1875 CLARENDON Orleans, NY Census

1875 Census - Orleans County, NY

Town of Clarendon - K

KELLEY, ISAAC               46 M        TOMPKINS    COOPER       243-P24
    ELECTA                  41 WIFE     CHAUTAUQUA
    JUSTIN                  17 SON      ORLEANS
    CORYDON                 14 SON      ORLEANS

KELLOGG, JEPTHA             82 M        CONN.       FARMER       221-P21
    FANNY                   65 WIFE     JEFFERSON

KELLOGG, MARY - SEE COOK                                         340-P35

KENNEDY, MICHAEL - SEE HOOD                                      169-P16

KENTER, LUCY - SEE DIBBLE                                        288-P30

KEYS, HARLAN                32 M        ORLEANS     FARMER       122-P12
    MARY                    26 WIFE     ORLEANS
    EZRA                     5 SON      ORLEANS
    STEPHEN                  4 SON      ORLEANS
    EMMA                     2 DAU      ORLEANS
    ALTHEA               9 MO. DAU      ORLEANS
    WILLIAM                 38 SON      HERKIMER    FARMER

KIDNEY - SEE WINCHELL                                            208-P20

KIDNEY, JEROME (LUCINDA)    55 M        DUTCHESS    FARMER       225-P21
    MOSES                   24 SON      MONROE      FARM LBR.
    ELLA                    18 DAU      ORLEANS     DOMESTIC
    ABBIE                   16 DAU      ORLEANS
    JOHN                    14 SON      ORLEANS
    ELIZABETH               12 DAU      ORLEANS
    ADELBERT                10 SON      ORLEANS
    WILLIE                   8 SON      ORLEANS
    SHERMAN                  6 SON      ORLEANS

KIDNEY, MARY                74 WIDOW    DUTCHESS    HOUSEKEEPER  232-P22

KING - SEE HOWARD                                                334-P34

KING, DAVID                 52 M        ORLEANS     FARMER       390-P40
    ALICE                   45 WIFE     MONROE
    EVA                      9 DAU      GENESEE
SHATTUCK, EUGENE            23 M        GENESEE     FARMER
    MARION                  22 WIFE     CHAUTAUQUA

KNOWLES, DELILAH            28 F        MONROE      WIDOW         64-P 6
    EDWARD S.                8 SON      ORLEANS

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