTSON Boxwood Mt. Albion West Gaines
ALBIA Holy Cross
ALBONE Bates Road Boxwood Lynhaven Millville St. Mary's West Ridgeway
ALBORN Sandy Creek
ALBRIGHT Bates Road Hillside Lynhaven Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant
ALBRO East Shelby
ALCOCK Boxwood
ALCONE St. Mary's
ALCORN Boxwood West Ridgeway
ALDEN Mt. Albion
ALDERSON Bates Road Boxwood Hillside Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant Transit West Ridgeway
ALDRICH Kenyonville Mt. Albion
ALEN West Ridgeway
ALELLO Mt. Albion
ALEXANDER Hillside Kenyonville Mt. Albion Transit West Gaines
ALEXANDRIOS Union (Albion)
ALFORD Boxwood Mt. Albion
ALGER Hillside Millville Mt. Albion
ALLARD Bates Road Kenyonville Mt. Albion
ALLCHIN West Ridgeway
ALLEN Bates Road Boxwood County Home Eagle Harbor East Shelby Gaines Greenman Family Gregory Hillside Kent Lynhaven Maple Ridge Millville Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant Otter Creek St. Joseph's (Albion) St. Joseph's (Gaines) St. Mary's Sandy Creek Shelby Center Tanner (Ridgeway) Transit Union (Albion) West Barre West Ridgeway
ALLIS Beechwood Boxwood Daniels Hillside Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant St. Joseph's (Albion) West Ridgeway
ALLISON Bates Road Transit
ALLOWAY Bates Road
ALLPORT Bates Road Mt. Albion Transit
ALLSMORE West Ridgeway
ALMAY Mt. Albion St. Joseph's (Albion)
ALMY Beechwood
ALONSO Lynhaven
ALSTON Holy Cross
ALTMAN Bates Road
ALTMANN Mt. Pleasant
ALVORD Mt. Albion North Shelby West Ridgeway
ALVUT Hillside
AMALONG Mt. Pleasant
AMAN Mt. Albion
AMATORRE St. Joseph's (Albion)
AMBERS Lynhaven
AMERIKA Mt. Albion
AMEROSE Hillside Holy Cross
AMES Bates Road Boxwood East Shelby Knowlesville Lynhaven Millville Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant Otter Creek St. Joseph's (Albion) Tanner (Ridgeway) Union (Albion)
AMESS Union (Albion)
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