Orleans County Cemeteries

Surname Index SHI-SOL


June 17, 2014

SHIBILSKI Sacred Heart St. Mary's
SHIELDS Mt. Albion St. Mary's
SHILTZ St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SHIMER Boxwood
SHIMMEL Boxwood St. Mary's
SHIMMELL Sacred Heart
SHINE Boxwood
SHINGLER Waterport
SHINGLES West Gaines
SHINGLETON Bates Road Boxwood Lynhaven Yates
SHIPMAN Brown Carlton Mt. Albion
SHIPP Greenwood Hillside Mt. Albion
SHIRBACK West Ridgeway
SHIRLEY Boxwood Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant
SHISLER Boxwood St. Mary's
SHOEMAKER Boxwood County Home Maple Ridge Mt. Albion
SHOLES Bates Road Millville Mt. Albion St. Mary's Union (Albion)
SHOOK Mt. Albion
SHOREY Boxwood
SHORT Mt. Albion Otter Creek Union (Albion) West Ridgeway Yates
SHORTINA St. Joseph's (Albion)
SHORTSLEEVE Mt. Albion St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SHORTT Hillside
SHOTWELL Millville Mt. Albion
SHOURDS Mt. Albion
SHOURES St. Joseph's (Albion)
SHOWERS Millville
SHOWLER Mt. Albion
SHUBECK Sacred Heart
SHULER Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant St. Joseph's (Albion) St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SHULTZ Millville
SHUR Mt. Albion
SHURGOUR Daniels Tanner (Ridgeway) Yates
SHUTT(S) Millville Mt. Albion
SIBLEY Millville Mt. Albion Pine Hill
SICKELS Mt. Albion
SIDARI St. Joseph's (Albion)
SIEBACH Sacred Heart
SIEBAK Sacred Heart
SIEBERT Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant North Shelby
SIEBOIS St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SIEDLESKI Sacred Heart St. Mary's
SIEMS Transit
SIENER Hillside
SIGANOWICK St. Joseph's (Albion)
SIGEL Greenwood
SIGISMONDO St. Joseph's (Albion)
SIGNOR Mt. Albion
SILAS Boxwood
SILCOX Mt. Albion
SILKER Millville
SILKOWSKI Sacred Heart
SILL Lynhaven Union (Albion)
SILLER Mt. Albion
SILLIS St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SILLS Mt. Albion Otter Creek
SILVER Hillside
SIMBOLI Hillside Mt. Albion
SIMKINS Boxwood Greenwood Hulberton Mt. Albion
SIMMONS Beechwood Boxwood County Home Hillside Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant Otter Creek Transit
SIMONDS Boxwood Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant St. Mary's
SIMONS Hillside
SIMONSON Bates Road Yates
SIMPSON Bates Road Boxwood Brown Kent Mt. Albion Sandy Creek St. Mary's Transit West Gaines
SIMS Lynhaven Mt. Albion Pierce-Smith
SIMSIK Boxwood
SIMSON Boxwood
SINCLAIR Barre Center Bates Road Boxwood Lynhaven Millville Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant St. Mary's Tanner (Ridgeway)
SINGER Bates Road
SINGLETON Mt. Albion West Ridgeway
SIPPEL Beechwood
SIPPLE Boxwood Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant
SIRD Holy Cross
SISSON Bates Road Beechwood Boxwood Clark Hillside Kenyonville Mt. Albion West Gaines
SITZER Beechwood Mt. Albion St. Joseph's (Albion)
SIUTA Sacred Heart
SIWINSKA Sacred Heart
SIWIRSKI Sacred Heart
SIZER Bates Road
SKAGGS Bates Road
SKEHAN Holy Cross
SKELLEN Beechwood Greenwood Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant Sandy Creek Union (Albion)
SKELLENGER Lynhaven Yates
SKELLON Hillside Millville
SKENE Mt. Albion
