Orleans County Cemeteries

Surname Index IDE-IVY

Revised: October 16, 2015

IDE Boxwood East Shelby Swart Culver
IDEN Mt. Albion
IFERT St. Mary's
IGHAM Mt. Albion
IHLE Mt. Albion
INGALLS Boxwood Hillside Mt. Albion
INGERSOLL Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant
INGLE Mt. Albion
INGLIS Hillside
INGRAM Boxwood Lynhaven Mt. Albion Tanner (Ridgeway)
INMAN Hillside Holy Cross Mt. Albion West Ridgeway
INNIS Mt. Albion
IOANNONE Hillside Holy Cross St. Joseph's (Albion)
IORIO St. Mary's
IRELAND Carlton Greenwood Hillside Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant St. Joseph's (Albion)
IRISH Annis Beechwood Mt. Albion Robinson Transit
IRONS Mt. Albion Yates
IRVIN Boxwood Lynhaven Mt. Albion
IRVINE Mt. Albion Union (Albion) Waterport
IRVING Boxwood
IRWIN Boxwood Kent Mt. Albion St. Joseph's (Albion) Sandy Creek
ISAAC Lynhaven
ISBEL Union (Albion)
IVES Boxwood Carlton Otter Creek Tanner (Albion)
IVORY Mt. Albion
IVY Mt. Albion
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