Town of Carlton - K

KEATING John       See WILSON 79-D2
KEELER Charles       See MOORE 132-D2
KEELER Joseph S. 33 M Orleans Farmer 124-D2
  Elizabeth O. (Cain) 29 Wife Orleans    
  John O. 9 Son Orleans    
  Emma O. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  P. A. 5 Daughter Orleans    
KEENE Frank M. 35 M Cattaraugus Farmer 200-D2
  Ruth (Dunning) 36 Wife Montgomery    
DUNNING Justus 64 Father-in-Law VT Farmer  
DUNNING Lorinda 62 Mother-in-Law Montgomery    
DUNNING Henry 23 Brother-in-Law Oneida Farmer  
BUTLER Elvira 26 Sister Oneida Married  
  Emma 7 Niece MN    
KEHOW Patrick 30 M Ireland Laborer 119-D1
  Catherine 27 Wife Ireland    
KELLEY Halsey 29 M Orange Laborer 191-D1
  Miranda 29 Wife      
  Fred D. 5 Son Orleans    
  Hattie 4 Daughter Orleans    
KELLEY John 42 M Ireland Laborer 159-D1
  Margaret 32 Wife Ireland    
  Mary A. 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Margaret 7 Daughter Orleans    
  William 5 Son Orleans    
  Sarah 2y10m Daughter Orleans    
  Kate 2y10m Daughter Orleans    
KELLEY Mary 40 F Ireland Widow 162-D1
DALEY Anna 14 F NY Domestic  
SIMPSON Truman 40 Boarder Monroe Farmer  
KELLEY Patrick 60 Hus #2 Ireland Farmer 258-D2
  Mary 56 Wife #2 Ireland    
McCONNELL Hugh 41 Boarder Scotland Farmer  
KELLEY Royce       See SIMPSON 149-D1
KELSEY Henry       See ROBERTSON 245-D1
KELSEY Nathan 33 M Orleans Farmer 255-D2
  Mary M. (Hall) 35 Wife Orleans    
  Huldah 6 Daughter Orleans    
  Melvin 4 Son Orleans    
  Morell 3y 6m Son Orleans    
KENYON Robert F. 58 M Onondaga Farmer 223-D2
  Sophia 51 Wife #2 PA    
  Lucius B. 20 Son Orleans Farmer  
  William 17 Son Orleans    
  John P. 13 Son Orleans    
  Amelia 11 Niece Orleans    
KESLER Sylvester 45 M Montgomery Farmer 248-D1
  Mary A. 40 Wife Orleans    
  Harriet 19 Daughter Orleans    
  Hubert 7 Son Orleans    
  Ida M. 1y 5m Daughter Orleans    
KETCHUM         See GILMORE 143-D1
KIMBALL Alanson 55 M MA Farmer 227-D1
  Josephine 53 Wife CT    
  Alanson 27 Son Orleans Farmer  
  William H. 25 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Ebenezer 23 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Frances 14 Daughter Orleans    
  John 12 Son Orleans    
KINGMAN Calvin 60 M MA Farmer 24-D1
  Elmira 59 Wife NJ    
  Albert 21 Son Orleans Farmer  
  George 17 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Ella 11 Daughter Orleans    
  Agnes 9 Daughter Orleans    
  Charles 6 Son Orleans    
KINGSLEY William B. 25 Hus #2 Cayuga Farmer 223-D1
  Augusta (Mrs.Curtis) 26 Wife #2 St. Lawrence    
  Carrie E. 8 Daughter CA    
  Willie A. 6 Son Genesee    
CURTIS Ella 10 Stepdaughter Orleans    
LeBARR Charles 18 M Orleans Farm Laborer  
KNAPP Ephraim 28 M Orleans Farmer 212-D1
  Phebe A. 27 Wife Wayne    
  Effie L. 7 Daughter Orleans    
  Carl 5 Son Orleans    
  Edson 1 mo Son Orleans    
LAFAYETTE George 23 M Schuyler Farm Laborer  
TOOLEY Eliza 22 F Orleans Domestic  
KNAPP Frederick 36 M St. Lawrence Carpenter 241-D1
  Charlotte 33 Wife England    
MERZ Jane 21 Sister-in-Law Orleans    
KNAPP John 76 M NH Farmer 211-D1
  Almira 69 Wife VT    
KNAPP Russell M. 45 M St. Lawrence Carpenter 52-D1
  Eliza 39 Wife Warren    
  Mary 16 Daughter Orleans    
  John 12 Son Orleans    
KUCK Alice       See SANFORD 183-D1
KUCK Elbert E. 35 M Orleans Farmer 77-D2
  Mary 30 Wife #2 CT    
  E. M. 5 Daughter Orleans    
KUCK Frederick B. 31 M Orleans Farmer 66-D2
  Helen Elizabeth 27 Wife MI    
  Cora 5 Daughter Orleans    
  Arthur 3y 3m Son Orleans    
  Frederick B. Jr. 10 mo Son Orleans    
NEAL Daniel 28 M Genesee Farm Laborer  
JOHNSON Lydia 22 F Monroe Domestic  
KUCK George 73 M England Widower of Electa 70-D2
  George W. 29 Son Orleans Farmer  
  Julius 28 Son Orleans Farmer  
CRANE Mary E. 35 Daughter Orleans Widow  
  Carrie 8 Granddaughter Orleans    
GRAHAM Elizabeth A. 30 Daughter Orleans Widow  

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