SKILL St. Mary's
SKINNER Barre Center Boxwood Eagle Harbor Greenwood Hillside Kent Lynhaven Millville Mt. Albion Sacred Heart St. Joseph's (Albion)
SKIRROW Hillside
SKOMSKI Sacred Heart
SKUPIEN St. Joseph's (Albion)
SKURA Union (Albion)
SKUTT Greenwood Lynhaven Millville
SLACK Boxwood St. Mary's
SLACURSKI St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SLADE Bates Road Mt. Albion
SLATER Boxwood Fuller Knowlesville Mt. Albion St. Joseph's (Albion) Sandy Creek
SLATTERY Boxwood Mt. Albion St. Mary's
SLAUGHTER Mt. Albion Union (Albion)
SLAWSKI Sacred Heart St. Mary's
SLAWSON Mt. Albion
SLEATRY St. Mary's
SLEDZIK Sacred Heart St. Joseph's (Albion)
SLEDZINSKI St. Joseph's (Albion) St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SLEEPER Millville West Ridgeway
SLEIGHT County Home Mt. Pleasant Shelby Center
SLITER Mt. Albion
SLIVINSKI St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SLIZEWSKI St. Joseph's (Albion) St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SLOAN Mt. Albion
SLOAT Millville
SLOCUM West Barre
SLOMBA St. Joseph's (Albion)
SLOMCZEWSKI St. Joseph's (Albion)
SLOPER Boxwood Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart
SLOUGH Millville
SLUSAR Sacred Heart
SLUSSER Lynhaven Mt. Albion
SLUTTER Mt. Albion
SLY Boxwood Greenwood West Ridgeway
SMALL Mt. Albion Otter Creek St. Joseph's (Albion)
SMALLEY Hillside Mt. Albion
SMALLS Mt. Albion
SMART Beechwood Mt. Albion
SMEAD Hillside
SMELSER Mt. Albion
SMILNAK Sacred Heart
SMIOTH Boxwood
SMITH Annis Barre Center Bates Road Beecher Beechwood Boxwood Carlton County Home Daniels East Shelby Fletcher Chapel Gaines Glidden Greenwood Hillside Holy Cross Hulberton Kent Kenyonville Knowlesville Lynhaven Maple Ridge Maplewood Millville Morton Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant Myrtle Hill North Ridgeway Otter Creek Pierce-Smith Polly Root Sacred Heart St. Joseph's (Albion) St. Joseph's (Gaines) St. Mary's Sandy Creek Shelby Center Snyder Sprague Tanner (Ridgeway) Transit Union (Albion) Waterport West Barre West Gaines West Ridgeway Yates
SMOOT Mt. Albion
SMYLIE Beechwood
SMYTHE Greenwood Lynhaven Mt. Albion
SNAITH Bates Road Boxwood North Shelby
SNAKLE Lynhaven
SNELL Bates Road Beechwood Boxwood East Shelby Hillside Holy Cross Lynhaven Millville Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant North Shelby Sacred Heart St. Joseph's (Albion) Sandy Creek Waterport West Barre West Ridgeway
SNIDER Bates Road Lynhaven
SNOOK Beechwood Lynhaven Morton Mt. Albion
SNOVER Mt. Albion
SNOW Bates Road Hillside Mt. Albion Otter Creek
SNOWDEN Lynhaven
SNYDER Beechwood Boxwood Fletcher Chapel Hillside Kent Kenyonville Millville Mt. Albion Mt. Pleasant Otter Creek Pettingill Robinson St. Joseph's (Albion) Snyder Transit Waterport West Ridgeway
SOBOSKI St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SOCCIARELLI Mt. Albion St. Joseph's (Albion)
SOCHIA St. Mary's
SOFINSKI St. Joseph's (Gaines)
SOHL East Shelby Millville
SOKOL Mt. Albion
SOKOLOWSKI Union (Albion)
SOLINSKY Millville
SOLLOMON West Ridgeway
SOLOMON Lynhaven
SOLOVEY St. Joseph's (Albion)
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